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  1.  Extremel impressive bit of kit


    Solidly packaged and completely covered in removable plastic film, meaning that the piano black finish is flawless when you remove it. Was a little concerned at the stand - pretty thin and allows the monitor to sway a little. Should be no issue on a really solid surface though.
    A prime example of Plug and Play - set up and ready to go in minutes, and when set to full HD (1920x1080) the picture quality is outstanding - crisp and clear and pretty panoramic when sitting in front of it. DVI connection is a must.
    A bit confused at first to learn that it runs off a 12v adaptor, but the lead between box and monitor is long enough to be able to hide it out of the way.
    Look no further than this if you're in the market for a new monitor - outstanding.

  2.  Floor-it Fun!


    The anti-Gran Turismo ... no need to think about positioning or tactics with this one! Floor it and powerslide all the way - brilliant with local multiplayer.
    The "Collection" section has a tremendous music area where you can collect and listen to tracks from past Sega games - the Samba De Amigo tracks are awesome!
    For 12 quid, it would be silly not to really

  3.  Monstrously Bad


    Bought this as I had seen Monster Jam on TV. Thought it would be a good little waste of time, nothing in-depth. Was even wrong about that. Sub par graphics and dubious physics - try going round a corner without rolling over - add to the frustration. The supplied wheel is poorly designed as it half covers L1 and L2 buttons (required). I guess Activision have taken all of this into consideration and have priced accordingly for a new release - hence the 1 star. But still ... not recommended at all.

  4.  Easy PS3-sy


    Bought this to upgrade my 80GB "Fatty", and as previously stated, fitted in minutes. The time consumer was in performing the backup and restore of existing data - 4-5 hours for around 40 gigs. Can't recommend the drive highly enough - shopped around, and at the time, this was the cheapest for the spec and brand.

  5.  Escort 55 compliance


    This little beauty got my old Escort van up to the giddy heights of 89mph. Didn't think it would work, but I'm writing this from 1957. And the t'internet hasn't been invented yet. Great Scott! I think I have an idea ..... beat it Bill Gates. Been to the future as well. Watch out for Gary Glitter.

  6.  Quite literally cracking ..


    Looks absolutely fantastic and fitted in seconds. However, the claim to be "shatterproof" are WAY off the mark. Mine lasted a whole 2 days before there was a crack across the main screen cover and another at the side of the keypad - curious as the phone hadn't been dropped ...