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  1.  L.A. Snore


    A few days into playing it and I'm thoroughly bored. It looks and sounds gorgeous, but the game play is too prescribed, whatever action you take has no consequence to eventual outcomes and it's utterly repetitive.

    Red Dead Redemption was far more fun!

    What a shame.

  2.  it's a howler


    seriously, one of the worst films I've seen in years. Patchy script, lame acting (especially from Del Toro) an over reliance on CGI, bad continuity (re-shoots galore) and a twist you can see coming before the opening credits.

    I love Rik Baker's work, but he deserves better than this.

  3.  Wanted, dead or alive


    This game is an essential purchase. It's unbelievably addictive and solidly written and put together.

    I'm guessing game of the year may be Black Ops when that comes out, but this will be a VERY close second.

    Buy it.

  4.  Best pair of in-ear headphones I've owned.


    I've owned Sony & Sennheiser in-ears in the past, but these are a vast improvement in terms of build quality and sound.

    The clarity in high registers is superb - so much so I could hear Chris Evans chair squeaking as he spoke on the radio this morning.

    The noise isolation is really effective and closes out unwanted commuter chat and mobile phone conversations on the train.

    I'd have paid 50 pounds for these and still been happy. Highly recommended.

  5.  Backhand isn't great


    I like this game, it looks great and for the most part plays really well, however, playing backhand shots without the nunchucka is a nightmare. It perceives your arm movement into the backhand position as a shot which makes you miss the ball by a mile. Really REALLY frustrating.

    From what I read, using the nunchucka will cure this, but I'm not speedy enough around the court with that yet.

    Practice practice practice.

  6.  best ever play.com purchase


    This thing is amazing. it's well built and feels great.

    It sits under my desk at work and eases away all those work place tensions.

    Not bad for under £4!! Highly recommended.

  7.  It's too hard!


    This game has great elements and could be fun but unfortunately it's just too darn difficult.

    I had to cheat to unlock levels as I couldn't even get past the first mission.

    And the dogfights and bombing campaigns are fun but you're up against an impossible time limit.

    What a shame.

  8.  Ignore the negative reviews


    this thing is amazing. I own a considerably more expensive and better known competitor and this is FAR better. It's all about technique.