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  1.  AVP- Captures the action, excitement and horror of the films


    AVP does the most crucial element so far of capturing the action, excitement and horror of the films. Whether playing as the marine, alien or predator the hardware, moves and abilities at your disposal together with the enviroment make you feel like you are part of the films. The campaigns maybe on the short side and when played on hard they took me around 5 hours each. Dont rush through it on easy! The multiplayer is very engaging. It is excellent playing predator hunt with 4 or 5 friends - stalking and picking them off one by one and then running scared when the tables are turned. Or forming a party and trying ranked matches to unlock extra skins (btw play.com I stil have not had my preorder skins!!!). All very good. If you are a fan of the films this is an essential purchase... until AVP2.

  2.  This is the flight sim I have been waiting for


    If you like realistic flight, damage model (no health bar!), with all the console extras eg 40 planes to unlock, extra missions to unlock etc then this game is for you. There is a 20 mission campagn and once completed there are another 30 or so extra missions to unlock. I have just started playing the multiplayer - very satisfying when you manage to down a human opponent... This is the best flight sim on a console bar none.

  3.  Once it gets going its brilliant...


    Got his for my BD and was unsure what to expect. It is slow to start but once the main game starts and the hour or so long tutorial finishes it really gets explosive - literally.

    The setting of africa is very well done with a great day-night cycle that creates some brilliant scenes - for example chasing a convoy across the desert as the sun rises almost blinding me and making me change my angle of attack in order to rgain sight of them. Brilliant!! - very unexpected but beautifully done-

    The multiplayer is good but would have benefited from Coop play...hence 4/5.

    Overall a Brilliant game that I know I will be playing for a long time to come...