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  1.  Not Bad But Not Brilliant Either.....


    I got this as a Christmas present and I was looking forward to it as I regularly watch A League of Their Own but I was slightly disappointed by this dvd. It is by no means a bad dvd, just not memorable. Average stand up dvd, can't remember any points where I was really crying with laughter or in hysterics. My wife enjoyed it though...

  2.  Flawed But Still A Great Game


    I have mixed feelings about this game but I must say I did enjoy playing it but I feel they were so close to making a true classic. Let me start by saying the that graphics, sounds and cinematics are brilliant I am really impressed by the way the whole game is presented. I really enjoy the way the game lets you choose the way you want play it. you can either be the shadow that no one sees or the gun waving lunatic with a overly keen trigger finger.

    Now for the negatives 1stly the disguises arent too well thought out and sometimes feel like more hassle than theyre worth and if you run out of instinct you will find your luck will aswell. The storyline is poor confusing and lacks any real substance or progression. Some of the characters cheapen the game somewhat and take away some of the class of the game. The first half of the game I really enjoyed but I did feel the game started to drag towards the end and truth be told I was glad to finish it. Also the fact that you cant save it whenever you want is a bit of a pain.

    The reason why I have given it 4 stars is because I really enjoyed the way it is presented (apart from storyline) and the gripping gameplay. I think 3 stars would have been harsh because despite its flaws I do think its a great game but I feel with a few tweaks it would be a perfect game.

  3.  A smarter, smoother update on FIFA 12


    I was a bit hesitant to buy this after i had seen a few negative reviews both professional and user but Im glad I took the leap of faith as this game is brilliant! I think too many people were expecting a 'game changer' when that wasnt enitrely needed. It is very similar to 12 but has been refined so for those wondering if it is worth upgrading from 12 to 13 I would say it is definitely worth it. A few have said that gameplay has no dramatic changes but I beg to differ, you have the new first touch system which is brilliant as it gives the game more realism and unpredictability. Some may find that annoying when you 0-0 in a cup game and a brilliant counter attack is ruined by heavy touch but it does give more realism, a touch cant be perfect all the time can it? The AI of your teammates has also been improved so they make better runs and stray offside less. Because of these tweaks to the gameplay I have found matches more varied and less predictable; on FIFA 12 I found a lot of the goals i scored were always similar to each other whereas on 13 the ways in which you score goals gives more variety and keeps you hooked!

    Only real negatives is that the refs are still a bit dimwiitted and over strict at times but I suppose its like that in real life unfortunately... And sometimes the tackles are still comical and a bit cumbersome which was a bit of a problem in 12 but on the whole I think EA have done a great job with it. I still cant understand all the negative reviews but hey everyone is different. If you have 12 and you like it then you will love 13. I think people were expecting EA to reinvent the wheel when all EA needed was to tweak an already successful system. I can easily say this has been my favourite FIFA so far and Ive been playing it FIFA 2004.

  4.  One to watch


    I have been watching Jason on Live At The Apollo and have been waiting ages for this to come out. It certainly didn't disappoint! Had me in sticthes and I think he is definitely one to watch.

  5.  Fantastic!


    I went to see him at The O2 and when I watched this again I was laughing just as much! I think this man is a genius and is very original. Absolutely brilliant!

  6.  Hmmmm


    I am a big fan of Russell Howard but I am still unsure of him as a proper stand up. I saw his 1st DVD and thought hmm and I feel the same about this one. I just find him much funnier on Mock The Week and I thought he's Good News show was fantastic! But when I watch him doing proper stand up there's something missing for me....

  7.  Not a bad debut


    I got this for xmas and after watching it I think it's a good DVD. It did have quite a bit off his material he did for 'Live At The Apollo' but the way how he delivers it still makes you cry with laughter! Not quite a 5 star but still worth a watch if you are looking for something a bit different.