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  1.  Rubbish


    Tried to makei it like Father Ted or one of the old classics but I personally reckon this fails miserably. This is one of the most completely unfunny sitcoms I have ever seen (I'm also talking about series 1). Tries almost too hard to be funny. I thought the series is lame. No where near the same league as Father Ted which is what this is trying to imitate.

  2.  Pathetic


    Well well. What do we have here? Why, its a total rip-off of the excellent Japanese film called Battle Royale. Its about a group of teenagers taken to a remote island and forced to kill each other by a post millennium state in crisis. Sound familiar? The originality here is absolutely to zero. And BR had plenty of real action and violence, none of this five year old pretend violence for the feckless twilight generation. Utter garbage!

  3.  Fantastic picture quality! Very entertaining series!


    Simply amazing. The picture quality is absolutely breathtaking! There is so much detail in the picture. It is probably the best looking blu-ray I own (and I own loads). This is probably even better quality than Planet Earth which is also very detailed and sharp. This is a quality series with some incredible human stories and bizarre rituals from tribes around the world.

    The picture is 1080i like Planet Earth because that is how it is broadcast by the BBC. This isn't a movie, its a documentary! 1080i is better suited to documentaries. See this extract from a web article:

    "1080i: 1,920x1,080 pixel resolution. High-definition picture that is displayed interlaced. Each odd line of the picture is displayed, followed by each even line, and the resulting image is not as smooth as a progressive feed. 1080i is therefore a more detailed picture suited to documentaries and wildlife footage, but less suitable for action-oriented material such as sports and movies."

  4.  Simply Awful!


    I have to totally agree with evildave because he is spot on apart from the two stars?? I thought you was giving it one? This was easily the worst film I saw last year, and that was saying something because I didn't think anything could be worse than that Predators tripe! But no, this is on that same epic low. The visuals are absoloutely stunning. The acting is simply laughable. The script could have been written by a student at film college. The film is just too long and nothing ever really happens in it. Absoloutely boring film once you have got past the stunning visual look you are then looking for more, you are waiting for the film to get started and it never EVER does! The best thing about this film is the soundtrack by Daft Punk which is absolutely breathtaking! I have bought the soundtrack but will not be buying the film. Pants!

  5.  Simply Dreadful!!


    I completely agree with the review by 'Kenpoken'. I also went to see this at the cinema and was really looking forward to it. I don't think I have ever left the cinema feeling so let down by a film. The characters are wooden cardboard cutouts with all the charisma of rotten cheese and mouldy bread. The acting was completely lame as was the storyline. I am a huge fan of the Predator film but I never want to see this film EVER again. Avoid it like the plague!! This film is shockingly bad and very VERY predictable.

  6.  1080i or 1080p


    Does anyone know if this Blu-ray is 1080p or 1080i like Planet Earth?