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  1. Rage



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     too much hype.


    This game was hyped up wayy too much. What a disapointment. Played it once and that was enough. Was a waste of money, dont buy this game you will regret it!

  2.  Fantastic


    I downloaded this album awhile ago and was surprised of how much I actually liked it. I didnt really listen to these type of bands but owl city has changed that. Every single song is amazing and leaves you feeling happy after each bit. Owl city have a different style to other bands which showed in each of the songs. The best songs have to be vanilla twilight, which is now my favourite song, fireflies and umbrella beach. If you dont buy this album you'll miss out a lot and for this price it is definatly worth it

  3.  Not as good as the first


    the first st trinians was absolutly brilliant, but this one is kind of a let down. you expect so much but its just not there. The realism in this one is just gone and you think everything about it is just fake unlike the first. I went to the cinema to see this and was very disapointed with the film. plus only some of the actors are back in this film which is also a huge let dwn. Only 1 or 2 funny bits in the film and the rest is just kind of boring. If you've watched the first st trinians then this will be a huge disapoinment for you, but if youre a huge fan of the st trinian series then giveit a watch

  4.  New Moon


    I absolutly loved twilight and didnt think anything could be better then it. However new moon has surprised me. With mixed reviews I didnt know what I would think of it but it is abolutly brilliant. By far the best film of 2009 and it is just twice as better as twilight. Theres more action, more twists, more romance, everything is just amazing. Every twilight fan should own this and you can't go wrong with the second disc of special features. Overall this is a must see movie for people of all ages, if you dont buy this you are missing out. The twilight saga just gets better and better and I cannot wait for eclipse to be released.

  5.  amazing


    visually this is the best game you will ever see. it is amazing, the graphics are the best ive seen on any game on any console. its like your playing through a movie, its really life like. The game itself is very unique, its an awsome thriller game that keeps you at the edge of your seat from when you put the disc in until you complete the game.
    as it has 4 different endings th game just never gets old and u wanted 2 pla the whole story just again to see how you can change the outcome
    literally every single thing youdo in this game effects the end which just makes it more playable instead of repeatable.
    i have just finished one of the endings and the whold story is just entertaining and keeps you guessing throughout. if you ve a ps3 you will hvave to buy this game, its worth every penny and is possible the greatest game you'll ever play.

  6.  its ok..


    this headset has both good and bad qualities.
    the only bad qualites are that it really hurts ur ears so much so i often have to move the ear pieces away for a away, another bad thing is that the quality of the sound is just ok, like you cant hear as loud as on other headphones, but what do you expect for only a tener?
    the good things about the headset is that you can move it so it can fit your head perfectly. The microphone for the headset is also quite good as my friends can hear me clearly

  7.  fun


    i love this game so much, its one of my most played ones i have for wii. anyone can play this game and you an complete all the courses to get new characters which is fun or you can go online and play with people from all around the world, or you can simply have a few family or friends play with you. its a fun game and simply a must for wii and mario fans

  8.  classic


    this is one of the best games on wii, its so fun and keeps you entertained for hours. im playing it on my own and with my friends. Playing with your friends is really fun as you can all work together and its a good laugh. however playing on your own is just as amazing as you strive to complete each world. if you own a wii buy it now as you will not be disapointed

  9.  very fun


    this game is amazing! its so fun and random and shows how the wii remote can be used. its a must buy for any wii owner as you can play through it again and again. Its great if you have family or friends over as anyone can play this game, its definatly a must buy and for this price its a bargain

  10.  best in the series


    band hero is absolutly amazing. Every song is great and up to date, unlike some of the guitar hero songs which are unpopular and barely heard of. This game is a must buy for any wii fan, as it does not disapoint in bringing family and friends together. My personal best songs on the game are all three Taylor Swift songs