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  1.  Wash it and watch the magic vanish!


    This is a great mug however in summary once you wash it the heat patches wash off. Also on the bottom of the mug the heat strips don't work as the base of the mug takes so long to get hot enough. If you want a good heat mug this is not it. However if you just want pacman, once you have washed off the heat strips it looks okay as it is...

    Still thats not the point.

  2.  Brilliant all round fun movie.


    Hey - check this out! I found the ass end!. . . . just so funny. This is an easy watch with lots of fun.

  3.  A good read if you like capote.


    This book is well written but i feel its best enjoyed by people who like capote as much as his work. if you have an idea of what personal aspects influenced the text it may make it a better read. anyway this book is great.

  4.  Blindingly boring...


    This book was a great starter, for the first few chapters you are hooked into the story line and the fantasticly simplistic and clear vision of saramago, then it goes of course and deals with several shockingly graphic scenes and a frustratingly slow of the mark heroine whom apparently feels the need to learn a lesson the very hard way then resolve the situation as she had thought to in the first place. the story ends with a very anti climatic finnish and leaves a massive feeling of regret for the time wasted in these pages...

  5.  Amazing Film with great new features


    I love this film, the transfer to Blu-Ray is quality (you can see Foster's got a tash) some great new features to keep you busy as well as original features found on various DVD release.

  6.  A Genuine Masterpiece


    xThe Elephant Man has got to be one of those films which both makes you want to celebrate the birth of film and the birth of story telling. If you have yet to learn of the boy-come-beast (of Leicester origin) you are in for a treat, this is one of very few great stories on the Elephant man and although is May not be 100% Fact - it is certainly based on a very true story. Not only does John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins deliver what I can only estimate as being the nothing short of amazing performances the film was also directed by the great David Lynch which makes for a very positive film with a twist of melancholy. Like I said if you have yet t see the Elephant Man your really in for a treat. If you have already seen this move... that explains why you're on the classic DVD section because you know it's worth every penny.
    Celebrate Film - idolise Actors - love David Lynch and cherish The Elephant Man

  7.  Romero Back Catalogue


    Im a massive fan of Romero and now have the whole collection, so to find a full version of 'there's always vanilla' and Jack's Wife (season of the witch) was a great accomplishment - if you are a serious Romero fan and didn't mind The Crazies then I would recommend this dvd - its has a great set of documentaries and additional features to boot. Mind you if you're not a massive fan and only like Romero's horror films then this DVD is not for you.

    Also as an interesting side note - you get an insight as to why there's not much ever said about 'There's always vanilla' it seems Romero is anything but happy about the film and couldn't really care for the full print.

    A great DVD in any case.

  8.  love Svankmejer and Brothers Quay? this is your next dvd!


    If you love surreal animation and works from the likes of Svankmejer,
    Brothers Quay then Jiri Barta is for you.
    This amazing catalogue of short films will satisfy any desire to watch surreal animation and further your knowledge into the world of surreal films.
    I have been a great fan since studying the surreal movement at film school and im proud to have this as a part of my growing collection. Simply a must buy for people interested in this area of media.

  9.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone galore


    If you're a massive fan of the parker and stone works then this will be right down your alley - in this musical of sorts movie the boys recreate comedy at its finest.
    If you can imagine what south park would be like re-written as a gory musical you wouldn't be too far from what this film is like. I recommend this for fans of the other parker and stone films such as Orgasmo and BASEketball - you wont be disappointed by this film.

    A must buy!

  10.  Surreal, shocking, amazing, explicit and not to be missed


    - Jodorowsky sets the trend with this infamous and cult acclaimed film following nine men/women from different planets and walks of life on their pursuit of immortality - to gain this they must follow the guidance of the great Jodorowsky's character - The Alchemist and take the secret to immortality from nine spirits of a holy mountain. With this we have Jodorowsky's surreal take on the world as he delves into the weird and wonderful. I suggest that any cult film follower buy this move if you haven't already been subjected to the amazing director yet and search out his other releases, you wont be let down if you look for the bizarre and surreal.