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  1.  Attention blokes !!!


    Right...... I like to eat to live, I will never change that -burgers, chocolate, crisps, beer etc.. If its got fat in it - I like it. I am 35 year old male and got fed up looking a fatty - have tried loads of diets and nothing worked. Mainly cause I love me food too much. My wife loves fitness stuff so I bought this for her about 8 weeks ago and she loved it. Its never the same so its not like one of these DVD celebrity look at me from coronation street getting fit in my spare time crap....I decided I would give it a go. I entered all my info in with the help of the Mrs ( waist/chest/thighs/weight etc ) and I chose 4 days a week 30 minutes a day ! I will be honest here - first session I did I thought I was gonna have a cardiac arrest - I was so unfit I nearly fell over - really felt sick. Next morning it hurt to move and I work in a manual job. I kept to it despite the pain and after the week I weighed myself - 3lb off. Giving me hope I did another week - not only had I lost more weight but my chest/waist had gone down too. Even at Easter when I ate a large Thorntons egg followed by 5 cadbury eggs ( yes I am a greedy git ) I still lost. I have now reduced my fat intake and have shifted over a stone in weight. Some routines still are uncomfortable even now but each week it boosts my commitment to getting fitter. I just use hand weights every time and keep regular to the program the AI chooses for me. If I can do this guys - you can. Trust me - yes the first time you do feel a complete fembot jumping round the living room like a fairy but you will soon change your mind when the scales and tape tell you otherwise. The program analysis checks you every 10 training days and keeps record of your progress. It keeps asking you how your finding it so you can up or decrease the difficulty level. I still eat occasional junk food now ( I had kebab meat and chips 3 hours ago ) but in far more moderation than I used to ( 3-5 biscuits instead of the pack !!!! ) I feel better when I go out for a beer and have bought new shirts as my others were hanging too much like I had borrowed them off me brother ! If you are similar to me and like your food - give this a go. You have to put effort in to it but after a few weeks you will be glad you did. The thought of it sometimes is harder than doing it - Am glad I did. I am no Mr Motivator or whatever he calls himself ( annoying bloke off Tv with multi coloured camp gear on who don't shut up ) but am getting fitter by the week. Hope this helps. Phil



    Excellent puppet Tv show from early eighties. There are enough reviews here describing the series so this is just to let you know what you get in the box set. Comes on 4 DVD's 24 episodes in total. Included is a double sided poster, a 56 page comic book in colour, a collectors booklet and a selection of post cards. Also you get 34 minute making of documentary, behind the scenes gallery and various other extras like animated chapter menu's. If your round my age ( 35 ) you will love watching this again. The quality has not been re-mastered a great deal to be honest ( even on an up scaled DVD player ) but you will soon look past that when you get it up and running. Hope this review helps - highly recommended +++++

  3.  Brilliant sound but the editing...... ???? Why ????


    I bought this and was eager to pop it in my DVD player and re-live the concert I had enjoyed a few years ago. The concert is flawless - brilliant just as I remembered but the editing has partly ruined it. God knows what Steve Harris was thinking when he put this together - It flicks from camera to camera every 1 - 2 seconds (less than that at times.. no joke) and this is very sickening when you are trying to focus on the band. I can only guess they were trying to make it look more " energetic " but it left me having to pause it and turn away every now and then as I literally felt dizzy. My wife could not watch it as she started getting a headache (nothing new there though) Some slower songs have less rapid camera flipping but the majority of this concert is all over the place. As for sound.... 100% could not be better... Bruce with his unique vocals and Nicko/guitarists performing brilliant as ever all in optional 5.1 which I thought was cracking.... Maybe it's me getting older (been into Maiden since 1985) but I only wish they chose to present it better. As long as you can put up with the fast camera - you will like it. Phil