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  1.  Great gameplay but wasted potential


    Cons first:
    -awful FX and voice quality, music not so bad but still lacks the clarity of Pilotwings/SSF4/Zelda. Dunno whether this is down to lack of cartridge space or whether playing all audio at full quality would affect the frame rate, but it's still a let down
    -choppy frame rate for distant enemies. Although once you're used to it, like the static backgrounds in SSF4 this doesn't really matter
    -shallow 3D (although this does allow for very long play sessions with no discomfort, I would have liked the option, there is a 3D slider after all)
    -awful presentation, pre-game screens make it look like an iPhone game, it's as bare-bones as it comes. Furthermore, if u know RE4 and 5, when you get an item in the main game, a nice sound plays and a spinning graphic appears on the screen (this also happens in RE4 mercs). Now, in this game, when you unlock something, no nice spinning graphic, no nice 'unlock' sound, just some text on the bottom screen and a tiny icon. How hard would it have been to have a proper graphic?? And yeah no story, on the one hand this makes perfect sense, but on the other, I can't help but think that if they really had made an effort, then some kind of story could have been brought in and worked really well.
    - online doesn't allow you to carry on playing with the same person for more than one game in a row (unless they're a friend maybe, I've only played with randoms worldwide)
    - online doesn't allow you to restrict games by region. Can have some noticeable lag as a result
    -no erasing your save file of course, for me a lot of the fun and addiction comes from working towards unlocking things and getting s-ranks, but if they were all already to be there? You'd still get a good few hours fun but there wouldn't be that reason to keep coming back

    OK so that all sounds bad, but on the plus side...
    - online works well most of the time and playing with a second player is cool
    - nice difficulty ramp, early levels are nice and easy, then at level 4-5 you'll struggle with many characters to get the high ranks, then on EX levels you'll struggle to stay alive at all! Of course, I've died a fair amount on levels 4-5 but mostly to the instant kills from the double-chainsaw guy
    - proximity mines RULE, they can really help with covering your tracks and making sure no one sneaks up behind you while you check an area out
    - good graphics (aside from aforementioned frame rate issues), and the 3D is subtle but it definitely gives a graphical boost (unlike some other titles where 3D can be a compromise due to jaggies)
    - great gameplay as long as you don't spam melee kills, which would be kinda boring. I STRONGLY urge that you get into move-and-shoot, it really adds to the fun, review sites mostly say they don't use it much but they really are missing out, furthermore you really, REALLY should get good with control type c which uses the face buttons as a second analogue stick. Don't get me wrong, the first time I tried it, it seemed horrible and I ditched it quickly. But then I came back to it and persevered, and the advantages of not only strafing while turning, but also, true moving and shooting (i.e. with the ability to change your aim while moving) far outweigh the fact that it isn't analogue. And with practise you'll only get more precise with your aiming this way, I have no trouble getting headshots and knee-cap shots now (although for any sniper rifle characters, the default controls are still what you'll want to use).

    Despite all the flaws, there really is a lot of fun to be had with this game, and it's great for the commute. I couldn't give it more than 3 stars though just because of the lost potential.