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  1.  Another Top Instalment


    This is another Top installment of the two stoners Harold and Kumar. Its set six years after Escape from Guantanamo Bay. The two estranged friends after making different life choices, are once again reunited and find themselves looking for a Christmas tree worthy of Harolds father in law. The film still has all the usual gags and is quite funny in places. If you liked the last two movies you will like this one too.

    As For the 3D this is not really used to its full potential and is somewhat lacking rarely making worthwhile use out of the format. Those watching it in 2D will easily spot where the majority of the 3D gags would be. You wont be missing anything. When there is a 3D gag I feel it really lacks in depth and doesnt even come close to some of the bigger budget 3D movies that are around.

    That said I would still recommend this move as its a bundle of laughs but maybe not worth paying extra for a 3D version. With better 3D I would have given 5 stars.

  2.  An Epic Movie


    I am not a fan of war movies though this is not really your classic war film. Its a movie based on classic Hasbro naval combat game. And in the true spirit of the game you do get to see them play battleships in one particular scene

    Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships that come across an alien armada while on a Naval war games exercise. An alien invasion which puts the very fate of the human race at stake. The invasion comes after scientists had been sending transmissions to a newly discovered planet almost identical to our own in the hope that its inhabitants might be friendly. They are not and It is left to the US Navy to defend the planet against the fear of possible human extinction after 25000 people are wasted in Hong Kong by an out of control alien craft. The only problem being the aliens creating a force-field that's two nautical miles wide and rises more than 300000 feet in the air trapping the all but 3 Navy vessels.

    There are some good battle scenes in the movie and the use of CGI is truly unreal, hardly noticeable although there are one or two slightly scratchy scenes. Overall though superb. The Blu Ray as always is also superb quality.

    Battleship seems to have received much criticism and some say its storyline is none too great but I have to strongly disagree. I can honestly say I really enjoyed watching this movie without a shadow of doubt and if your a fan of Transformers as I am I would recommend you watch this movie.

  3.  A Very Worthy Sequel


    After seeing the first Hangover movie this was a must for me The Hangover was funny and the structure was daring. This time its the nerdy dentist Stu who is getting hitched.

    The opening scene starts with a sweat drenched, filthy Bradley Cooper groaning It happened again! from the roof of a Bangkok Hotel. But then things happen, as they do anytime Alan is involved, with the wolf pack. Like before amnesia and a member of the party missing plays a vital part in the movie. There were some cracking comedy turns and Zach Galifianakis was great again as the weirdo brother-in-law Alan and The Hangover rightly made a star of him.

    One cannot help but think that they are trying too hard to replicate the massive success of the first Hangover movie and are reluctant to change the formula that worked so well before. But that said, If it aint broke dont fix it. However I thoroughly enjoyed this and although it may not be quite as good as the first it is a very strong contender.

    As always the Blu Ray quality makes for much better viewing and there are a fair few extras. Plus there is the added bonus of it being triple play so you get the best of both worlds.

  4.  Just the Job


    I'm always out and about as a Lorry Driver, this is ideal never have to worry about having a flat battery. Can charge my phone or iPad 4 or 5 times at least from one charge. Not so good for my laptop but thats understandable.

    Defiantly worth the paying the extra for this although it is a little larger than I expected, its a manageable size though.

  5.  An inspiration


    This film basically tells the story of how students from Harvard University created Facebook, probably the world most famous and wealthy website of all time. It shows how Harvard undergrad and computer programming wizard Mark Zukerberg became the worlds youngest billionaire. With the tagline you dont get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

    Given that Facebook is what it is today, its been a long time coming for a movie to be made about its origins. That movie, The Social Network, is an interesting and visually rich exploration of the events that led up to arguably the most influential invention of a generation.

    The Social Network is a gripping, expertly made and wonderfully performed character study, a very modern story about some very classic themes. This is a very good inspirational film, and will give you a slight insight as to how Facebook came about and how Mark Zukerberg became an accidental billionaire.

  6.  Electrifying


    Infamous 2s story is a deep, character driven affair, its cheerful, energetic and colourful, and has some awesome gameplay to go with it. InFamous 2 builds on its predecessors strengths as an open world superhero game with a talent for memorable traversal. Infamous 2 is a continuation of Cole from the original so you should definitely play the former before you play this sequel. Infamous 2 plays nearly identically to how the original played, and thats a good thing. You will once again have the ability to use his superpowers as well as take advantage of his increased melee capabilities thanks to a new weapon that his buddy Zeke has put together called the Amp.

    You can expect to see a range of new attacks and iconic superpowers, where you can send a supercharged twister down the street or summon a lightning storm to wipe out anyone in your path. You start the game with all the powers that you learnt in the first game but similarly in this game you will have to learn these new powers before you can get to use them.

    New Marias is every bit as good as Empire City was in the first game and as usual there are plenty of side missions and those annoying blast shards that you need to collect all of if you intend to get the platinum trophy. Dead drops have been replaced by carrier pigeons which will piece together the games backstory.

    Alongside an improved range of environments, New Marais also has many more moving parts than Empire City. Balconies that collapse under sustained attack. Cars that you can turn into electrical trampolines and weird power strips than boost you smartly up the side of a building. The game is loosely based on around the use of parkour, and there is very little that you cannot climb.

    Another addition to the game sees UGC or User Generated Content which allows the player to design and play their own levels, which may I say take some getting used to if you have never come across it before which I havent but its a nice addition which adds a little fun to the game. UGC is not for the faint-hearted but its a brilliant set of tools.

    inFamous 2 is a great example of the iterative approach to sequels. It is driven by tweaks, fixes, and subtle refinements, and theres a sense throughout the game that the series is starting to heat up and the graphics are spot on. Definitely one to play. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  7.  Brilliant Movie


    This is a psychological sci-fi action film about a thief who possesses the power to enter into the dreams of others. It pretty much revolves around its entire cast being asleep for the duration of the film.

    Shut your eyes for 10 seconds and youre going to spend the next 10 minutes wondering what the hell is going on. Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) doesn't steal physical things, he steals ideas. By projecting himself deep into the subconscious of his targets. He can gather information that even the best computer hackers the world over would struggle to find.

    Cobb is haunted by his wife Mal and is desperate to get back home to his family. When businessman Saito offers him a rewarding proposition, he takes the nigh-on impossible job of inception. The ultimate heist' instead of stealing information, you plant an idea.

    The film which was apparently ten years in the making is a film that will definitely get you thinking and leave your brain ticking for hours after it has finished. It has a strong cast and may be a little hard to get in to at the beginning but defiantly one to watch.

    The Blu Ray version defiantly adds to the experience, outstanding picture quality as always especially on and LED screen.

  8.  Best Clubland for a while


    This is one of the best clublands I've heard for a while, some good tunes on this album not just the same old songs like they usually are. Would recomend it to others.

  9.  Brutal weaponized cars, Awesome idea!


    Death Race is set in the near future where private prisons offer gladiatorial-like entertainment to bloodthirsty online audiences. When star driver, the masked Frankenstein is killed Ex-con Ames, a former race car champ who has been wrongly imprisoned, is forced by the warden of notorious prison Terminal Island, to compete in our post-industrial world's most popular sport: a car race in which inmates must brutally kill one another on the road to victory.

    There are a number of crisp one liners throughout the film just to keep you entertained beyond the crazy violence, The brutal weaponized car on car psycho violence is very much the main part of the film. The idea of the Death Race is a three day, multi stage race run by prisoners in cars heavily modified to include steel armour and heavy weaponry. There are plenty of unique kills and amazing car battles, not the least of which is the set-piece involving the monstrous Dreadnought, a unique custom built truck.

    The film has some awesome action sequences and alternates between savage fights within the prison complex and savage assaults on the race track. Limbs are lost, heads bludgeoned by metal and bodies torched.

    It would be possible to see this film as a cross between Fast and the Furious and Saw, this is a personal favorite of mine and I would defiantly recommend it, plenty of action and plenty of racing with a hint of humor, Brilliant.

  10.  Brilliant, but slightly lacking


    As a big fan of the saw franchise I couldn't wait to see this, "Saw 3D" brings the horrifying games of Jigsaw to life like never before. Or at least thats what i expected. There seemed to me to be a real lack of 3D, although the use of the 3D did give the film some dimension it was not as good as had been hoped.

    The story hasnt been the focus of the Saw franchise since the original film, all of the films that followed seem to be more about gore and less thought put into the complex storylines.

    Saw 3D, promoted as the Final Chapter in the series, picks up where Saw VI left off, with Hoffman having survived the trap he was put in by Jill and he is none too pleased to say the least. As a fan you would expect some cross references to jigsaw himself as we have seen in previous films, with the aid of flashbacks or video recordings etc, but references to him are very little, which is slightly disappointing as he means the most to the series at this point.

    As for the traps they can be said to be decent but possibly a step down from previous instalments, maybe suggesting new ideas may be wearing thin. One of the traps for instance involves crossing an area where the floor is almost completely gone, which adds a nice bit of adventure to the vibe, but as thing go, not the best they have had.

    Saw 3D is by far not the best movie from the franchise but is not at the same low point which was seen in Saw V. This is one to watch I certainly enjoyed it, However I was a little let down by its lack of 3D and the game/traps could have been better