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  1.  John King has done better.


    Once i got into this book i couldnt put it down like the rest of J.K's work, however out of all of his books i'd say this was one of the worse ones *even tho its still very good* i enjoyed Prison House alot more than Skinheads.

    However apart from this its well worth the time to read, the lads in the books are fantastic again and i love the way its liked in with some of his earlier stuff too, was really shocked at this but very happy about it. If you've read all of J.K's other books this is a must, if your just starting to get into his work i'd advise reading one of his others first.

  2.  Greatness!


    Cant believe these are both on for a fiver! A true bargin, everyone should buy them, 2 great films, very funny, great actors!

  3.  Wow


    I cant remember the murder's in 1995, partly due to the fact that i was 10 at the time, however i had been told about this film, from the start its very graphic, it moves quickly over the years and shows you just how exciting (if you look at it that way) life can be. Loved this film right the way through, the music to the film is fantastic, from the classical stuff for setting the mood to the dance music for the rave screens, this is a must watch for everyone, lads, you'll love the way its shot and just how graphic it is, ladies, you'll see that not everyone in this world is "nice"

  4.  Outstanding!!!!


    I saw this live and me and my mates couldn't stop talking about the show, the DVD is just the same, brought back some great memories... and bad ones about the car park shutting ;)

  5.  Couldn't put this book down


    I was disappointed with the start of this book and found it hard to get in, finding the back story just that little bit too unbelievable, however about.... ¼ of the way into the book it really took off, today I've ended up reading around 350ish pages and found myself not able to put the thing down.

    The plot keeps your mind working over time and when you go "ahhh its ****" that idea is soon taken away and by the time you come across your next conclusion you've forgot all about the previous one, you feel a wide range of emotions towards the main character, Tyler, from empathy to caring to anger to sympathy and many more, you really cant make your mind up to weather or not you like him. This would make a great film or game but in some ways I really hope know one tries this because I don't believe anyone apart from Ridley Scott could do this book justice.

    If you're a fan of John King books (like myself) than you'll enjoy this book with great pleasure as it's up there along with 'Headhunters' (by John King) it takes you fully into the story and leaves you just wanting more, I'd love to see a second book wrote which followed on simply because I didn't want the book to end but I highly doubt a second book would work or come anywhere close to this book.

    In conclusion: if you're after a book which you would be able to put down *after the first ¼ * which is fast paced, in your face, has more twists and turns than C.Ronaldo and has a shocking end... this is for you!

    5 star's without doubt

  6.  Great Book


    Cant believe how good King is at bringing out the character's in his books, this story is a twisting tail of some of the deepest darkest soul's this world has seen (ie, rapists, murderers, bullies, etc) with darkness around every corner.

  7.  Best so far


    I have read all of King's novel's, he's simply the best culture writer that i no of, i wasnt expecting too much from this book to be honest but its another fantastic read from King, for anyone who is interested in the world we live in regarding people's darkness this is a must read with a GREAT! ending.

  8.  Greatness


    Finishes off the chain of books and isn't a let down in any way, shape or form, one you start reading this book you cant put it down.

  9.  Greatness


    If your a fan of the film then you'll love this book, it goes into deatil 100 times more then the film (no real surprise) but the ending keeps your mind ticking.

  10.  Greatness


    I was very suprised when i read this book, its very well written and has some amazing twists the end will keep you wanting more from John King