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  1.  Stands out by miles


    There have been many sit-coms from the US since the heady days of Friends and Frasier, but few can match CT.

    Unlike some reviewers, I think CC brings quite a bit of Monica to her role, (if it's popular, why not?) and you can match some of the other characters to her Friends. But that's part of what works so well, you can start watching this from any episode in any season and just enjoy it.

    After Dirt was cancelled, (without any good reason) CC has found another gem to star in, I hope it lasts ten seasons too.

  2.  Masterpiece, but not for everyone.


    As soon as I saw this for sale, I wanted it. having watched it on Play for a while, the price dropped so I picked one up. I'm pleased I did because this is a work of art. Action poses are hard to get right but everything here is exactly as it should be.

    As usual, Sideshow have put detail at the heart of this piece. From the base upwards, nothing is out of place, out of proportion or badly sculpted. The paintwork is right up there with the best Sideshow have produced and no matter what angle you have this displayed at, you'll regret not having it on a turntable.

    Other people I've mentioned this too weren't as enthused as I am. In fact, I'm not a massive fan of the Ewoks, but in this piece they really look great. I'd say the problem is mainly that the photo doesn't do the statue justice, so I recommend going to Sideshow's site and looking through the gallery.

    Finally, as per many pieces lately, this is a very limited edition. There aren't thousands out there, and being this good I don't think they'll be up for resale often, especially at this price. So, if you like the photo, you have the room and want to treat yourself, I'd recommend this.

  3.  Perfect dark


    Shall I compare thee to a summer rose? Probably not, she'd cut me in two before I finished the question. However, the DT bust is extraordinary in it's depiction of the beautiful but deadly Sith Lord, (Sith Lady?) and shows exactly why GG's bust stay popular.

    The detail is stunning, as is the exacting paintwork. I now have three Twi-lek busts, DT, Oola and Aayla Secura, and each one is incredible. Why no Bib Fortuna? No idea, maybe an idea for GG. However, if you are a fan of the expanded universe this is a must buy.

    I imagine, as with the AS bust, these will sell out quickly and become expensive quite soon. Buy now from Play and save quite a bit compared to other stores and certain online auctions.

  4.  Impressive, most impressive


    The original series of maquettes by GG weren't to everyone's liking. Too odd some said, though personally I think they're great. The Clone Wars series of maquettes is somewhere between the life-like GG statues and the other maquettes, so should appeal to a wider range.

    As they should be, these maquettes are based upon the Clone Wars characters, and in that respect they are excellent. Already having a couple of Jedi, I decided to increase my set by buying this CT and don't regret it. Very nicely sculpted and painted, it's also in a pose I don't have in any of the other Koto, Artfx, etc. CTs I already have.

    Another nice touch about these statues is that because the bases are straight edged and a uniform shape, they can be dsplayed closer together. It's also a nice size, which means that when you are looking how to shoe-horn another statue into your collection, this one isn't going to cause a problem.

    Buy this, you'll enjoy it.

  5.  Words fail me!


    When I read the other review, I thought it slightly odd. For one thing, it seems to be saying that yes, this is okay and it would be good in any SW fan's room. It sort of doesn't fit with the item.

    Why do I say this? Well, because this is an amazing piece of art. Firstly, it's huge. I mean, really, really big. Whatever else you have, unless it's a Stormtrooper/Clonetrooper/Vader replica outfit on a manequin, ot the even larger Clonetrooper also from GG, this will dwarf it. It's an exact replica of the smaller Leia maquette, just life size. The quality is outstanding, (apart from one small patch of paint, equal to a pin-prick on the original maquette) and it looks stunning.

    Two things to consider before buying; do you have room for it? It's not only tall but wide too. Secondly, do you have space for the biggest box I've ever seen? Tardis sized, I kid you not.

    Those aside, there are only 265 in the edition, so if you want one, you'll not have many chances. Plus, at this price, it's a damn good deal. I mean, the original maquette now sells for about one hundred pounds. This is at least ten times the size.

    So, to sum up, in case I haven't been clear, I'll put it bluntly; if you have the cash and the space, buy this. Really, buy it now.

  6.  Better than the original release.


    One of the lesser sesn ships of Star Trek, the shuttle appears on screen for maybe as much as twenty seconds in ST;TMP and is never seen again!

    Why was the model ever produced? Basically because AMT wanted as large a ST model line as possible back when the original cast films were released. Back then the only ships with screen time were the Enterprise, the Klingon Battlecruiser and the shuttle, until the Reliant and Excelsior appeared in II and III.

    What you basically get here is a retread of the original 1979 kit, which has some new tooling. That makes it better than the original, plus the decals are modern rather than the originals which were rub-on or stickers. It's a pretty nice medium sized model, which benefits from a stand.

    As to the price AMT have set, that's just too high. It's a simple kit which were it not in the ST range would cost far less. That said, for those who enjoy ST models, this kit is fine as it is. But if I were to compare it to other ST re-releases, I'd recommend the others of a similar price before this. I mean, you can buy an Enterprise -E for five pounds more.

  7.  A small matter to clear up


    Having decided that I was going to buy this bust if it went below a certain price, I snapped it up when Play made a further reduction. Gentle Giant are superb in their depiction of SW characters, and this bust is no exception.

    What I had been concerned with was the size after reading reviews. However, when it arrived, though I could see what other reviewers were pointing out, I wasn't disappointed. The bust is very well detailed and the paintwork is well up to GG's high standards.

    As to the size, I just checked the still on the back of the box. It's not that the ACT is that much shorter, it's the fact that it looks smaller in all dimensions. But as the still on the box illustrates, the armour the ACT wears is much less bulky in comparison to the ordinary Clone Trooper in ROTS, and the helmet is smaller too.

    So, this bust is just right when you look at it from that perspective. I'd recommend this bust as a great addition to anyone's SW collection.

  8.  Brilliant, literally so


    So, as soon as I saw these lamps, I bought a couple. Having read how good they are, and the heat from the bulbs, I decided to see what alternatives were about, energy saving bulb-wise.

    I managed to buy enough 9w es bulbs from another site to fit these lights, and others of the same size. This makes a huge difference in the amount of heat put out by the bulbs, and means that as these bulbs were equal to 40w instead of 25w, which is the maximum for ordinary bulbs in this lamp, it gives of even more light.

    The energy saving bulbs are also cheaper to run, the half dozen in this light costing les than a standard 60w bulb. Okay, enough about the bulbs. The lamp itself is really well made and pretty large. They would make a great gift, but mine are staying where they are.

    Fully lit, my two lamps light a room 25ft long and very brightly at that.

  9.  Good but by no means the best


    I came to G&S pretty late via the repeats on BBC3 and last years Christmas special. Having enjoyed every episode, I've watched series three and felt that it was a good idea that JC and RJ ended the series now rather than go for a fourth series.

    It's not that the writing is bad, far from it. This is still one of the best comedy series on TV. The problem is coming up with new situations for all the characters to interact in. With s1 and s2, it seemed natural, now if felt slightly forced and contrived. The visits to and from each side of the family, with everyone in tow just seemed wrong, and the series suffered from that.

    Yes, this series does deal with more adult situations and that's handled well, but the moments that sparked continuously in the past just didn't appear as often. That aside, the series was enjoyable and I don't regret for a second buying this DVD. I'll watch it again, but not as often as earlier series.

    The extras on the additional DVD are also well worth watching, unlike many others. Now, if they decide to make one-off Christmas specials, I think the form of old would return.

  10.  A must own for the serious fan


    I have a number of DV statues. Most are pretty good, (why buy them otherwise?) but this one is in the top three. The Gentle Giant kneeling DV with light up base, the Cinemacast porcelain DV and this one. It really is that good.

    Not the largest scale but everything about it is just right. The detail, the sculpt, the pose and of course the scene itself, all give you a near perfect statue. Sideshow really make the best dioramas, while GG generally make the best single figure statues, and this is a perfect example of Sideshow's work. If it had been lit from behind the Tantives' wall section, it would be perfection.

    So, buy this from Play and save yourself quite a bit from the prices on a well-known auction site. I recently bought an Attakus DV, (pose 2) and wonder if that will be as good as this, in spite of the larger scale. Yes, this is that good.