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  1.  Depeche modes best album


    i am a devoted D.M fan since they arrived on the scene.and if i am being honest i prefer there early heavy synth pop.but after hearing this album this for me is there best album to date.it has a variation of fast synth and slow balads and some bluesy type songs thrown in for good measure.davids voice on the single heaven is mesmerizing and martin solo on a child inside is brilliant.this group is one of the most underated bands ever and i cant believe they have recieved an award for contribution to music.the songs broken/alone and should be higher are just brilliant and you got my little universe which is very catchy tune.i was slightly disappointed with playing the angel and sounds of the universe but this beats them all.martin is a world class songwriter and very clever in that sythn pop has faded out over the years so what martin has done is given us an album with loads of variation.overall world class album from a world class group

  2.  film of the year


    well this caught me by surprise.this for me is the film of the year and destined to be a big hit.actor and executive producer stephen dorff gives a brilliant performance as agent jeremy rains.basically he wakes up sealed in a box in a boot of a car.he has been kidnapped and is driven about and terrorised in an attempt to give up the location of the presidents bunker.the whole film apart from the last 10 mins is a one man film but you cannot take you eyes of this film for a minute.the screenplay is awesome and director gabe torres keeps the action and suspense going from start to finish.a must see film not to be missed.

  3.  awesome


    reeker is one of those films you are either going to like or hate.and going by the reviews it was hated,personally i loved it.yes its weird to say the least and thats probaly why i liked it.writer and director dave payne pulls out all the stops with this horror.yes i agree what one of the other reviewers said its another version of final destination with the grim reaper trying claim back lives but its not to the end of the film with the flashbacks that you understand what the film is all about.there is a great mixture of special make up and cgi effects as well.overall weird but brilliant horror,but not everybodys cup of tea

  4.  best action/martial arts film of the decade


    well this caught me by surprise.a thailand film written and directed by welshman gareth evans.a very strange combo to say the least but this is one of the best action/martial arts film of the decade.in only his second film iko uwais is definately the new tony jaa and steals the show with some breathtaking stunts and fight choreography.the screenplay is top notch and director gareth evans pulls out all the stops.i would describe this film as ong bak meets hard boiled.there are 2 memorable fight scenes where iko uwais takes on a load of men in a warehouse but the end fight scene between the 2 good guys and the baddie is out of this world.its extremely violent and bloody.the good news is the raid 2 is out next year.but if you want to see iko uwais in his first film with similar fighting then watch the marantau warrior which is available on dvd.

  5.  just awful.ken what are you doing?


    this film is just awful.bad acting/bad editng/bad story/bad camera work.i just hated it.i watched it because i like actor ken foree who was in george romeros dawn of the dead.ken what are you doing being in such a bad film.i turned of after about 45 mins.a real stinker.

  6.  call me snake


    i think this is the film that kick started kurts career and formed a great partnership between him and john carpenter.escape from new york is over 30yrs old but everytime it comes on tv i watch it just like the thing.over the years john carpenter has brought terror and action to the film industry and there no one better than him.if i was to pick a favourite j.c film it is actually assault on precinct 13.but escape from new york is a all time classic.great performances from russell/stanton as brain and ernest borgnine as cabbie.overall yes the film is outdated but its a true gem.

  7.  sluggish to say the least


    slugs is a decent horror flick with a spanish/american production which im afraid that doesnt work well at all.its a film of 2 parts good and bad.the good points.uncut on dvd previous vhs cuts waived.decent dvd transfer.some decent special make up effects and story.the bad points.bad acting/bad dubbing its clear to see that the spanish actors were dubbed.bad production the film was clearly shot in 2 locations one in spain and one in america which is clearly noticed with the background scenes.overall the film is watchable and theres enough to keep you watching but its sluggish to say the least.

  8.  the best of the series


    i remember seeing this when i was 16 and it scared the hell out of me.theres hardly any gore but for some reason it had that scary efffect .its very well written and a decent cast of james olson and burt young who played paulie in the rocky films.the visual effects are very good for a film from the 80s and overall the best of the series in my view.there are 3 versions of this film castle home video is cut by 7 secs.the sanctuary version is uncut and theres a new version by scanbox due out in june which is uncut.the choice is easy avoid the castle video version.but if you want a scary film to watch this is the one for you.brilliant

  9.  a decent action flick


    a force of one, is one of chucks early films but saying that its a decent action flick.ok its a bit outdated now but it is very watchable.it has a great cast and some decent fights.this version is the vhs transfer to dvd which im afraid is cut.so if you want the uncut version you will have get the region 1 or european region 2.overall a decent action flick

  10.  a masterpiece


    well this film is a martial arts masterpiece and jet li best film to date.it has everything.great story,great acting.and breathtaking martial arts choreography by yuen woo ping which just brings out the best of jet li and the baddie played brilliantly by billy chow.it reminds me a bit of bruce lees fist of fury.chinese taking on the japanese and the picture of the teacher of the chinese school who was killed looks identical to bruce lees teacher in fist of fury.overall brilliant bone breaking martial arts epic n ot to be missed