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  1.  The kids love this


    Lets be real here. This is a kids film.We went to see it at the cinema, and my kids (aged 3 and 5) loved it from start to finish.
    As far as they are concerned, this is better than Toy Story. We now have it on DVD, they watch it over and over, my son calls my daugther Juliet, and my daugther calls my son Gnomeo.
    This is a wonderful and funny film, the soundtrack is excellent, the kids have it on CD (see my review). Good fun, great film, and in the current cllmate (given recent riots) does teach kids that violence is not the answer.

  2.  WOW!


    As it says in the booklet that comes with this box set, there are many reasons why Thunder are so popular as an unbeatable live act. Firstly, because the band relish in the art of performing their songs, I have been watching Thunder live for over 20 years and they have never wavered in the enthusiasm and quality of each performance. This energy continues even now, and I was lucky enough to be at two of the 6 recorded venues here, Donington and Don Valley where they supported Def Leppard (I remember that one in particular as it was a roasting hot day and I sufferred horrendous sunburn and missed some of Leppards performance due to sunstroke).
    I have to to say this is an excellent buy from Play.com, considering the price this set is offered for sale on other sites - I have seen it offered for sale on internet auction sites for over £50.
    Thunder are one of the UK's best live rock bands in my mind, I have seen them live more than any other band, and never come away feeling shortchanged. They always perform to their full potential and this collection is a fitting addition to the collection of any fan - the tracklists may be almost the same on some discs but each performance is uniqiue and Danny Bowes rules the stage with his powerful vocals. Well worth the £38.99.

  3.  Brilliant


    Excellent, I am not a Trekkie, although I enjoy the franchise, this is a superb story, excellent visual effects and a few twists along the way. Would be great to see the cast carry on with the story of the early years of the Enterprise.

  4.  Brilliant entertainment


    Excellent short stories featuring Maters far fetched tales! My kids are in fits of giggles each and every time they watch this, and from an adult perspective I think many of us will have come across someone like Mater who has done everything anyone else has done, but twice as well and have the box it came in as well.
    Great fun, total running time includes extras that the kids dont really bother about, but for any fan of cars, this is a must.

  5.  Good quality T


    I ordered this at same time as I ordered the Haynes Star Ship Enterptise T - Shirt. This is good thick quality cotton T, and is the size I would expect an XL T shirt to be. Beware though that all in this range are not the same - see my review of the Star Trek shirt. This X Wing shirt however is excellent quality.

  6.  Excellent


    Really good fun, basically a modern take on the hand puppet, this chap sits on your shoulder and performs many different actions all via a (wireless) remote control.
    Well worth the current price of 22 quid to see the look on childrens faces as they interact with Dave. Get one!

  7.  Children love this


    I got this for my daugther who is nearly 3, her 4 year old brother loves it. Fun, simple, addictive little games, such as chicken/car wash/muddy puddles, which any fan of the show will be more than familar with.
    Current price of 8 pounsd makes it even more of a bargain. Great stocking filler.

  8.  Excellent fun and even better with the CD


    It is worth the extra 2 pound to buy the version of this book with the CD, narrated by Bernard Cribins. It includes two narrations, the first a simple read of the book and the second for read along, indicating page turns.
    The CD also has music and sound effects to set the mood, the children love it.
    A fun, bounce along story which is easy to follow and beautifully illustrated.

  9.  Good fun book - but better with the CD


    Its a good story, which flows well and the pictures make it easy for the children to follow, but at the time of writing this, for an extra two pounds you can buy the book which includes the CD of Bernard Cribbins reading the story - well worth the extra 2 pound as the CD also includes sound effects and music making it more entertaining.

  10.  Excellent film


    This is one of my favourite films - I really wish that this would be released in Blue Ray or region2, but oh well.
    It stars Don johnson as recently divorced and skint detective who gets thrown into the investigation into the murder of a cop answering the call to a store robbery. The case unfolds to reveal the killer is embroiled in a gang of white supremacists and the storyline expands with a great twist at the end.
    Under rated film, well worth the viewing.