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  1.  outrageous


    i only saw this last week and had to stop the video 4 times to get my breath back this comdedin is at the top of the blue comdey ladder along with chubby brown bernard manning frankie boyle and jimmy carr jim davidson is a politically correct laugh not for the easily offended
    also not listed on the dvd but the dvd has a 15 min interview with him thumbs up

  2.  outstanding


    this series is the best one by far its a shame theres only 6 episodes but outtakes from all 4 series on this dvd finally season 1 interviews season 2 behind the scenes season 3 on location season 4 outtakes and they are very funny tim vine lee mack sally bretton and katy wix all great comdey characters and a well worth the price of this dvd 5 stars

  3.  90s gems


    i was born in 1992 when this first came and never saw it til 2005 on channel fours 100 greatest scray moments remember the name never found the dvd and til 2010 for a very low price which it very rare because its a long out of print dvd i find this tv horror drama a classlc and well worth a look the dvd is very pricey so i recommend getting the vhs tape if you want to a 90s gem horror then get this blair wich eat your heart out

  4.  still laughing


    this is probably the best series yet lee mack and tim vine make you laugh befor they even move watch the chrismas episode at the end none stop laughter cant wait for series 4

  5.  names bean mr bean


    after so many years of watching it on video i finally got this 20th anniversary dvd the picture is amazing aswell as the sound no extras witch is kinda sad being a anniversary edition they could of put something else on the disc but at least it has the the first and second video on here aswell as the first half of the thrid video still worth buying for the hardcore fans like me

  6.  good film


    to some this film un hear of because it was sold in pound shop's and online only but its a good watch some say it takes to long to get going but its not true just watch and find out if u like scream you will like this

  7.  it's the house on the left


    dont listen to the negative reviews this is a must see film the gritty look of the picture gives it a more Realistic fill and u fill uncomfortable watching it and come away with a sadness for the character's one video nastie worth checking out and very good price on play.com

  8.  comedy overload


    lee mack and tim vine show that one liners can make a full series its full of funny double meanings and belly laughing word play worth a buy.

    dvd bonus content audio commentary on 2 epsiodes photo gallery and interviews with tim and lee

  9.  classlc


    great intro great twists they dont make them like they used to if you injoy 80s tv this is a great pickup for retro fans

  10.  great


    finally a month after season 2 comes out season 3 arrives and what is it like well im letting you deside to me its as good as season 2 season 1 and evan coming of age if you lliked the other 2 seasons pick this one up