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  1.  Not as good as everyone makes out


    There is soooo much hype about this game and being a die hard COD fan, I was quite eager to give it a go and see if it is as good as people say.... unfortunately I have to say i am disappointed. First, the positives.... graphically, the game is fantastic, smoke, water, fire etc all look great. Ive seen better cut scenes in the likes of COD and Killzone but I wouldnt mark it down for that. Also the choice of weapons and upgrades is great especially the various customisation options that are available.

    Now the Negs,starting with the gameplay.... how people can say that this is challenging is beyond me! The AI is awful, the soliders walk into walls and get stuck or will fire at random intervals ever when they havent seen you which often means you have to rethink your strategy unecessarily!! My biggest gripe in this repsect however is the stop start nature of it through the use of the 'tactical' options! The idea of having a tactical display is great but its very poorly executed since a lot of the time you cant actually do what it says without risking being seen due to the fact that jumping/rapid movement drains your cloaking ability! Plus the markers identifying where the enemies are is so faint that you will often miss them when moving about, thus causing you to be seen and
    subsequently being killed!! All in all, very annoying!

    This isnt by any means a bad game, it looks great and is a lot of fun. However I just personally feel it isnt worth all the hype that it receives and doesnt have the longevity that comes with the likes of COD and Killzone.

  2.  Brilliant but i prefer MW2


    As a huge fan of all the COD titles (yes that includes WAW believe it or not) I was dying to see if Infinity Wards previous success had been matched or possibly surpassed and after playing the game for 12 hrs+, im still not sure if it has. The single player is superb, well put together, fantastic voice cast and is incredibly engaging, which is something that I felt was missing from the MW2 single player; they have added a lot more emotion into this one, which draws you into the story. Without ruining it too much, the way the missions are interspersed with the storyline is a masterstroke.

    The multiplayer is as good as MW2, except the whole aspect of earning points to buy things is a bit long winded and the Kill streaks are a bit rubbish with the RC car and the dogs being (in my opinion) the best ones! However the soundtrack is amazing and the game on the whole has a much smoother feel to it.

    My only real gripe is the graphics..... they look far to 'cartoon' like for me, MW2 had the authenticity about it, the guns looking and sounding like their real counterparts.... these look and feel like comedy weapons. You could argue that this is because of when the game is set but still, one of the biggest draws for me from MW2 was the authenticity and reality of it and sadly, this just hasnt been captured in this game.

    Overall, the franchise is still alive and burning brightly, Treyach have done a great job on it and have clearly listened to the players by removing/adding things but i personally dont think ill be prestigeing more than once with this one............



    This game left me absolutely speechless..... there is no limit to the multiplayer games, its the single most fun thing u can play online!!! The graphics are amazing, the weapons are incredibly accurate in detail and to top it all off, its the most realistic war simulation i have played!!! If u havent got it...get it now!!!!!

  4.  Awsome


    This film was fantastic, thrilling to the end and always keeping you guessing!!! Smith's portrayal of a man in complete isolation was heartfelt and true, clearly a lot of research went into making Robert Neville convincing. Well written, well shot and well executed!!!