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  1.  Thoroughly enjoyable


    This is a rarity among games based on movies: it's good and thoroughly enjoyable. Just the right level of difficulty for a game that will suit most, the developer has actually put some thought into the design and gameplay (I'm looking at you, Up and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs). The story is relatively easy to beat but the challenge is sufficiently weighted so that is does not feel boring.

    The mini-games provide a harder challenge if you want the accompanying trophies, which brings me to a nice bonus: a Platinum trophy difficulty rating of no more than 3/10. ;o)

  2.  Brilliant


    What can I say about this epic movie that hasn't already been said a thousand times over? Just deserves another five star rating.

  3.  A cinemagraphic masterpiece


    This film is mind-blowingly beautiful. The writers and producers spent years (literally) searching for the locations that matched the images in their heads, and it shows. Absolutely beautiful, enchanting, engaging, amusing and fulfilling, with a brilliant cast of actors (and not a celebrity or "banker" in sight!). It's a children's story for grown-ups, I'll say no more than that about the script.

    And an absolute must on Blu-ray. This will show off your PS3/Bravia/whatever combination better than anything currently available.

  4.  Simply awesome


    Easily a match for CoD4 whatever the cross-platform snobs say. Gameplay, AI, graphics and sound are the best yet for PS3. This is already my favourite FPS of all time.

    My only (minor) gripe? Voice acting is a bit b-movie. But who cares when you have visceral action like this?

  5.  The first game to scare me


    All my gaming life I never believed a game could be truly frightening. Then I played this. Few are as atmospheric, too.

    Of note are a good, varied weapon choice (including my favourite, a scoped sniper rifle), decent AI and the Power Armored Unit which makes you feel indestructable (you're not) as you wreak utter devestation with its guns and missiles. Graphics are top level seventh-gen stuff - better than Resistance 2.

    Oh, don't play alone............

  6.  A refreshing take on the first person perspective


    Based on the demo. I approached this game with some trepidation, having not enjoyed much success (or enjoyment) with first person games in the past.

    The physics are well done. Although you spend most of the time having no view of any part of your body, knowing when to jump and grab is highly intuitive and although not easy, it's not too hard so that you become frustrated. Controls are simple and quick to learn and it utilises the SIXAXIS well for things like balance, rolling, basic combat (though there are button-press alternatives). The combat is either very easy or extremely hard - one gets the impression that the developer would rather your run and evade most threats rather than turn and fight.

    The environments are stunning: think le Corbusier in cold colours punctuated with vivid tones. You have a lot of freedom to roam and choose routes, but if you do get lost and need a pointer, you can press "O". Add a great soundtrack and it all adds up to a highly engaging and immersive experience.

    In ten minutes I went from "I'll see what the demo is like but I usually don't like this sort of thing" to "I've preordered it and cannot wait for it to arrive".

    Gameplay 5/5
    Graphics 5/5
    Controls 5/5
    Physics 4/5
    Environment 5/5

  7.  With already the best Bond yet


    What can I say about this film that has not already been said?

    Incidentally, any grown man who cares what colour hair a fictional character has needs to take a good long hard look in the mirror. Seek help.

  8.  With already the best Bond yet


    What can I say about this film that has not already been said?

    Incidentally, any grown man who cares what colour hair a fictional character has needs to take a good long hard look in the mirror. Seek help.

  9.  Very poor


    NASCAR 08 was a terrible game, largely panned by gamers and reviewers alike (I only played the demo). So what did EA do for the next instalment? I rented it to find out if they had finally got it right. Unfortunately, they just took 08, changed a few names and dumped it out.

    If you want sub-PS2 graphics, a car with a central pivot and colours which look like they come from a Crayoola catalogue then by all means buy this. However, if you want to race ovals, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue lets you run Daytona. May only be one track, but it is infinitely better than this.

  10.  Vibrating ones are best


    You really don't know how much you've missed it until you get it back. And the slight extra weight makes a lot of difference: not too much that it is noticeable after a long period of gaming, but just enough to make it feel like you have something substantial in your hands when you handle it.

    Incidentally, lots of misinformation about that this excludes SIXAXIS. It does not: you get both vibration and motion sensing in one controller.