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  1.  A treat !


    A real slow burner, this, but full of class performances, Not only Whittaker and Winfrey but all the support cast as well. A nice touch to see some of Americas history through the Butlers' eyes. some interesting choices of actors who play the films Presidents.Oozes quality throughout - not for every ones taste but I will be buying a copy.....

  2.  Original not "Aped"....


    A bit confused with the last review - the script was VERY fresh and original. Granted, some of the cgi work early on was not the best, but it certainly improved as the film progressed. Great work, especially from Lithgow, one of my favourite actors, a sequel would be very welcome.......

  3.  Still got it !


    I remember seeing Billy Joel in Birmingham many moons ago, just as his album "The Stranger" came out. He played out in front of about 200, but I just knew there was a future for his great music. I've seen him many times since, still love him, and this Blu-ray sums up the man and his music - a true showman and very polished. The disc is sharp and crisp with a great soundtrack. Guest-stars too in Paul McCartney, Roger Daltry, and more make this a must-buy for all, but especially for Joel fans. Rock on Billy !

  4.  Guilty pleasure ?


    I bought this Movie in advance of early info I recieved on the Film (ie; bigger budget), So I was expecting a huge end-of-the-world production. I gather that the fims budget was then cut down? Anyways, whatever the reason, I think the makers did a good job with the Film considering the limits.
    Sure,, some of the effects are shonky, sure some of the acting is a little suss, and sure the script seems a little absurd. Just lower the sights a little, and enjoy it for what it is, a half-decent movie with obvious restraints.....

  5.  Robin Hood v Gladiator


    Maybe I should'nt be comparing the 2 Films, but as they are both Directed by Scott, and star Crowe, I felt the need to. That said, I have to say Robin Hood felt rushed, and lacking a certain something (a soul ?), that Gladiator had in abundance. Great idea (a "Prequel" ) to the Robin Hood myth, but with little in the way of character-building that Gladiator also had. I am sure though, that this Movie will look the biz in Hi-def ......

  6.  Gladiator rules - ok !


    After watching Gladiator again in this H.D version, i can only comment that it is a great package. I have what some "Purists" may call an average system (46" sony flatscreen, PS3 slim, gold bd cables, 5;1 sony speakers), but the quality was pretty good in my opinion. I can only say that its a little worrying when you compare this classic with Scotts/Crowes version of Robin Hood. To be honest, it felt very rushed, with little character developement. Anyways, that is another Movie. This IS a decent package with enough extras to keep any gladiator fan happy.

  7.  Queen still rock !


    Ditto to most of the other reviews. Fantastic quality considering the age of the film. Great care seems to have been taken to restore the picture quality, while, not perfect, is still very, very good. Also great to see the Live Aid footage. Even though its not HD-still good to see. Really does showcase what a fantastic band Queen were.

  8.  Not bad for 60 !!!


    Only dipped in and out of this Blu ray until yesterday , then decided to play the whole disc, enjoyed it so much i watched it all again ! Having seen Elton live on many occasions, i can only compare this disc to actually being there, only with a better overall view ! Stunning quality picture and decent sound make this a must-but, especially for Elton fans. Great !

  9.  Dead good !


    A very enjoyable romp and the cast looked like they had great fun despite the terrible weather conditions they had to film in ! Plenty of nods towards other Movies (Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Braindead), to name but 3. Dont think ive seen as much gore in a movie since "Braindead". That, mixed in with a slice of humour makes this a must-buy for any Horror Movie fan....5 stars without a doubt ! Picture and sound crisp and sharp, well done guys !

  10.  Great entertainment


    Really enjoyed this Movie in Blu ray. I thought that the picture quality was a little inconsistent. Interior shots sometimes not having as much clarity as exterior ones. That said, some outdoor scenes really "popped" from the screen, and the Tommy gun "fire" really cracked through the audio. Well worth the purchase for the Movie and extras.