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  1.  Love Pawn Stars! Cant Wait


    Been really looking forward for season 2 to come out ever since i bought season 1, I did buy the region 1 boxset from american but couldnt get it to work. Season 1 only had 14 episodes (4 hrs 45 mins) but season 2 has over double that.

    Some info thats not stated on play.com
    32 episodes on 4 discs, approx 11hrs 44mins. With bonus features: additional footage.

  2.  WOW...Great box set!


    Fast and the Furious 1-5 are 5 really good action packed films well worth watching them all. Comes out same time as the 5th films which if you havent seen the new 1 i thought myself it was 1 of the best. As for the limited edition tyre set it looks amazing but you are paying 15pound extra for it... If your somebody thats into your limited edition sets or just like the look of this 1 its well worth it i think.

    Cant tell how big it actually is or where abouts the discs go by this picture but looks like from the back youll pull something out and theyll slide in there and maybe 3-4cm bigger than the disc. Hoping they put and more detailed picture up before its released.

    Nice box set ive already pre ordered mine... :D

  3.  Pre-order before your to late.


    Beauty and the beast is 1 of the great disney classics of all time high up in everyones list of fav disney films meaning many people are looking forward to seeing it with improved picture and sound as am i.
    If you have been looking at the DVDs you will notice they go for 50 pound +. This is such a great product as you get the dvd and blu-ray together and at 15.99 its really cheap and if it followed down the same path as the dvd release it will be selling for double the price.
    Such a great present intime for Christmas. If you are thinking of buying it then buy it now whilst its so cheap..

  4.  Brilliant comedy


    I love most films when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (e.g. shaun of the dead and hot fuzz) This is right up there any of them, it is 1 of those films like shaun of the dead that when its on you just watch it and you can watch it many times and still find it funny.

    Must watch... 1 of the best comedy movies this year.

  5.  Good racing game.


    The first test drive unlimited was brilliant you just want to keep playing to unlock more things. Test Drive unlimited 2 has all that and more + the online casino looks amazing. #1 car game of the year after need for speed hot pursuit being a let down.

    MUST BUY and with the free casino and car its a bargain!

  6.  Alot better than expected.


    Looking at the case i wasn't expecting much from the film, I thought its 5 poeple stuck in an elevator for 90mins like another version of the film "black out" what can they possible do to make a good film out of it but after watching the film i was very surprized in how good it actually was, alot more story to it than just 5 people in a elevator.
    Not the best film your going to see this year but is really worth watching.

  7.  Amazing Games


    Really fun limited edition piece, bring back old memories with some of the best nintendo retro games around. really good present for anybody with a wii console. buy fast very limited stocks and you wont see for less after they sell out.



    The colour look really nice, alot nicer than the white or black. Comes with the red wii remote with built in motion plus which have just started to come out at 39.99 on there own and the red nun chuck that you cant buy from shops yet. New super mario bros is a really good game for the family and 1 of the best games out for the wii at the moment. And donkey kong installed to the console itself. This is a really good package at a great price and with it being the 25th anniversary special edition its really short supply. Chistmas coming up and would make a perfect present.

  9.  Best poker game for the xbox 360.


    This is the best poker game out of the 3 thats on the xb360. The main career mode is really good, lots of different touraments and types of games to choose from and really excertaining. The online play isnt so good but still is better then the other 2 games. If you like poker and want and game for the xbox this is the 1 to buy.



    This is such a great film its action packed and so funny from the start all the way through to the end, a must buy...
    Out of the 3 Blu ray/DVD choices this is the 1 to buy, i would 100% add the extra 2 pound and get the steelbook version with the bonus DVD you get so much more for your money and the steelbook case looks so much nicer!