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  1.  Solving the mystery isn't the point


    It's the character interactions that make this series, from the will-they won't-they (of course they will) of Castle and Beckett, to the dynamic duo of Detectives Esposito and Ryan. Every episode is shot through with elements of gallows humour and verbal sparring between Castle and Beckett, Castle and his mother, Castle and pretty much everyone he meets.
    I've also yet to see an actor portray "smug" better than Nathan Fillion.
    Only the occasionally cheesy conversations and often predictable whodunnits lose this series its fifth star.
    Looking forward to Season 3's DVD release.

  2.  Chuck some money at this, it's great value


    Missing only episodes from the current, final season, this is the ideal way to enter the world of the Burbank Buy More's best spy. At once funny, touching and thrilling, Chuck is one of the best shows to come out of the US in the past ten years.

  3.  Can this really be so cheap?


    For the price this has a very detailed, clear and punchy sound, though it's not enormously loud. Compatibility is good too; it works perfectly with the 4th generation iPod Touch.

  4.  Nicely made, reasonable photos


    The good: very short shutter lag, good colour saturation, very solid build.
    The bad: noise reduction makes images a bit "smeary" under high magnification.

  5.  People are looking at me strangely


    I bought this CD to transfer to my iPod and, while the ripping of the first disc left some awkward gaps between tracks, it didn't detract too much from what is a truly brilliant comedy show.
    I'm a fan of the raconteur-style comics, such as Billy Connelly and Jasper Carrott and Dara fully deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the classic performers. His ability to weave the audience's stories into his act is superb and I can't help but laugh at some of the situations he's (allegedly) found himself in. While they may be pure fabrication, Dara makes them just plausible enough that you suspect there is a grain of truth in the stories.
    As for the title of my review, you try listening to this on a train and see the looks on the faces of your fellow passengers as you roar with laughter when Dara talks about using the phonetic alphabet to spell out a booking reference.
    I couldn't rate this more highly.

  6.  Not up to the standard of the book.


    While Clint made a brave effort with this and achieved some special effects firsts (despite the small budget that the film had), the film is ultimately less satisfying than the book on which it's based. The first part of the film is the main disappointment, with the pre-theft sequences lacking the tension built up in the novel.
    On the whole, though, a watchable boy's own adventure, but don't forget to read Craig Thomas's book and his sequel to it, Firefox Down.

  7. Gia



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     Simple pleasures


    Based on the true story of a young supermodel who tastes the excesses of New York life and pays the ultimate price, this film is a powerful piece of work. However, most people will watch it because Angelina Jolie gets her kit off. Several times.