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  1.  The best thing next to Phil and band


    Cheap so bought it, but what a surprise. This is played with passion and energy. There are a host of names appearing in what is basically two line ups doing 13 great rock memories. I was a great fan of the original band so it is logical that I enjoy the current version of Lizzy without Phil. But this kicks that line up into touch. And I only found this gem by accident. If you love Lizzy add this to the collection. All players do justice to what we know are our private memories of a great man and his band. value, quality and passion 10/10

  2.  Decide for yourself


    This film has a good storyine, but a tight budget. The actors give performances 8-9/10. This is due to lack of experience not commitment which is not lacking. The direction and soundtrack are weak and at times the progress is a litle lacking. This is a film that should have been a closet classic but I would sacrifice that to see a Hollywood remake. And I hate Hollywood remakes !!!!! Sometimes a good story comes along and the team that delivers it to film are not strong enough or have the money to back them. In closing I enjoyed this film, I pat the actors on the back and the settings are devine. Shame that all the factors that make or break a film did not all fall on the side of favour. Maybe one day a classic dying to be reborn.

  3.  So so seven


    The writers had the story nailed, but Dench and Craig put as much emotion in as two cardboard cut outs. I first saw Goldfinger back in the sixties when I was eight years old and now housebound I had no way to see this movie until now. I was like a dog with two tails when it arrived and I made myself wait until late evening to watch ths master piece
    The Hype is so great that it kills it dead. The film is sign posted for the dumb Americans who have trouble reading joined up writing. M is the central figure and it shows how secret agents react differently towards her when the chips are down. Bond and M had a mother/Bad boy relationship that sinks in this film. It should have been the most powerful of the trio of Craig films but it just does not have the passion the commitment or the drive. The acting seems to run on auto pilot knowing a big pay cheque is waiting no matter what. Mendes directs long distance shots well, but when the big conversation takes place Bond to Villian it should have panned out like the best round the table chin wags that Tarrantino puts together. The script had it but the actors do not click. The soundtrack hints at old Bond sounds but then goes 180 degrees for maximum pump and jump. Some silly big mouth spilled the ending on Sky a few weeks back and killed this dead for me. I was hoping the film could get a chance to take off and fly but it does not. It lacks chemistry and passion and drive and seems low and gritty but then too lofty. Confusing and disapointing in equal measure and one I would not have bought had I known. The whole Bond Francise team need an overall. Everyone is too comfortable and safe and the money rolls in no matter what. If Bond is to be around for another 50 years then those at the top need to give way to fresh blood and new ideas. Fleming's Bond sneaks out now and again but only in the back story of Bond. So much good stuff and Ideas are burned up cheaply. Perhaps this should have been a two parter and allow time for the storyline to grow and for the characthers to get into the feel of the whole concept. This film is mid table Bond and could have been top of the league. Heads must roll.

  4.  Unsafe bet


    Denzil Washington plays himself in another film ranging from A to B. Ryan Reynolds also on a career slide joins as a buddy buddy movie of sorts. Now these films fall into two camps, the odd couple or joined at the hip. Neither fits the bill here as a seasoned dark ops guy saddles up with with a lame operative. The interaction is poor and the script is weak. Behind the scenes skullduggary adds a hit of spice but it all plods along like no actor has to make an effort as the pay is the same at the end of filming. I do not know much about powerful people in the US or the CIA but the film wraps up all loose ends in the last few minutes, nice and tidy, live happily ever after. I recommend this film to teenage males who failed to get a girl on a friday night pub crawl. Watch this with a six pack and mates and have a giggle. Not for serious film goers.

  5.  Pointless Prometheus


    It took ages to be and cost a fortune to complete and the vewier ends up like the ships crew, completely puzzled and bound to end in doom. I was old enough to see Alien at the cinema way back. It is a classic and the follow ons were just to cash in and in turn each getting weaker as the series progressed. So real Sci Fi fans wanted this movie and infact needed it, but what happens is a trawl through old story lines from so many aged movies and creates more questions than it answers. The actors seem to all be on auto polit or copying the "robot" in their team. This is two dimensional and a real disappointment. If it were not for the Alien connection this film would be straight to dvd in the bargain bin. Too much half stories and too little gory. Watch the deleted scenes and you get the total picture on how the real butchery took place in the editing room. The production team knew the story but hacked out chunk of impostant "news" and veiws that could have helped this rise above a stutter. This leaves them in the know and the vewer in the state of confusion. The undertone is about God and belief and yet all this is papered over. You do not get a chance to meet, greet and understand the characthers and they are just thrown away as the plot slumbers on. This was a missed oportunity to breathe new life into the francise but with a cop out ending I fear another pale episode is just over the next galaxy.

  6.  Pearl Harbor for the 21st century


    I bought this on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Being an old so and so Hasbro means my Action Man to me, but this is full of Action, man (sorry for the pun and american title spelling) If you can forget the corny soccer scenes and the lame character build up this starts to grow in tension. The film plays all the top cards used so often in many a film but the way they fall is better than average. The FX are above normal and the soundtrack pumps the film along and being a Hasbro production (a global brand) it does not make all yanks John Wayne clones and every other nation wimps. I like my sci fi alien invasion movies and this is a good all rounder for older kids and adults like me (in their 50's) I bought this on the cheap after not wanting to pay to watch it on Sky in case it was naff. I am pleased to say that this boat rocks and in part plays homage to the days of old and the fact that the world is not always saved by white teethed glam boys who have little focus on life. If you like alien invasion movies this is one to add to the collection.

  7.  Less Gory more Story


    For me the Yanks do not do horror too well. Using up to date state of the art FX and in your face gore, they seem to lack the character development. The ability to build tension and the odd bit of humour to break the moment. The Brits are better as they suggest horroric moments rather than our colonial cousins who throw them in your face in an effort to repulse not frighten. However this one is a wothy addition to the collection. It includes a host of twists that will delight and throw you off scent. It is a film that will sit nicely on your shelf and you will revisit periodicaly. Very few films would get a five star rating from me so see this four star as a good sign of value and entertainment.

  8.  At last justice for real Zep fans


    I am in my late fifties and was lucky to see Zep when I was able. So you can imagine my anger when trying to get tickets for this gig. No one I knew got a single ticket. Next to add insult most of the "celebraties" who got free tickets could not tell Led Zeppelin from Lead Piping. Then hoping we would one day see the footage it is now here at last. The Blu Ray is of excellent quality and I have to say the filming is such a high standard that we have the best of both worlds. An amazing legend of a band filmed with the most upto date equipment. This has to be the best live performance video in my massive collection. Zep have chosen the songs well. The concert flows smoothly from one great song to another and the group are enjoying themselves along the way. Jason Bonham is at times spot on matching his dad stick for stick. Other times he is slightly different but still fits the band so well that he is an asset to the whole show. No matter who you are in music or how famous you think you are this is the concert to compare yourself to. It is faultless and enjoyable, filmed with the veiwer in mind and has phone footage dropped in to add a lightly "more live being there dimension" to the show. The sound with the footage seems to be bass boosted so I trimmed this to get a better mix of instruments to voice. The guys in Zep say this iis it, no more new songs and no more new performances. That's a shame as the fans that saw your early days up to Knebworth need to feel it in the flesh just once more. I look at the crowd and some were not even born when Jon died. That does not seem fair to me. John Paul, Jimmy and Robert do not need the money, but we the fans need a form of closure ourselves. We felt robbed when this concert took place and so many from so far away came and had a great time for the event not who you are. We the ones who sat in muddy fields and followed you near and far seemed to have been overlooked and forgotten. I will continue to enjoy this set for ages, hoping maybe, just maybe you will treat all your older loyal fans to some moments of pleasure for a priceless back catologue that is a vital piece of musical history

  9.  On Fire !!!!!


    I feared "Confessor" may have been the highlight. But this album rocks. I will not spoil by reviewing each track as I want the listener to enjoy the journey like I did. Some songs could easily fit on a classic Zep or Purple album and you will hear why. The pedigree of the band has that line in its genes. The songs writing combinations are many yet still it sounds like a band that has lived and toured in a bus together for decades. The first two BCC albums were just off the mark for maximum points but this is a gem that has texture, dynamics, lyrical and riff hooks and each song sounds as good as the last. It took me back to the 1970's when the new 12" vinyl album slipped out of the paper inner cover and had the glow and smell of excitment. Then the album be it Zep or Purple or Heep or ELP etc lost its virginity to my ears. This album is that great. Every one of them is on top form and it is important to tip a nod to the fifth member of the band Kevin Shirley who is the George Martin of the heavy rock division. This album overshadows the latest from Muse, Lynyrd Synkyrd, Van Halen, Chckenfoot and the first T.C.V albums. This band is a top bill band with top notch tunes and deserves to be remembered in the same vein as the greats of old. I know the boys in the band have been at each other over silly matters that may see the end of BCC. What I would like to say to them is I want a fourth album from you all. So except it, you are so good you will have to put ego's and petty differences aside and go out and show everyone who has not heard of you how great rock is now. You are the shot in the arm we needed for our dulled and bland filled ears. As the last notes on the album fade in the air you will want to play this time and again. Come on boys lets have another album from you.

  10.  Lacks Passion breaking The Law


    Better than the hints suggested but still weak and tinny. Highlights Chris's contributions Save me and Liquid State, lows are the disjointed efforts and journeys into off the road styles. The Band seemed more alive on Jools Holland the other evening, but this seems flat. Yes Matt is a talented guy but string and brass sections scored y him and the number of people involved in the mixing delivers a case of too many cooks !!!!!!! Enjoyed Supremacy and Panic Station, but the rest is mushy and messy.

    Perhaps the greatest talented power trio since Cream. But let them loose with all modern studio gimmicks and the messages are lost in show off confusion. There are hints of the old Muse that the earlier fans may recognise. The Album suffers from a lack of balance in songs and their production. The contributions by Chris are welcomed by me but seem to suffer from poor arrangement and engineering. This is the type of album that many band s put out every so often. All the odds and ends to make a record deadline. It follows on badly from the last offering which I felt was once again self indulgent. Muse have hit the AC/DC syndrome. That is to release albums with one or maybe two good tracks and the rest is sub standard filler. They know the fans will still buy into it. The Band then goes on the next tour, often named after the album and plays the two good numbers and then plays 80 pct of the set with the old stable numbers that drew the fans in in the first place. Matt's lyrical messages are getting boring. I would like to see the band regain its rocker roots and also try and write another "unintended" The guys are very talented but lets hear a band together not a project that sounds like session musicians on a fixed payment.

    If Muse release another album I will wait to hear it first before I give them any more of my hard earned cash. BazzaBassman