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  1.  very very very good


    watch this on TV a sometime ago and what can I say is that it a great thriller with an unexpected ending.

  2.  Mind blowing!!


    The film is a master piece as the previous reviewer said and the people who rated it so low the film is very sutle and discreet that the ending is a bit of a twist with ground breaking preformances by Ryan Gosalin ,Bryan Cranston and Ron Perlman ,making this probaby one of the best films I've seen in years.

  3.  I want it...........again


    I remember getting this when I got my xbox, the game is great,visuals are amazing considering it came out back in 2006 with with tense action and an imense story that I want again and maybe finish it on realistic this time around.I want relive the experience for such a low price!!

  4.  Incredible


    scary,tense and cool.John C delivers a fast past horror with a young Kurt Russell and keith david with amazing special effects make up effect s,its a classic but I would like to see the 1951 original.a gem enough said

  5.  michael mann at his best


    this film tells the story of notorious bank robber John Dillinger during the depression of the 1930s.lost of action and some drama what more do you need .

  6.  I think its very under rated


    It started off pretty well,than started to be more of a thriller which I didn't expect .other reviews I read say that it weird,dull,dark and depressing but thats the Max Payne is play if you played the game, theres a couple of good action sequences but I expected more.I thought it was Entertaining. But least it has the key concepts like the bullet time scene which I thought was pretty cool.This is way better than the Hitman film where agent 47 doesn't even use is signature weapon once which I thought the director never played the game. Mark Wahlberg I quite like as an actor checkout some of his other film especially (The Departed , Four Brothers ,Shooter,Three kings)

  7.  good


    I saw it thought it wasn't too good but now that I think of it I don't why but I think it was savini's appearnce and the chick with the gun 4 a leg makes me want a copy god Rodriguez is so over the top but I don't care if he over the top with his movies

  8.  Brilliant


    I read the book I enjoyed most of it and want to check it out then saw the flush vid on youtube it was awesome but couldn't find it on play I eventually got it trust me if you like who loves korn or just read the book it is worth it . You won't regret it every song is so good I'm have trouble on which tracks to check out. ALL OF THEM.But my favs are L.O.V.E.,Flush,Money and Washed By Blood.I never realised how good Head is when it comes to song writing ye he was great with Korn
    but look at him now.

  9.  The hockey masked prowler vs the master of nightmares


    loved every second except the part where jason scared of water what freddy must be using his childhood of being drowning in a lake against him,paet from that great with a twist ending,

  10.  basically grand theft london if no what i mean


    i played this at my mates oh i thought was great espcially the way u can choose what gang to portray and when your done the 5 gang campaigns theres still loads of mini games to be completed.