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  1.  Well worth the money!


    This review is not about the movie or the transfer quality onto blu-ray.Anyone who has seen this movie knows what a classic it is.Anyone who has not seen this movie...what is your excuse other not being aged 18 or over to legally see it...this review is about the steelbook cover it comes in.This steel case alone is worth the price...the movie is an added bonus.Normally steelbook cases cost us around 15 pound or more...not even going to remove the cellophane...will just keep it in the nice secure box and foam that play.com thankfully sent it in.Well done play.com for the price...well done universal for the great steelbook cover...one to keep for my collection.Oh this really is a great movie thats special effects for the werewolf transformation was groundbreaking in 1981...still looks great today!

  2.  Just Awful!!!


    I managed to sit through 50 mins before i could take no more torture and turn the player off.That was enough time to give the film a chance and for me to realise i have just been attempting to watch the worst movie i have ever had the displeasure to see.The acting is totally amateur, comedy is pathetic.Overall i beg anyone thinking of buying this to not bother...save your money!

  3.  Why the bad reviews?


    Just sat thriugh 96 mins of a very good serbian attempt in zombie horror.If you are a zombie film fan then don't bother with reading the bad reviews on this film.It is low budget, it is however a good low budget movie.If you can sit through dawn of the dead which also stars Ken Foree, you will be able to watch this and like it.I agree there is a lot of tripe out there regarding zombie film mania.But lets remember out of all the monster horrors zombie films are the most frequently made and remade.It will be hard to to make a original and unique zombie flick, there are just too many around.This movie is very watchable, you can't expect a massive well known cast, with special effects like star wars on such a budget.Everyone involved with this film has made a good film here.It gets 4 stars for being a good zombie flick, not brilliant.Also cos i think the other reviewers are expecting too much for under a fiver.God has the recession really hit us that bad?

  4.  Great high octane trilogy


    I purchased Feast 1, 2 & 3 on seperate dvds.So i can't review this actual box set.But i can review all 3 films, which i feel i must do to give some credit back to director John Gulager.In making these films he has given us none stop kick ass comedy horror action.This is a family production, John, his wife, brother, nephew & famous father.I can't praise these films enough, i love the weird, this set of films is like nothing i have seen before.I am a total horror sci fi nut, my appetite was satisfied on viewing these films.No1 was very good, no2 was brilliant & full of energy, no3 is inbetween the two others.I seriously can't believe these are not massive blockbusters.If the director would have been a bigger name then they would have been.But they slipped under the radar, luckily there are viewers that can pass on good reviews.The long and short.....if you want a mental experience where the director does what he wants and is not afraid to offend anybody then this is for you.Plenty of bad language, bucket loads of gore, unique looking monsters, guns, nudity, screaming, shouting, running, mindless frenzied violence, maybe even nightmares, if your not of the faint hearted stuff then be brave for this is for you.Even the actors are mental but very good for this trilogy.Tarantino would be proud!!!

  5.  Shame its a remake


    If this film was an original i would praise it higher.But after seeing the original, i would have to say the original was a better film.This is worth viewing, the fashion is spot on for the year it is set in.Also Nick Love makes a good film, he is a talented, young director.Worth a butchers!

  6.  Spectacular!!!


    Avatar will probably be the most brilliant movie i will see in my lifetime.I knew the effects would be good, actually i would now after viewing say breath taking.If i was asked what movie was to be in the class of viewing perfection it would have to be this one.When everyone was saying this was such a great movie i was thinking i could find some fault in its 2hrs 35min span.Tell you what, i can't find a single bad word to say about Avatar.I would be unemployed by now if it was my job to be a critic of Avatar.This really is a special viewing experience, tremendous film all round,congratulations James Cameron and all involved with Avatar

  7.  Why only 2 reviews?


    Hold up only 2 reviews inc mine! I was initially avoiding watching this movie cos the 12 rating.Watched it 5 mins ago, glad i purchased it on Blu-ray.An hour & 49mins of great entertainment, quality effects, and some good laughs.All the actors are very good.This is already a classic in my collection and well worth 5 stars.This is about the freaks as much as the vampires,a very different kind of of vamp movie.I have watched 2 fantastic films this week, Avatar & this one.But i get the feeling cirque du freak might not be getting the full appreciation it certainly deserves.

  8.  Seventh Heaven


    I just watched this dvd expecting not very much at all.SURPRISE!!! What a fantastic way to pass by 84 mins...This movie is kind of similar only slightly to the Descent, i state only slightly.You will know what i mean when you view it as i don't want to give anything away other than a good review for a very worthy film.Infact the only drawback was there wasn't any bonus features, not complaining, @ this price its a steal.Defo well worth watching & i agree with the previous reviewer, very original.Well done to everyone involved with this movie.

  9.  Wow! a worthy remake


    Anyone who has ever read a review of mine knows i'm no big fan when it comes to remakes.But as a Rob zombie film fan i thought i'd give it a look in.For me, this is better than the original, Mr Zombie, has put his own twist on this.With some familiar faces, lots & lots of bad language, humour & plenty of slashing, only he could have bettered a classic.In time this will also be a classic.Well worth its place in anyones dvd collection.Keep em coming Rob

  10.  How much can you expect for under 3 quid


    No reviews, doe's this mean we are cheapskates or ashamed to admit we have seen Brain Damage titles.This as all BD movies are run on a tiny budget.Even the crew get involved in playing roles to help out.I have all the BD titles, i like low budget movies.The directors can only do so much on shoestring budgets.The director here did well.The movie itself is an ok attempt, if you like going back to your 70's & 80's low budgets this might be worth viewing for you.For 2.99 you can't really go wrong, this film was better than some horrors on a bigger budget that have been released.Worth the risk!