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  1.  Amazing


    Just a genuinely brilliant film, maybe a wee bit short but it is 95 minutes of utter breathtakingly awesome cinema.

    A genuine eye opener and a must see and indeed must own.

  2. Bear



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    The film gets off to a reasonable start but after about 20 minutes it all goes a bit bonkers. Spot the bear suit, where will the car be, spot the camera crew. Not great.


  3.  Mandy Lane Loves All The Boys


    Teenagers. Drink. Drugs. Sex Talk. Remote location. No phone coverage. We've heard and seen it all before, making a good teen slasher is about making it different from the rest, Mandy Lane does this to some degree but takes 95% of the film to get you there by which time you may have switched off.

    Better films in the genre but worth a look if there is nothing else, great performance by Amber Heard.

  4.  Awesome start, poor ending


    After reading reviews of this film from various festivals and indie scenes comparing it to Alien, it must be good.

    For me Cargo got worse as you start to realise whats going on, the first hour is brilliant and very similar in some ways to Sunshine and Alien's final hour, but the end ruins it although in hindsight with the story they had then it would have been difficult to go any other route.

    Atmospheric space films are good and in plentiful supply with Alien, Event Horizon and Moon being the top of the pile, Cargo throws it's hat in the ring but withdraws it as the film draws to it's close.

    Good acting, good CGI and characters that have personality and feelings make for a descent but not great watch.

  5.  Myers as he should be


    Zombie's point of view of the first film was breathtaking, a new lease of life for the horror genre and a breath of fresh air for the horror fan.
    Thinking originally he was just going to do the same to Halloween 2 as he did to Halloween, i wasn't overly keen on a second re-imagining.

    Halloween 2 is a brilliant film, Zombie gets an emotion from his actors that you can see has pushed them to their limit. His camera work is superb often bringing in things from a distance or using angles to make you see what the character doesn't.
    What also impressed was Zombie's character development from H1 to H2, Laurie and Annie are now very much independent young women and Michael has become an absolute mess of a man, but there are human elements to him like not having a mask, and showing emotion. Zombie has turned Myers from a peeping tom babysitter killer(original 1 and 2) to a joke(4 through Resurrection/Homecoming) into a brutal relentless monster; which is what he is.

    Great film and great direction for the franchise, hopefully Zombie stays at the helm for a few more.

  6.  Robin Hood International


    A gift from the Santa Claus fella, i had only caught Rhod Gilbert on Live At The Appollo for his luggage gag, which was absolutly brilliant.

    Laugh a minute all the way through, intelligent observational comedy at its very best only outdone in my mind by Chris Rock and Billy Connolly.

    With more to come hopefully Gilbert can cement his place as one of the better comedians of this generation.

  7. Moon



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    Having heard it was creating ripples on the indie scene, this film was given 95 minutes of my time and I'm very glad I gave it my full attention.

    A simple concept with a very simple story, Duncan Jones and Sam Rockwell demand your attention from the start. A very claustrophobic sci fi film rivalling the latter stages of Alien but a stand alone in it's own right as there next to no special effects, just raw emotion to keep you well and truely gripped.

    Sony has recently announced it won't be pushing Jones or Rockwell into the awards season, which for me is daylight robbery. Great film, arguably one of the best in 2009.

  8.  Predictabley good


    Good film although as you may have guessed i thought it was highly predictable at times. The zombie action and killing are nagic but that comes down to Harrelson, who for my money makes the film, he is funny and provides all the action.

    Great mindless film and a good watch, hopefully spawning a succesful franchise.

  9.  Shouldn't Be Watchable... But Is


    G.I. Joe was panned by everyone but after casting aside most of what i had heard i decided to give this a go.

    Yes it is predictable story wise but the action is absolutly non stop which makes for a ridiculously action packed bonkers thrill a minute blockbuster worthy of its summer status. The CGI is excellent, the story and acting are thin but its a summer effort so thats to be expected.

    Rivalling Transformers (if not bettering it), GI Joe could be the most underrated film of the summer, not great by any stretch of the imagination but enjoyable watchable. sienna miller does look better than meg fox and as a scot chris ecclestons scottish accent is laughable.

    a pop corn film.

  10.  The Offbutton


    The first film in the franchise was watchable if highly cliched and cheesey, the second was awful and horribley animated. So it came as no surprise to me that the 3rd film was awful.

    The snakes and most of the blood in the film are courtesy of woeful cgi, the acting is terrible as Rhys-Davies just breezes through his scenes making everyone else look below par.

    One of the few things that went into water that the Hoff couldn't save.