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  1.  Great!


    Love this. As a fan of Wacko Jacko, his songs and dance moves, what a game. Using the old videos, that we still all know, you dance to the original tracks and vids and can even sing. Great job of tracking the moves and the mike read is quite generous...Great game!

  2.  Notoriously good game


    Loved this game and was hooked from begiining to end. Some stages were difficult as I found myself searching the internet for some help, but really enjoyed it as I have many games and never finish them. This should really have done better.

  3. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    7 New from  £14.01  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.98

     Notoriously good game


    I still remeber the original Mafia game, I think on the PS1 or 2 and although I didn't finish the original, quite liked it. However, this is a huge improvement and had me immediately hooked. The playability is fine and the story is great as it weaves around the main characters Vito and Jo. ONe star lost due to the fact that when you die, you have to go way back and do it all again and the music was a little over- repetitive. But still a great game and definately worth a look.

  4.  Nice game


    I liked this and it kept my attention for a while which is good for me. Sexy, violent and good detail. Worth a look.

  5.  Good job


    Will was well casted for this movie. He took it on well and so did Chaleze. Great movie, great effects, good action. Well worth a look. Another good movie for Will.

  6.  Entertaining and original


    Nice movie. A little Matrix in parts. But a good action packed, well acted movie with some great stunts. Angie is cool as always and this new guy holds his own. And Morgan plays it well. Well worth a look.

  7.  Great album, great talent


    I used to be a big fan of Jack Johnson, but now I find him a little boring. So it was great when I heard of John Mayer. Love this album. Great tracks, well worth a listen and also check out Jamie Scott. Another fine album.

  8.  I would like to offer a different review to all the others??


    I would like to, but I would be lying. I love FNL. Once you get passed the Texas accent, u will love this show and I really don't care for American football. But who cares, that is just once part of it. This show has everything and it will be difficult to find someone who does not like this. So check it out...............

  9. 24 Hours

    24 Hours

    Tom Jones - CD

    9 New from  £3.24  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     I'm Alive!!!


    I'm not a fan of Tom, but since Reload, he's got my attention. I bought this on the strength of Reload and love it. Great songs, great voice, great album. Almost all songs are great. I won't be throwing my underwear at Tom just yet or ever, but love the CD.

    Well done Tom. Keep belting them out.

  10.  Another nice album


    Very nice album again with some nice tracks.

    Certainly worth a listen.