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  1.  I wont be going out... ill be staying in to watch this


    This is one of the best comedies around. The great one liners, especially by Lee Mack, really bring this excellent comedy to life. The great and humorous plots to every episode will make you laugh and laugh and laugh. Lee Mack really brings the whole thing to life with his amazing charecter. Miranda Hart, who stars as the charecter, also produces lots of laughs for this amazing show. I put my hat up to the whole show and hope their are more series on their way. An excellent boxset, I definatly reccomend it.

  2.  Great


    Bought this for my sister for christmas and it was a great hit. A great DVD for kids and adults alike. Definattly reccomend it.

  3.  Breathtaking


    This is one of the best DVD's I have seen in a very long time. The programme based around anomolies apperaing from history and the future with monsters in them is spectacular. The acting standard of the programme is very high and every person involved acts their charecter perfetly. Ben Miller also acts a brilliant role in this hit programme. This is one programme I will watch over and over again and never get bored of it and I 100% reccomend you to buy it aswell.

  4.  One of the most amazing things I have ever seen


    This DVD is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Jhon Culshaw and Debra Stephenson present a breathtaking supply of laughs and flawless impersonations. Some of the amazing impressions include Bruce Foesyth, Anne Robinson, Cheryl Cole and Sir Alan Sugar among many others. This DVD is guarenteed to give you laugh after laugh every single time. This is one DVD that I definatly reccomend to everyone.

  5.  The worst film ever made


    I have just seen this film and thought it was one of the worst films I had ever seen in my entire life. The acting, special effects, the aliens and the cambera work where all hurrendous. The plot made no sense what so ever and bored you throughout the whole thing. The actors didnt even try to act appropiatly to different scenes and the special effects and the aliens looked like they cost a few dollars to make, it was some of the worst special effects I have ever seen. I really hope that no one buys this dvd because i would really not reccomend it.

  6.  A suspense thriller


    I watched this film the other day not sure what I was going to get however when it had finished I thought what I had just seen was truly a spectacle to be amazed at. The plot of the film is very good and it proviedes ultimate suspense the whole way through which I really enjoy. The acting standard (especially from Ibris Elba) is very high and very impressive. The plot keeps you on the tip of your chairs for nearly the whole film because your whole body is just filled with ultimate suspense. The stunts in this film are very good and I applaud the stunt team for this movie because I think they have done a excellent job and really should be proud of themselves. This is a excellent film and one I definatly reccomend!!!

  7.  A heartwarming tale that will effect everyone


    Boy in the Striped Pyjama's is one of the most heartwarming tales I have ever seen. While you are watching it, it really effects you thinking about what people went through juring World War II. The acting standard is simply amazing and creates a very big moral that comes across to everyone that watches it. This film is one of the best things I have ever seen and I would reccomend everyone to watch it with a handy at the ready when you realise what people where going through. A heartwarming tale that really is a must watch.

  8.  A new series and another great hit


    Waterloo Road and Jhon Fosters are about to join and its gonna be a lot of fun. This series is just amazing, its even better than the rest of them have been. With a new line of staff including Mrt Mead played by William Ash there is bound to be trouble just round the corner. The standard of the acting in this programme is very high and it really makes you believe that everything you see is really happening. The show provides a very good standard of not just drama but a great level of humour aswell mostly provided by the amazing acting talent of Phillip Martin Brown. This is a truly amazing programme and a great DVD that I reccomend to everyone.

  9.  A very fortuante film filled with unfortunate events


    I have just watched this film and I must say I thought it was very good. Jim Carrey is an amazing actor and he really brings this film to life. The plot of the film is really good and the standard of the acting is also very good - Jim Carrey is amazing. The only reason it wouldnt get 5***** is because it can get a little bit boring at times. The Melodrama by Jim Carrey and the other actors( e.g Meryl Streep) is very well done and makes this film really entertaining and mindblowing to watch. Altogether this is a brilliant film and one I reccomend to everyone to watch.

  10.  The Doctor strikes back


    I have just watched the episodes on this DVD on TV and I must say they where very good- although the second one goes a bit strange altogether all the episodes are very good. Matt Smith and Karren Gillam the new actors are really good and really makes the programme very special - They act very well. Also Ian McLegg who plays Winston Churchill in Victory in the Daleks is also very good and plays Winston very well. The new soundtrack to Doctor Who is also very good and really makes you feel like your part of the action when you listen to it. I was also very impressed with The Victory of the Daleks episode - this had a very good plot and was very well thought out - Plus the new look daleks and the army daleks where also very good and bought something really good to the programme. The new look Tardis and Sonic Screwdriver also really impressed me and everyone else I know. This Doctor Who has been a great success and I really hopes it continues to do really, really well but in the meantime make sure you buy this DVD- So buy it now.