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  1.  good......but not good enough.


    im a massive fan of the predator series and even enjoyed AVP even though that wasn't even that great,and couldn't wait for the next, but after watching this i have to say im really disappointed. i can see what the film makers were trying to do by setting it in a jungle like in the original but it didn't really work for this film. for a start the cast is terrible, Adrian brody as the lead!!!! what were they thinking?!!! and the only other actor i had heard of that had been cast is Laurence fishbourne and he's only in it for about half an hour!!! which in my opinion is pointless considering quite a big deal was made about him being in it.

    The predators are probably the only good thing about this film. introducing a new species of them i thought was pretty cool. i was disappointed with the lack of gore that usually comes with the predators but i guess i should have expected that as the film only has a 15 rating when the previous ones have all mainly been an 18 rating.

    Anyway, i think its a good effort but it could have been soo much better. i would recommend watching it if you are a massive/hardcore fan of the series as its still pretty cool and worth watching.

    so 3 stars from me i would have given it 2 but i loved that the film makers put the original arnie line "do it! do it now!!" in the film.

  2.  A masterpiece!!


    My boyfriend brought me this for my birthday. i already had the alien figure so just needed predator to go with it. i have to say ITS AMAZING!!! the detail is perfect!!. its a random choice between the masked version, open mouth version and closed mouth version, so you may not receive the exact figure you want but honestly it doesn't matter all of them are amazing pieces of art. i wasn't going to take it out the box originally but its so amazing he had to go on display.

    so if your sat reading this and deciding whether its worth it STOP READING!! AND BUY IT!! you wont be disappointed.

  3.  a must have!!!!


    my older sister got me into Buffy back when it was on sky one. i was really young then and didn't really know what was going on but still watched it religiously . then my sister got the videos and i just used to nick them and watch them all the time then she moved on to sex and the city and gave me all the videos. i could never wait for the new ones to come out. its such a good show!!!
    originally i brought all the dvds separately as the set wasn't out, turns out i actually spent more buying the dvds separately then i did on the full set!!!

    the set itself is very cool. the box is nicely presented. my only disappointment is that there is no episode guide or anything which is a shame but if your a massive fan like me you wont have any trouble knowing what episodes are on what discs and of course theres the internet, still would have been nice to have a little guide.

    All in all an awesome set to go with an awesome show. no Buffy fan should be without it.

  4.  awesome!!!!


    i love this cd!!!!! until now under my skin was my fave Avril album but this completely tops it. the best damn thing was a tiny bit disappointing but still a good cd. in this album avril has mixed her songs with a bit of he debut album let go and her second album under my skin. i think its awesome that she put the song darlin on there which she wrote when she was just 15. my Favorite song on the album is push. this album has been blasting in my ears since i got it!!!!!!!! avril fans get ready!!!!!

  5.  awesome figure but delicate.


    i have had this figure for a while and its awesome!!! but i wouldn't pay this for it. although its a cool figure one drop and its bound to lose some parts its very delicate. the eyes only light up for a few seconds thats OK though still scared my sis when i shoved it in her room lol. a good item to have if your a fan of the movies.

  6.  terrible!!!!


    im a huge horror fan and after hearing all the good reviews about how scary it was i knew i just had to see it. what a waste of time!!!! it was complete and utter rubbish people were actually walking out of the cinema it was that bad my boy friend said they probably walked out cause they were scared but as we were leaving i overheard people complaining about how slow and boring it was. i cant believe they made a second one.

  7.  its......ok.


    i really enjoyed the saw films. but this one just wasn't as good as i thought it would be. i just dont think they needed to make 7 of the films just to get to the point of the ending of this series. it was good to know what finally happened to Dr Gordan but i feel that it has ruined his character. other then that as usual the blood and gore is awesome and the puzzles rule especially the one in the opening scene. so if your a fan of the series watch it. one more thing, what the hell was the linkin park dude doing in it??????

  8.  great!!!!


    I LOVE THIS HOODIE!!!! its awesome. i couldn't believe the price!!!! hoodies are normally thirty to forty quid!!! so i just had to buy it. if your an A7X fan YOU have to buy this hoodie. DONT HESITATE JUST DO IT!!!!!

  9.  the truth has arrived.


    my sisters partner got this box set when it first came out. i had never really watched it just seen the odd episode now and again. i caught them watching it one afternoon and literally got hooked i borrowed the set constantly after that and knew i just had to buy it. this Christmas i received it and i couldn't be happier!! i watched them all over again over Christmas. from the shows deep story lines to the monster of the week episodes you just wont be able to get enough of this set!!! any x- files fan should own it. the truth is out there!!!

  10.  IT ROCKS!!!!


    this CD is awesome!!! i was expecting the CD to be a live one but it was better!! the dvds awesome. i would defiantly recommend this cd to any A7X fan.