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  1.  Awful


    Honestly, just avoid this game, even if you're a die hard Skyrim fan. I've played a lot of MMOs in my time and this one is so bad. The game design is just terrible. The fact that they even charge subs for it is a joke. Go watch Angry Joe's review of it on youtube, he sums up how bad it is better than I ever could.

  2.  Repetitive


    Picked this up on steam the other day for a fiver and I'm glad I only paid that much for it because it's very repetitive. It's a loot driven FPS game but in my opinion they've added FAR too much loot. The gameplay is totally broken up by looking hundreds of lockers and chests that most of the time don't contain much. You may ask why bother looting them then, but I would reply with why did they bother putting them in the game then? They should have gone with quality not quantity.

    I gave it 3 stars because the dialogue and voice acting is good and the main villain is hilarious, he's the only thing that makes me want to pick up this game really. It's mildy improved if you play online with other people, but I generally haven't found it very immersive at all.

  3.  What's going on?


    Just finished the single player portion of this game.
    The good:
    -Game play was fun, combat/puzzle sections well placed
    -Great graphics and surroundings
    -New combat features welcome, kept the fighting fresh

    The bad:
    -Ok so my main issue here is the storyline. Apart from a brief intro cutscene that leaves a little to be explained you then spend hours battling through monsters with no real idea of what you're doing or why you're doing it. Coupled with quite a few jumps through time (again done quickly and not fully explained) made for very confusing plot/storyline that was hard to follow. I'm sure if I played through again it may make a bit more sense but you shouldn't have to do that with a game. I feel as though you had to play all the other God of War games to really understand whats going on here which I think is a mistake.. a game should be designed so that anyone can pick it up. Also as it's chronologically the first game in the GoW series you think it would spend a bit more time explaining things. The thing I loved about GoW3 was you could play it and really enjoy it without ever having played any of the other games. Not only was the gameplay fantastic but it also felt like you were watching an epic movie.. so many decent cutscenes that really kept you in the know.

    I didn't try the multiplayer yet so can't comment on that (if I'm honest I don't buy a GoW game for multiplayer), however if you have some cash and want to buy this but haven't played GoW3 I would recommend that game instead.

  4.  Not bad


    Good device, works well enough, and can hold quite a lot! (mine got full the other day.. had about 190 in there)

  5.  The best strategy game you will ever play.


    I can't even begin to imagine the amount of hours i've spent playing this game! And what a fantastic strategy game it is. Such a wealth of units will keep you from getting bored. So many maps for multiplayer and a good fun single player campaign that can be very challenging. The soundtrack is epic beyond words (Jeremy Soule).
    There is also a huge modding community for this game, so there are literally thousands of maps and units to download, and very simple to instal. This is a must have game for anyone who likes strategy and is possibly only matched by Supreme Commander 1 (which is also 5 star game).

  6.  Good fun


    Was a huge fan of the first game and I have to say this one has lived up to expectations. Have only played the campaign so far but it has been very fun. The AI looks good and the battles are epic. Castle attack and defence is very fun! Still need to try multiplayer. If you have a good PC also the graphics can be very nice especially for a strategy game.

    For that person whining about installing it from steam for 6 hours.. if you bought the game with the disc you can install it from disc you dont have to do it through steam. Just gotta use your brain ;)

  7.  Hugely Disappointing


    I've been a long time fan of Total Annihilation, and when Supreme Commander 1/FA came out they were awesome. Tons of units, so many game features and functions, awesome base building and a decent economy that required some learning and skill to use.
    Kinda like TA but with some new features and nice graphics.

    This is unfortunately not the case with Supreme Commander 2. As a lot of of the previous reviews have stated, it has been hugely dumbed down and simplified. They have made it like every other strategy game out there and taken away from the franchise what people loved about it so much - the complexity and the amount of things you could do in the game. You now only have a hand full of units (which are quite boring), hardly and base structures and a simpleton economy. They've also implemented an upgrade system which to me feels like an excuse to not to have included more units. I don't think i've ever been so disappointed with a game before! I feel they've let a load of hardcore fans down massively.

    If you're a fan of TA and SupCom 1 i'd advise avoiding this game at all costs, just stick with the "originals" or you'll be hugely disappointed. I hope if they make a third they take it back in the right direction again.

    It gets 2 stars as the graphics are good and if you like instant action it does this reasonably well.

  8.  Fantastic


    This game is stunning! Such good gameplay, and excellent graphics too.
    The way I describe it is BF 2142 (gameplay) meets MW2 (genre) meets Crysis (graphics).

    There are hours of fun to be had from this game.
    Destroying buildings that have people in them is so satisfying haha.