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  1.  Fantastic.


    I got mine for cheaper than this, but despite that, tis definitely worth the price.

    Let's get down to things.

    Sound Quality, it isn't perfect, but it's damn near perfect, especially for music & other things.

    Microphone Quality - Fantastic, my friends have headsets worth hundreds of pounds, three, maybe four times as expensive as this - and they complain that my sound quality is too good. It' doesn't pick up much background noise at all, almost 'none' at all. The only problem is perhaps it can pick up your breathing, but it's just finding that adjustment spot so it doesn't.

    Durability - I have had mine a LONG time, and it's been treated like rubbish, whenever I get up I literally throw it to the ground for some reason. I don't know, I don't take care of headsets, after a year or so of me doing that, the earphone itself has come out, but it jams right back in there, I.E, this is well made - and won't be breaking anytime soon, even if you are cruel to it. Oh, I have had microphone issues lately, but i'm pretty sure that's because of Windows 7, and not the headset itself, as whenever I open 'sound recorder' it fixes the sound quality.. [Off topic, but still - I believe this is Windows 7, not the headset, and tis fixable]

    Price - Go time in 'Headset', and see other products worth 139.99 Pounds: and more, for big HUGE headsets that engulf your head and leave you sweating, which brings me to my next point...

    Comfort - It's a very comfortable headset, it isn't tight against your head, you can wear it for Hours, days, and it won't irritate you - I have glasses so the skin tight huge headsets are an issue, this sits nicely above my glasses - not saying it was made perfectly for us blind people, but it's certainly one of the best alternatives.

    Lastly, I know this through experience - and through a friend of mine who purchased this headset --- the first week or so of wearing it was a little uncomfortable, but honestly - it' doesn't last long, your head / / headset adapts to it very quickly, and it becomes one of your most comfortable headsets in a very small space of time.

    If you're looking for a headset and not wanting to spend alot of money, this is your best bet - as I cannot fault it, and I think the price of it is a steal, as the prior points explain.

    Fantastic quality, fantastic sound, fantastically made.

    Trust me, stop your searching & purchase this - it is the headset you were looking for.

    Peace & Love my friends. :)

    Edit::: Oh, and I felt it is necessary to say -- I have a PC, not a Notebook.. Infact, i've almost no idea about Notebooks, are they those tiny laptops that do nothing? Anyway! Just wanted to make it clear that this review is based on the PC.

    Much loveee!

  2.  Please don't say this was brilliant.


    This movie does nothing new. It has an extremely predictable story, boring characters that you get no information on throughout the course of it. You feel no emotional ties to any of the characters, for apparently it isn't important.

    I wouldn't even give this film stars for being a mindless junk-brain-food action film... For I was truely waiting the end of the film. Some films may not claim or try to be intelligent, but atleast they categorise themselves as that - action films are action films, you accept that they aren't going to do anything but entertain you on a none intellectual level. This film however - offers nothing of intelligence, doesn't have constant action, has poor character development & a terrible story.

    It blows my mind that so many people love this film, especially my own brother - who I truely admired & deemed an intelligent and tasteful man... Tis amazing how one film opinion can change my view of him.

    If you haven't seen many 'AMAZING' films in your life-time, you will enjoy this film... But for anybody with any movie-taste, and has actually seen good movies in their time, you will probably see this for what it actually is.

    I don't blame those that love this film, for if you've never experienced anything better than it, of course you're going to love it. I have spent a HUGE portion of my life watching films, buying dvds, and downloading them - from all time frames.

    I await people disliking this review purely on the basis that I don't have the same opinion as them. This review is an honest one, and i'm saddened that if you spend enough money on something, it doesn't need any kind of story line, good actors, character development, or even decent & addictive action.

    I will now go below, and read all the 5 star reviews and try to realise in my mind why people consider this fantastic.

    Expensive film? Yes... It did nothing of any originality though, and it certainly didn't do anything well either, the animations of characters was fantastic, which is why I give it a 2 star - but films are about more than money.

  3.  Excellent, and why don't you have a read as to why!


    I am surprised at how much I loved this game, purely because I played it on the PC, and it had LOTS of issues running on the PC, so I had to play at minimum resolution. (Yes, that is painful.) I played with an Xbox Controller plugged into my PC, and it actually removed alot of the lag, and made it playable.

    I was hooked to this game from start to finish, I am not an incredibly DIE HARD Ghostbusters fan, but I do love them, and i've always had an interest in them.

    If you're considering buying this game, i'm going to assume you are a Ghostbusters fan, or like them atleast somewhat. If you are, do yourself a favour, buy this game, it's the ORIGINAL Voice actors, and every person / thing / object that you know and love, does make an appearance in this game. It's quite a lengthy game too, I honestly can't remember, but I know for a fact I didn't complete it in one sitting, so it has to be atleast 12 hours plus. Haha.

    You get many cool gadgets, some known to us, alot new, you get a HILARIOUS voice cast that we know and love throughout the movie, they all have their personalities, it isn't a game in the sense that they did anything new, because everything is known to you, you instantly feel WARM and loved by your party.

    Combat is enjoyable, controls are ok, graphics are pretty decent, and the story is ... Ok, but forgettable, its the cast and the scenario's that you will remember.

    If you're not into the Ghostbusters at all, I would still recommend this game, though if you're not in a posistion to throw money at a game you're not sure about, please don't buy it.

    Lastly, if you're a massively girly man when it comes to 'Scary Video Games'... This might make you jump and giggle in fear a few times, as sometimes you are alone, and going around in dark places looking for scary ghosts that will jump out and slime/attack/infilitrate your personal space, does get a bit scary, atleast for me. You do however spend ALOT of your time with some / or all of the cast, which is when you don't feel so nervous.

    So were you awaiting the next Ghost Busters movie, feel like it all ended before you were ready? Then play this, one thing I will say that usually DOES NOT happen with movies being made into games, they do this movie JUSTICE, and it will not be a bad way to end what we know and love, the Ghostbusters.

    Side note, i'm the manliest of manly men in real life, movies, murderous psychopaths, all that is fine, I just cannot handle scary Video Games.

    Buy it.

  4.  Heart warming, hilarious & beautiful.


    I've been a movie fanatic for as long as I can remember, I have movies from before 1940, and I appreciate so much about films, but for reasons i'll try to explain, proudly, this is my favourite movie of all time.

    I never believed it was possible to have a favourite movie of all time, I thought it was small minded, but perhaps I join that group now.

    This movie is fantastic, from the very beginning you will feel touched and connected to the characters, and you will feel his upset, his happiness, his anger. They do such a fabulous job at making you understand the emotions he goes through. Not only in this movie hilarious as so many people claim, it is indeed true, but I would say from a personal prespective that it's more of an emotional one. The movie will make you feel his upset, bring you to tears, and just as you grasp what has happened, it throws some beautiful scenes & hilarious dialogue your way, seperating this movie from being called upsetting, or hilarious, they become one emotion in this.

    Tears of joy, tears of sadness, happiness, whatever the tears I shed were, by the end of the movie I was happy I had shed them, as it's such a triumpth that this movie can make you feel so many emotions, and make you care as deeply about the characters as you do.

    And for the record, i've never cried in a movie before, I considered myself immune to any fictional events that would try and make me cry.

    If you haven't seen it, see it, please.

  5. MAG



    7 New from  £5.91  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.70

     Perhaps i'm getting old.


    Being a gamer since I was 10 years old, and constantly gaming since then, i'm not sure if the quality of games or the thing that appealed to me is disappearing, or if i'm just getting old.

    MAG is a pretty solid game, it doesn't do anything that will 'WOW' you. I can see the appeal of why people would buy this, and if you've got a bunch of friends to play with, and intend to play with them constantly, by all means, teamwork is valuable and it will be an enjoyable experience. However, if you have no friends with PS3'S and want to go into this alone, not many people have microphones, and it is the same verbal abuse that you encountered in Halo and other games today.

    Graphically it's okay, I personally didn't like the shiney graphics as they seemed odd looking to me, but it's certainly not an ugly game considering the amount of players in the same room.

    Gameplay is solid, it is a decent shooting game as that is what it was intended to be, it is no hybrid.

    It never sucked me in, as I only played for a week or two, I fear the next time I want to give it more of my life, and another chance, there will not be thousands of people playing it Online.

    If you're considering this game, and you have friends that are going to play it too, I would recommend it.

    If you're going in alone, i'd suggest renting the game or borrowing it from a friend, as personally it didn't grab me as much as I thought it would have.

  6.  Fantastic.


    Being a huge admirer of Bill Baileys intellect and all of his work, it's odd to see him playing such a weird role, but everythings works, and by god it works incredibly.

    For only 8 pounds you can have the complete collection, and I think that's an amazing deal considering how hilarious and well written this show is. By the end of the seasons you will be missing these characters, as you truely get involved and immersed into their world for the 7 hour duration of the entire series.

    You'd pay 8 pounds to watch a movie in the Cinema, whilst being harrassed and irritated by hundreds of others chewing away, talking, and making people like me a grumpy person :P. So if you like Bill Bailey, or the series in general - why not fork out 8 pounds to watch it in the comfort of your sofa, whenever you want, and how many times you want.

    Fantastic, great value for money