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  1.  used for the xbox 360


    I have had it for a year, It works for the xbox 360 (reason I bought it). but it started off really good after a couple weeks though it started to rattle after a couple month it doesn't always connect to the xbox so have to take it out and put it back in a couple times. I got it when it was only 9.99 so can't complain really, but at full price you can get better cheaper but saying that you can get better at the price I paid.

  2.  Really handy portable mouse


    I have had this for 2 years, orignal batterys work fine still. I use my laptop about 10hours a week maybe longer so it is reliable (I do switch of well laptop is off). When in bed I put my laptop on the desk at the end of the bed and the mouse still reaches, also it works fine on most surfaces just not the obvious surfaces like glass and other refelcting surfaces. Also the usb device can be put away in side the mouse, but I leave it in the laptop as it still fits in the case.

  3.  No problems with it


    for things like this I like to write my review 1-2 years after recieving it, and I have had no issues plus no issues with XP, Vista or Windows 7.

    The camera is a Samsung not sure what model as it was a present for my partner and it is pink so I dont often use it, but it was for xmas 2010 so it works with older cameras if anyone is wondering.

  4.  Brilliant like usual


    Just as good as his other, he never fails to make me laugh. the only thing i dont like is I feel like I have been punched in the jaw after watching it, but this will only happen if its your kind of jokes

  5.  does what I need it to


    This is fine for putting music on and plugging into my car, as it doesn't stop me closing the usb compartment so I can leave it in all the time. No problem skipping songs/albums on it, they play as soon as I press skip song/album. Seems fine copying onto, although I only send a album or couple songs over at a time. But overall it is good for what I need it for, I haven't had any problems for the whole 5months of having it.