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  1.  Best thing I have purchased in awhile


    This hand held console is brilliant and worth every penny. The screen is clear and crisp and really easy to plug into the tv and play. I also managed to find a seller on ebay who sells an sd card with all the games on and a back up disk, so saved me alot of hassle.

  2.  Amazing


    It took me a few listens to appreciate how great this album is, as I am not into heavy metal/screaming. However I am in love with M Shadows voice and lyrics and he sings/screams/growls perfectly for me to be able to listen over and over again. The music is brilliant too. My favourite song is descrete through reverance, but others are unholy confessions, I wont see you tonight part 1 and 2 and eternal rest purely for the awesome guitar. I really can`t stop listening to a7x, they are fantastic.

  3.  Love it!


    I love this hat, great price, well made, warm and soft and looks so great on (if you don`t mind a few stares lol) I only gave it 4 stars as I am not keen on the long plait bits and the scruffy ends.

  4.  Really soft and warm


    I know what ordering sizes are like with certain things, so I ordered a large and Im a size 10 and it fits perfectly, very warm and soft and great for a fiver. Just makes me wonder how tiny u have to be to get into a small :S

  5. Nightmare


    Avenged Sevenfold - CD

    27 New from  £4.38  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.36

     Just love A7X!


    At first I wasn`t impressed after the first listen (being a huge city of evil fan) but it just took me a few listens to appreciate the album. I love Avenged Sevenfold, they`re such talanted guys. My favourite song by far is Save Me, I just always feel the need to listen to it. However, I feel the only decent tracks are 1-5 and the last one, but those songs are so genius, its definately worth owning. Don`t think the slow ones work (even fiction in my opinion - M shadows voice in it just doesn`t sound right) Plus u have to buy it for the ting at the end of an explosive start of Natural Born Killer lol these guys know just the right mix that goes into music and every album is different.

  6.  Love it!


    I brought this solely for the hoody purposes for going to see a concert and thought I could use the trousers for relaxing after a bath in the house etc. I am so pleased with this item, they`re so comfy and warm, I just cant stop wearing them!

  7.  Awful


    I brought this to take to a concert as I wanted a wallet to fit nicely in my pocket to hold money and my cards. I was very dissapointed when I finally recieved it. Its more like a purse as very, very chunky, took ages to get and put back in my pocket and the card slots dont even fit cards in and it can only hold a couple of notes without having to squish them in. Ok to buy for a child for a novelty present.

  8.  Amazing!!


    Admittedly I wasn`t a huge A7X fan many yrs bk as my ex tried to drum their self titled album in2 my head lol however I started giving it a listen a couple of years back and become hooked so I brought City of Evil. Ever since the 1st listen I became addicted! The album is an amazing piece of art from some very talented people, down 2 Shadows voice/lyrics, the revs drumming/lyrics and gates` awesome guitar skills! I do understand however that it can be seen as going on for 2 long and sound like 1 big track and sometimes his voice grinds on you a bit lol but that will never take away how awesome these guys are! The album gets me excited and speaks to me. Fav songs are trashed and scattered (reminds me of a lame ex boyfriend recently lol) and M.I.A (beautiful song) defo their most powerful album :D

  9.  Love it!


    I love this t shirt! Im female and at the time they only had medium size but I still had to have it. Its soo comfy and simplistic but perfect.

  10.  Best album eva


    I love MCR, I love all their albums, but this is their best album by far. The sound is so raw and emotional and Gerards voice is amazing, not as over produced as the other 2 albums. Best songs on the album are tracks 2,3,4,6,8 and 11 (in my opinion) but love them all. Only negative side of things is it isn`t long enough, not as long as their other albums, with only 11 songs. A definite must have!