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  1.  Another Hit For Adam Sandler


    It was great watching Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the same movie, they're two favourites of mine and was very pleasantly surprised that this film was great. I wasn't holding out for much to be honest but 10 minutes in I was laughing, enjoying every bit of it and couldn't wait to see what else would happen. Sure, it's predictable and one or two bits seemed a bit recycled but it's entertaining, very funny and will keep you smiling all the way. It was great seeing Nicole Kidman in a crazy comedy too. An all rounder, recommended definitely.

  2.  Young, Sweet, and Amazingly Deadly


    Hanna is one of the best films I've watched in 2011, without a doubt. Saoirse Ronan is a beautiful up and coming actress, with an impeccable performance. Blanchett and Bana also, amazing. The action was roaring, the script and storyline was great and the soundtrack was perfect.
    This really is a great film, performed brilliantly by all involved, and it's for sure on my top list of recommendations.

  3.  The Beach


    I don't understand how this movie can get any sort of negative feedback? You're here to review the movie, not the book. This movie is amazing. It supplies stunningly beautiful scenery of an amazing Thailand island, it supplies great acting, great storyline, great script. This movie is great for any travelers or anyone interested in traveling, it gets your adrenaline pumping and gets you on the edge of your seat as you're just as anxious as the characters in the film.

    Once again Danny Boyle did great, and this has definitely been placed as one of my favourite films. This is a must watch and one not to miss.

  4.  Sanctum


    A movie about cave explorers and after being trapped inside a cave after water had begun to sink them under, they all have to try and find a way out.

    This movie just oozes mediocrity. I have a feeling it could have been so much better had James Cameron been the one to direct it. There are scenes in this movie that should have really been glorified and filmed in a way to get the adrenaline pumping, but it seems to me they took an easy lazy approach to it which was highly disappointing. As a film based on their adrenaline and panic it doesn't really do well in giving the audience that edge of the seat, nail biting effect throughout the film, only bits and pieces. The characters and their acting seemed all a little too one-dimensional which didn't leave me feeling connecting to any of them. And to top it off the melodramatic ending and the cliche scenes didn't really do it any favours.

    Not the worst film out there, but it's definitely not a 2011 hit.

  5.  Precious


    This movie, although based on a novel, reflects situations which occur in everyday life, for thousands of people, obviously especially young girls. This movie is totally hard hittingly emotional, and will have you attached to the character, Precious.

    A small budget movie, but a big outcome. Mo-Nique was phenomenal as the repulsive, abusive, greedy mother of Precious (Sidibe). This film is very real and enlightens you of the troubles that thousands face. Of course, this isn't going to be of everybody's taste, some will love it, some won't. But, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, and I would recommend it.

  6.  The Green Hornet


    I was highly anticipating watching this movie, and was expecting quite a lot from it. It had it's entertaining moments and it's comedic moments on behalf of Seth Rogen, but I was just seriously underwhelmed and even slightly bored with this film.

    A lot of explosions and gun shots fired all over the place, but the action and fighting was quite cheesy and I found Jay Chou (Kado) to be quite irritating. Diaz was underused, and I'm not sure if Rogen, as much as I love him, was right for an action hero role. He's great for injecting humour which he executed perfectly in this role, though.

    Saying all of that though, this movie is good fun, and will probably keep you entertained, but if it had been maybe 20-25 minutes shorter, it would have left me feeling satisfied and not quite as restless.

  7.  Never Let Me Go


    A beautifully emotional movie revolving around three English boarding school children raised only for the purpose to be organ donors. All three actors, Carey Mulligan, Kiera Knightly and Andrew Garfield, were brilliant. In a love triangle, you see the good and bad times of all three, the love they share for each other, and eventually the path they are led down.

    Director Mark Romanek worked wonders on this film, and it truley is an amazing coming of age esque love story. Highly recommend it, enjoyed it thoroughly, throughout.

  8.  This Film Is Alright


    An original idea of two sperm donor kids set out to find their donor dad, and soon grow to like him and spend more time with him much to the annoyance of their two mothers.

    I wouldn't really know where to place this film, it's got good acting, good script and storyline, a few laughs, but I'm just not sure which category it would fall under. Julianne Moore was great, as was the rest of the cast. I wouldn't say it's an amazing film, but it's worth a checking out.

  9.  Daredevil


    I haven't read the marvel comic of Daredevil, so I can't really compare the two, but I found this movie to be good. I'm not entirely sure if Ben Affleck was the perfect guy for this role, but he performed well, and kept up with the choreographed fight scenes. On the note of the fight scenes, some of it seemed a little too stiff, and too perfected, not making it very convincing.

    This movie is great for any action or superhero fan, and it defintiely kept me entertained throughout. Jennifer Garner was great, and also in her spin off movie, Elektra. As was, Jon Favreau, who supplied some laughs during too.

  10.  Elektra


    Jennifer Garner performs great as the cool, dark, sexy, mysterious assassinator, holds down the fight scenes remarkably without that stiff obeying by the choreographed feel to it. The special effects and the action is at a high to please everyone, and it left me feeling very content and satisfied with by the ending. I wouldn't say it's in the league of the likes of X-Men, but it's definitely not a miss either.