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  1.  Great game for the star wars fans


    If you have ever wanted to take control of the galaxy, now is the perfect time to do so. A great game experience and the cinematic view in this game... is just wonderful, such a great feature and more RTS' should implement something like it. Gameplay mechanics work wonderfully, and everything from the planetary hopping with a bounty hunter trying to make a cheap kill on darth vader too invading a jawa's sanctuary and sand crawler with speeder bikes. Really glad i purchased this at a bargain price, and it once again shows that a RTS game really can be one of the most fun gaming experiences ever. Buy it if you want a cheap quick star wars galaxy battle, or if you just want to create your own epic space battles.

  2.  Every man and his dog had played Burnout paradise


    And it's easy to see why, it has everything you would expect from a Burnout game, and slightly more.The only problem i found with it, and it's a biggy, is it's just Burnout, with a open environment and better graphics. Takedown will always be the best game in the series, but this does give it a small run for it's money. The collisions are steal greatly over the top and fun, the graphics are still slick and the sound and soundtrack is still top-notch. If you are a racing fan, you have already bought this, and if you are not then you have already played it and though about purchasing it, so go on, you will get value for money and with the bonus content you will enjoy yourself even more on your own and with mates. Even the online is still kicking.

  3.  Pure fun


    Breaking down the walls to find your enemy is great fun, and this game let's us know it. The only real shining point of this game is the destruction, as also blowing out part of the ground and making a caddy fall into it is priceless. Now i know the battlefield games have always been a online thing, but just as i was really starting to enjoy the campaign it ended, as it will take a while for it to sink in. But the online does work, still people play it and i can see why, quite the battle it can be. I found this game to be rather short in terms of what you can actually do, i know most games only have cammpaign, online but this just seemed to lack something, although i don't know what. This game shouldn't be missed though, i would pick this up, have a jolly bash at it then get number 2.

  4.  A gem of a game


    The art really works in this, it adds that slight comedic nature to it which is great. Although this game is clearly meant for the Co-op crowd, it can still bill enjoyed in single player immensly. But Co-op is amazing, there is no game changing lag, and the whole system works in perfect harmony. This RPG shouldn't be over looked as a Fallout 3 wannabe, it does everything that game did, but with a twist. Whilst Fallout 3 had you being serious, and had a story to tell, Borderlands just wants you to kill things with whatever weapon you may have handy, and it gives you a LOT of weapons, although the big catalogue they say...isn't true as about half of them do exactly the same as it's nearest counterpart. Everything in this game works wonderfully, including the add-on packs which i would recommend. If your a fan of blood and voilence, or comedy, or gaming in general get this most definetely it will delight you beyond belief.

  5.  You need to be in the mood to play it


    But once you do, it will have you stuck for quite some time. The start of the game is one of the best and most involving i have seen, and some of the scenery is actually very nice. But the faults out do it here, with most open world games set in a specific location, like africa it can get very tedious quite fast exploring. Although this does give you total freedom in the face of vehicles of all kinds you would eventually end up walking across the same sandy path again and again. There are bugs and glitches in this, so be wary. Also it boasts about being destructable, you can burn a tree and smash a crate, that is literally it, there is nothing that hasn't been done here before. The AI can be good at some times, and the story ties in greatly. You will either love this game or hate... or be like me whilst it's there sat in your collection you really can't be bothered to play it, but the second you load up the menu you will be stuck to it for hours. A little bit about the online, dead and confusing, but the map editor is a great little tool.

  6.  Was totally enjoying this


    Until i realised it's not what it's cracked up to be. It just isn't as fun as it's made out to be, no matter how hard you try, it just won't 'do it' for you. I bought this with full intention of having my pet out every day, but it just doesn't take the place of a real pet. The only good thing is the drawing ability, that can produce fun results. Yes this game is obviously suited to the younglings, but i couldn't see how they could really think this is gods gift to the world. It's plain and simple, and although the graphics are rather good... it's only on one object, the rest of the game has been put towards trying to make this game stand out, but what developers don't know is, having to sit down and stroke you carpet whilst breaking your neck trying to look at the camera/screen and pet doesn't enduce fun into it. I'd buy this if your looking to show off to your grandparents, otherwise you will find yourself asking why about a month later.

  7.  A must buy


    But not for the graphics, or gameplay, or story or anything really, as generally this game isn't good at any of them. There's something about RPGs especially this kind that although all the normal aspects of a game just don't equal what you expect, you still love it. You will find yourself wandering aimlessly through the wasteland for hours for what seems like no reason, but that's what makes this game great. V.A.T.S also lends a helping hand to pushing this game through the ranks, it's such a inuitive feature that for once actually works. But being plagued with glitches, bugs, tearing and general quirkyness, it sometimes adds in the games popularity for once. I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking to spend ages on a game, or anyone really, as it truly is just that good. The add-ons in this pack are really great (with the exception of mothership zeta, that was just abysmal) but i think this game truly did deserve some kind of recognition, perhaps not game of the year, but a sure fire contender.

  8. Fuel



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     Such a shame


    The only thing i liked about this was possibly the size of it. Which isn't exactly a good thing. Some of the races or events in more particular are stupidly boring and pointless, and the big selling point for me was of course the weather storms affecting the race. But you race against some tornado's once or twice, and they don't do anything except make a caravan fall infront of you in the race, and the sandstorms just make driving impossible. The AI and pyhsics in this game are amongst the worse i have ever seen and as for crashing, there is none. Making a free ride off-roader without any damage is such a bad idea, as said before you do anything remotely cool, it starts you at the back of the race. If you are thinking about buying this game, stop have a think about it, then buy a different Codemasters game, as they have done it correctly in them. I was appaled at this game, and although i enjoyed the small amount of circuit races, if you can even call them that, the pure amount of things they have missed out that is needed in a racing game of this caliber is jaw dropping.

  9.  Big dissapointment


    After Killzone. I like most people was expecting the game to be what everyone said it was, the best FPS ever, but the story was shockingly bad, the voices were terrible and the fun factor had dropped amazingly from the original. Yes the graphics were good... but only good, just a mixture of high def browns, and the whole campaign just felt tacked on. Although the online is where this game shines, it's still not great. It suffers from many things and it just completely outshines the good points... if there is one. I think we all hope for the next game to be a more or less re-do of the original secretly. I wouldn't even recommend this, it's almost as embarrising as HAZE (which is actually better to me). This is one of the few games after completing and playing a game or two online i have felt saddened to have wasted money on it. Although i was very glad to have the old map pack be brought out.

  10.  I never saw what the big fuss was about


    Yes the level design is gorgeous, and yes everything works as you would expect it, and the vision it creates is great, but it hasn't done anything different. It just has a big online community, which once you find a level actually good enough to play, which may take a while it may be worth it. If your into platforming games, no doubt you already have this, as it's the only real one out on PS3, and if you don't, i would recommend it anyway as there is a endless supply of gaming. i was going to give this 4 stars, but after i realised, i don't exactly play it anymore, because i got bored of trying to find a good level to play and building a half decent level yourself, is although very satisfying afterwards, takes time and skill i just don't have. Get this game just for the fact you will enjoy it...up to a point.