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  1.  Great update!!!


    Great update to one of the most loved horror characters. Jason returns in this brutal horror movie killing off once again another load of unexpected teenagers. Fantastic deaths and loads of blood. People may be complaining that it isnt scary but the other ones werent either so whats the difference???? All i can say is im a fan and i enjoyed it and so will you as well. Great buy

  2.  Hard Hitting Caine


    A very very good film looking at the gangs in central london and what deverstation they cause on people. Caine plays Harry Brown an ex-marine who is trying to live a peacefl life on a gang ridden estate with his with who is terminally ill in hospital. After her death he has only one thing left his best friend Leonard. He is being harrased by the gangs and son is murdered by them, police not wanting to help or believe his storey he take a brutal and horrific revenge on the ones that did this. This is a very hard hitting reality/drama film with an ecellent performance from Michael Caine. IT is violent and very graphic but it is still a must have.

  3.  5 star triumph for Hanks


    Fantastic film following the life of a simple man called Forrest Gump. Watch him grow up from a young boy who was unable to walk properly and who also had a simple mind all he has is his Momma played brilliantly by Sally Field. On his way he meets a young girl called Jenny who becomes his best friend as no one else wants to be as they believe him to be different. Watch him as he becomes a young man and joins the army to be sent to vietnam. Where he meets Bubba another outcast like him who become the best of friends until a tragic moment. Also Enters Leutenant Dan played by Gary Sinise who is Forrests platoon leader. After the warhe becomes and shrimping boat captain and makes his money, this isnt all the stories of Forrest so it is a must watch. An excellent cast and storey with that heart warming feeling. Passionate and beautiful 5 Star Brilliance.

  4.  Simply the best!!!


    Theres not to say about this as everyone knows what to expect. This is a fantastic trilogy and deserves its place in the hall of fame as some of the greatest films ever made. These are iconic films from start to finish that has set the bench mark for anyother trilogy of sci-fi adventure. Fantastic casting from Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker to Harrison Ford as the legendary Han Solo. And it introduced one of the villians ever to be created Darth Vadar who would scare some children if they watch these. Excellent special effects for its time and they even stand up now compared to some films. From the scenes of the Death Star trench, Hoth and Endor. All locations are superbly done and well thought up. George Lucas has brought landmarks to all kinds of films but this is up there with the best. All films deserve five star ratings and will be for years to come. An excellent choice for anyone that is willing to give them ago or like me just loves them.

  5.  Fantastic Adventures


    Great way to show how the now unforgetable Stars Trilogy originally started. See how the young Anakin Skywalker became the most well known bady to ever hit the screen Darth Vader. See how he turned on his friends to become more powerful then any jedi ever was. Watch how we start to the clones come across as we all know they turned into the storm troopers later on. Ewan Mcgregor plays Obi-won Konobi throughtout this trilogy very well to later seeing Alec Mcguiness take the role. This also shows you the birth of the sith the most powerful enemy to the jedi. Darth Maul has a great introduction into this saga in The Phantom menace and later see the rise of Count Dooko who was once a jedi. At the end of this trilogy you see the birth of Luke and Lea setting up the continuation into the original 3. Excellent CGI throught with epic lightsaber battles throughout. I give the Phantom Menance 3.5 stars Attack of the Clones 4 stars and Revenge of the Sith 5 stars. So all in all a fantastic adventure a must have.

  6.  hot shot web action


    Fantastic trilogy even though the third was a big let down dont let it take the quality of the first away. Very good stories to go with the first to seeing some of spidermans greatest foes. Even a surprise appearences from Stan Lee in all three of them. Great cast selection from Toby Maguire as the web slinger, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane and James Franco as Harvey Peters best friend. The first on the three see's spiderman go up against the Green Goblin one of sipdermans biggest foe's played very well by William Defoe, as peter is learning of his new powers he must first a great test against him. Number see's him go up against Doctor Oc the mechanical six armed man, who is setting out to ruin spidermans life for his own goal. And the disappointing third see's spiderman take on 3 enemies Venom, Sandman and harvey as the Hob goblin after revenge for his fathers death. Soon they unite and take on the other two. It is on of marvels better films and it is a strong option to go for to get the feel for comic book adaptations. If not go for X-men also very very good.

  7.  Great Zombie Comedy


    Shaun of the Dead style film with added extras. Great film and funny through-out. Follow the storey of a young lad who has a certain set of rules that he lives by to keep himself alive. Watch him make his way across america to see if he can find his family. As he goes on he meets up with Woody Harrelson who is the crazy zombie killer and two sisters who hav them running in circles. Great bit of comedy gore and violence and a great appereance from Bill Murray. A must have

  8.  Creature Feature Classic


    Set it the nevada desert in a small town they suddenly discover that something is taking all the live stock. After a person goes missing they start to wonder what is going on. In step the most outragous type of killer in a giant flesh eating worm. Unable to see anything they hunt by the sound of footsteps and vibration sent through the ground. Unable to travel out on open land the towns people must find away to kill these creatures. Excellent comedy and effects on the creatures this is must have for any B-movie lover.

  9.  Stunning action thriller


    Brilliant film brought to you from Russell Howard. Follow the chicago fire department as they tackle huge and dangerous fires. Following the death of there father Kurt Russell plays Stephen "Bull" McCarffrey the top firefighter around and his younger brother Daniel McCarffrey played by William Baldwin. They must team up to find a killer who is useing a deadly method of fire to kill his or hers victims which is called a "Backdraft". After Daniel fails to live up to his brother he joins the investigation part of fires where he teams up with Robert De'niro who is on the trail of this killer. With help form the derranged killer Donald Sutherland they must act fast before they strike again. Fantastic action thriller with a great cast and great script a must have.

  10.  Silent Ninja strikes!!


    Great action film with loads of brutal violence. A very good cast although they may not be household names. Not a big release film but it does exactly what it is set out to do and entertain. Fantastic action scenes with great fights between the Rain and the clan of ninjas. A very good buy and at a great price got it for myself too.