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  1.  Oh yeah baby!


    You may have read a few bad reviews about DNF on the odd forum here and there. But I cant really come up with more than 2 bad points about this game. Ill get them out of the way first.

    It is unfortunately another dumbing down for console victim. You got your hide until your health or ego in DNF regenerates instead of having to find health packs or having to make it to the end of a level on 10% health. Then there is the only carrying 2 weapons at a time. Which some might argue makes it more tactical. Pfft I dont want tactical. I want a huge arsenal of destruction in my pocket.

    Ok now thats out of the way. Hail to the king baby. He is back. At the very start of the game I found myself spending half hour just playing with Dukes pool table. Laughing away as one of the girls nearby giggled each time I put the white ball in a pocket. Its definitely full of the old Duke humour as well as some new. Ok so the graphics arent massively special by todays standard. But lets face it that was never really the point with Duke Nukem games. Considering this all started with a side scroller.

    Its so far been great fun to play with a laugh around each corner and the odd trip down memory lane. I absolutely recommend this one to you old schoolers out there. I have to give this a big thumbs up and am looking forward to hitting the multiplayer once ive played the singleplayer campaign to death. What can I say im an achievement junky.


  2.  Shameful


    A poor copy of a classic game.

    Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 are surely shamed by this game considering the lack of effort put in here. Graphics are nothing special and the control system is limited. Theres nothing innovative about this game. Is just a weak attempt to cash in on an old-school classic.

  3.  Very nice.


    I really enjoyed this. Although it is a tad short campaign wise, i mean i finished it twice in one weekend. This is a shame, but i cant hold it against the game, what with it being a expansion.

    What can i say, i always loved Chaos, and the new curruption idea was a very nice touch. Stay pure... or give in to the dark gods, your choice. Either way, you'll find items/weapons that will provided added bonuses to which ever direction you decide to take.

    But, while the single player game was fun... What i found myself ingrossed in was the Last Stand feature. With the 2 extra commander units to choose from, this part of the game kept me hooked for hours, and i DO mean hours.

    This deff gets a big thumbs up from me.

  4.  C&C 4... Dont waste your money!


    I've just one thing to say... What a rubbish game! I had to rate it 1 Star, as there is nothing lower to select.

    For all you fans out there of the C&C series, save your money. This has to be one of the worst RTS games ive ever played. They have completely done away with any form of classic C&C play.

    * All you do now is spam unit build.
    * Game play is 'Zerg or be Zerg'd'.
    * Units look like they should be in a cartoon.
    * Plot is rubbish.
    * There is NO stratergy to the game.

    You know what, i could go on, but whats the point, im just so disappointed with this game that i just cant be bothered anymore. If you do decide to buy this game, on your head be it, you were warned.

  5.  For the Emperor... but thats all you get.


    Ok, ill start with the bad so that you don't read half the review and run off to buy the game without the full picture.

    As my fellow reviewer has already mentioned, the copy protection is a tad much, but still tolerable. My biggest gripe with this game was that it was released with a hell of a bug, on certain systems you would have the game crash a lot and corrupt your saves, which meant that while the game would reload fine, all missions would be removed from the world maps. I believe this has been patched, and Steam supposedly updates automatically, mine doesn't seem to have, it still crashes.

    My other big gripe is that there is only the one campaign, the Space Marines... I mean come on! Ok so a lot of work has gone into this, but it still seems lazy to have 4 races (yes that's right, only the 4 this time, bit of a step back there really Relic don't you think) and not have a campaign for each.

    Ok, that said, this game is Immense! I love the fact that you can customise your marines so fully, spec'ing for either ranged combat or all out melee and gaining new and powerful abilities along the way. Wargear was a nice touch to the game also, through missions or simply as drops in game you can collect weapons and armour and other useful items and equip them to your squad,. Making them even more powerful.

    The game offers a number of different playing styles, from slow and steady to fast carnage, so you'll likely find the tactic that suits you and find that you'll enjoy despite the few issues with the game you may notice yourself. Hardcore fans, try not to be too disappointed. New to DoW or Warhammer? Then you'll love this game.

    I think there has been a lot more focus on multiplayer for this title, the lack of single player content proves this, but you never know, more campaigns and perhaps extra races will be added later via updates or expansions, fingers crossed hey ^^

    Ive also given this game 3 stars, because from my personal point of view i felt i lacked too much.

  6.  What a shame.


    Ok, so I'm not gonna tell you that this game is rubbish, because it ain't.

    What I will say is that I'm very surprised that given the amount of time between the release of Oblivion and the release of F3 that not a great deal of progress has been made. The game lacks a lot of the general feel of the original games, the randomness, and while funny in parts, is missing the general Fallout humour.
    The graphics look nice and there's a good ambience to the game, sound is great too. But game play could be greatly improved considering how far down the road of game design we are. The unfortunate thing was that as soon as the rose-tinted glasses came off, I started to see all that was wrong with this game. Top of the list being that there is a level 20 cap, be aware of this so that you not disappointed when you hit it before your even 20% through the main plot.

    However, for those that have never played to originals and don't mind numerous inconsistencies, this is generally a good FPS with a touch of RPG. Shame the plot ain't so great.

  7.  Zaptastic


    This game is quality, easy to use, great fun and very addictive. The zapper is so much better than I expected as many console guns always fall short and never seem to work as they should. Not only is the game a great shooter, its got a nice feeling to it for any Zelda fans. Very much recommended.

  8.  Hoping for a sequel


    A quality game in my humble opinion. It's basically a Space Fleet RPG. You have a main mother ship and you start with 2 pilots, the founders of the Star Wolves mercenary group. You can pick up more pilots along the way.
    There are no huge fleets to contend with in this game, mostly you'll come up against a wing/s of fighters, 3-4 ships or some capital ships, sometimes lone ships or a pair.
    The game is mission based which takes you into a specific sector of the universe where you'll find various different space bodies, asteroids, space stations, pirate outposts and more. As you complete missions, and other sub-quests you can pick up while in the sector, or shoot down other fighters you'll gain experience points to spend later on your pilots skill trees.
    The game boasts a nice variety of ships, weapons and skills, so a RPG fan can get quite into it. There are more deeper tactic which I wont go into, but the story/plot is very enjoyable.
    Graphically smart and very smooth game play and very easy to pick up. However, my only gripe is that the character voices are a bit poor. But aside from that, a very highly recommended game.

  9.  Nine races, Four planets, Total carnage!


    This game was well worth the money in my opinion. Nine races, Four planets, Total carnage! Any fan of the Warhammer universe will enjoy this.
    However, I did find the heavy reliance on capturing and holding strategic points as fast as possible a bit boring after a while.
    While this title I believe was to be the last of the Dawn of War series, there is still the Tyranids to bring to the fray. Also, if another title is realised, perhaps more variety in objectives could be implemented, rather than the 2 available... Hold X points for X minutes, or Destroy Enemy, unless of course your attacking a race capital, which has its own special objectives for victory. I also found that if your not quick enough with your base construction and point capture, you can find yourself Zerg'd by your opponent. Perhaps I'm just being picky as I still enjoyed the game.

  10.  Good Stuff


    Well, being a old school settlers fan i must say I really liked this. Was a little worried that it would turn out to be like S5, too much military based. But, we have been saved from the troop-rush of the enemy... now being able to sit back and build up a city, and concentrate on your economy. Then, when you feel your ready, create a few troops and off to deal with those pesky bandits.

    All round it's a really good game, very much worth the money. However, the only thing I felt that let it down, was the small number of buildings (small amount in my opinion). While they can all be upgraded, there was still so much room for more economy based structures. You also lose a lot of the goods from the previous games, bring it down to basics. This is a shame.

    All in all, big thumbs up.