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  1.  Not very good


    I was expecting full Ali shafts,just the gold tips are aluminium the rest is plastic and 1 of the tips was bent at a slight angle from the plastic and the didn't screw all the way in to my standard size unicorn darts

  2.  i am rubbish but is still great fun


    i am a massive f1 fan but dont play many racing games but when i do i am genrally ok at them,i cudnt wait to get this,at first playing it i had it on normal setting and my first 4 races in a season i qualified last or 1 befroe last ,and in the race i would come off the track about 5 to 8 times a race and after coming off 1nce there is no catching the other races,this is with a controler let alone my new steering wheel and pedals,so i wacked it on easy with autobraking,plugged in my steering wheel and wahay i had a good race and result,ok this mite sound boring and easy but its still fun,ive now finished my 1st season am abit more used to tracks and i will probs take it up a difficulty setting,also u can tweak ur car in a million diff ways and have simulation settings to full like damage tyre wear fuel etc, maybe 1 day for me lol

  3.  better then mw2


    single player is good ,resembly long and good story.multiplayer in my opinion is great,more stuff to do like wager matches and contracts,money system is a good touch,i find its been made better in the way of theres no where near as many campers to anoy the crap out of you every corner u walk round,its a more flowey game,and quick scoping is harder so dont get as much of that,in my opinion this is great as i prefer the fun side not just sittin waiting for kills for quick xp.it just doesnt seem as manic as mw2 more skill involved,only problem i have had is games often cancell halfway through due to some1s connection and it lags alot sometimes which is my reason for 4 stars needs sorting out,still great game

  4.  good game but not quite mario kart


    im a big mario kart fan,but hate the wii,so i thort id give this a go.it is a really good and addictive game and well worth the money,its not quite as good as mario kart though.but i didnt exspect it to be,having achievments is great though so you have more tasks to go for,and the missions side is a great touch,however the online system in my opinion isnt very good but thats my personal opinion,i would still highly recommned this game

  5.  sweet as ah nut


    ive never played halo before ,i brought this to fill my time till black ops comes out and i didnt no what to exspect,but i cant put it down,i have only played about an hour on story mode then i went online and oh my days its sick,i am addicted,i am a big modern warfare 2 fan but i dought ill play it again as i will be on halo for months,and also the matchmaking is spot on ,you will only be placed in matches with people on your level so theres no getting destroyed by pros while you learning he ropes,best buy of the year

  6.  great


    im not into stealth games to much,but this is a mix of stealth and shooting,i really enjoyed it and found it quite difficult towards the end,is quite short though completed it over the weekend

  7.  single player


    i have only played the single player so far and its really good,easy to control good story and took me 20 hours to complete,a must buy glad i did as i normally wait for prices to drop but didnt here,also i see a few people moaning about travveling miles for missions,but if you leave a town and set up a basic campsite u can automatically move to any town youve already been to,and if you havnt already been there just set a waypoint on it and a basic campsite will take you to the waypoint,a great little touch i think otherwise i mite of got bored traveeling all the time

  8.  great


    fantastic game,had me addicted from start to finish cant wait for number 2

  9.  lcd


    just set up this tv,orderd on thursday recieved on wednesday,6 days good delivery,only problem was 1 screw was missing,apart from that great tv , great size great picture great sound very good price,and you get a 12 month warranty with it,well happy

  10.  softporn


    this is really softporn ,i thought this would be good old english porn but its not