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  1.  Let the right one in Review


    Do not be afraid to watch this film if you are not keen on subtitled film or even vampire films. It is a must watch for anyone as there is something in it for everyone.
    A beautiful if perhaps doomed love story.
    Amazing directing with some brilliant soft focuses used perfectly.
    The Special effects stand out from all other vampire films. Graphic and horrific, but again, somehow beautiful because it has meaning and purpose.
    Let the right one in is a wonderful film that any film lover will love.

  2. Moon



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     Moon Review


    With its tag line being, 'The finest sci-fi movie since Blade runner', Moon had a lot to live up to, and it delivers.
    Basically being Duncan Jones's (Zowie Bowie) coming out film, one might think Moon could be weak, but there isn't a stronger Sci-fi film out there. It is flawless.
    Moon tries to move away from CGI and goes back to 2001:A space Odyssey style models, which works beautifully. The set really stands out as being something remarkable, a brilliant blend between futuristic fantasy and a realistic vision into future technology.
    The score by Clint Mansell is wonderful. Worth buying in itself.
    A must watch for anyone that enjoys a good character based drama.

  3.  Bronson Review


    Bronson is a film that in theory, should be very boring. It tells the story about Michael Peterson (aka, Bronson), a man imprisoned for holding up a post office but as a result of his appalling behaviour while in prison, has spent many years behind bars, most of those years in solitary confinement.
    On the contrary, Bronson is captivating. Director Nicolas Winding Refn has truly delivered a beautiful art-house film.
    Surreally stylised cinematography, perfectly used score and excellent cast, realistic acting by theatrical characters.
    Tom Hardy as Bronson is a revelation. Amazing acting.
    Matt King cannot be overlooked either, he really does shake of his cockny 'super hans' character stereotype (peepshow)