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  1.  Almost Excellent


    First of all 24.99 is a decent price for a 64GB (shown as 59.5GB in Windows) USB stick. It also looks good and is a decent size. It has a red flashing LED inside to show when data is transferring also.

    The data transfer rate is also better than the 32GB version, varying from 9-12 mbps. Which is much improved, but probably should be better.

    The only real downfall is the inability to transfer files larger than 4GB's onto it. Surely the limit should be a 64GB file even though the largest file I've come across is only about 10GB. It's a bit of a pain with file sizes getting larger all the time due to improved audio and visual quality. One star off because of this, especially since it's not mentioned in the description.

    Other than that it's a very good, straight forward, large capacity and fair priced piece of hardware.

  2.  Modern Warfare


    Having bought this game just recently having started on MW2, then Black Ops. I wasn't sure if this would feel a bit disappointing. It wasn't. Although it doesn't all the additions made in MW2 it still is very good. The multiplayer doesn't have too many online now as you'd expect, but still good, although it doesn't quite seem as fun as MW2 and Black Ops. And there doesn't seem to be a capture the flag mode, which is what I usually play. It also seems a bit easy at times. after 3 days I only have the Veteran achievements to do, so that should provide a bigger challenge. All in all it's very good, but having played later games before I'm glad I only paid 10 pound for it.

  3.  World At War


    The solo campaign is a bit short. Like all the COD games, but also the missions are good, varied, fun and have really good atmosphere and graphics. I like the WW2 take on it, particularly in the multiplayer. The levels are pretty good on multiplayer too and a good choice of perks and weaponry. It is a bit annoying being spawned infront of someone's gun or shooting someone first, but they kill you. I haven't done the zombies levels yet, and although I prefer Spec Ops I'm sure it's cool too like on Black Ops.

  4.  Pretty Good


    Although I found it a little disappointing in terms of storyline. Because it seemed far to thin and simplistic. I still thought it was well constructed, with a fairly unique idea, good casting, great action and special effects and the soundtrack is awesome.

  5.  Great Game


    The single player is a decent length, varied and challenging enough. The graphics are great as is the gameplay. The Spec Ops mode is a great feature and again a decent challenge and fun to play through. The multiplayer is really good aswell and all the maps are decent to brilliant in size and quality.

  6.  Very Good Game


    Single Player:
    The single player campaign might be shorter than you'd like, but 15 levels isn't too bad for a game today and the levels are good, decent lengths and there is some variations to keep it from getting to repetitive e.g. using vehicles and changing from stealth to all out attack. The gameplay (which is the most important thing in a game) is very good, the graphics are great, there are lots of weapons too.

    It's a shame it doesn't have a Spec Ops mode like Modern Warfare 2, but it does have the Zombies mode, which seems like a good inclusion and the mini arcade game too 'Dead Ops Arcade'. Despite the fact that it can really annoy you the multiplayer is great with achievements to obtain and lots of different modes on Xbox Live. I've not really lots of good features new and old like earning currency to buy certain items and things like killstreak rewards. It can be annoying when the odd time games suffer from lag or lose connection, but most of the time it plays great and there's hours upon hours to play with the challenges and Prestige modes included to have something to strive for. The new maps are great (hopefully at least one more map pack will be out soon.) aswell as the default ones, though some come up far too often and others seem never to anymore (Summit compared to Nuketown springs to mind.)

    Overall this is a very good game both off and online and despite some issues and the fact that it can really annoy you it's quite addictive and very fun to play most of the time. The price was too much when it came out, but now that it's gone under £30 I highly recommend it.

  7.  Bit too silly


    The visuals are awesome and the story had potential. But some of the scenes were too stupid and a lot of the characters were annoying in this one.

  8.  Best of Brosnan, Best of Bond


    My favourite Bond film probably cos of the classic game on the N64. It's easily Brosnan's best. Tomorrow Never Dies was good, The World Is Not Enough was alright, but a bit stupid in parts and Die Another Day was awful really.

  9.  Awesome Manga Movie


    It has the best animation of any Street Fighter Manga I have seen and a rare occasion where I prefer the American dubbed version. The story is decent and the fight scenes well done. If they did a sequel with the same care and attention I would get that easily. Also great value at £4.

  10.  MORE!!!


    I wish this game was longer and had tonnes more levels and things to do like the Mario on the SNES, but the graphics and gameplay are quality and it's very good fun to play.