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  1.  Piece of classic comedy, times 3


    When i saw this triple set on offer here, i decided to buy it without a second thought. I have always wanted to know about the Naked Gun trilogy having not seen the whole series and not being allowed to see it when i was younger due the tongue in cheek adult references :/ but now i can fully enjoy them :)

    These dvd's capture the comedy that i enjoy seeing from the late 80's and early 90's where slapstick and cunning inuendoes are the jokes which work everytime. Also having Leslie Nielson at the helm of the jokes in these films you know you are onto a good thing and a good laugh which will never be captured again unfortunately with his passing.

    Delivery on this was really quick and received through the post within 3-4 days :) I would recommend this trilogy to anyone for the 5.00 pound price it is currently at, due to having three great laugh out loud films and for this price,you can see what people are on about when they mention Naked Gun and feel the same way.

  2.  I think this has rapped up the American Pie saga nicely


    With already having the American Pie:Fourplay with AP 1, 2, 3 and Band Camp, i felt that i wanted to complete my collection so decided to buy this individually and came in a super fast time, well done play.com :). Anyway, i found Book of Love quite funny in parts, if i'm honest i thought this would be a rubbish one because of having no advertising whatsoever when it came out just noticed it when browsing the site, but i found it funnier than expected and anticipated. I feel that this one is trying to recreate the charm of american pie 1 and 2 but trying to give it over to a new generation now compared to the 90's generation of teenagers which i thought was quite good overall. this can be seen with the webcam scenes of AP1 and the constant youtube uploads in this one. The jokes in this one are funny but can become dry sometimes and you can tell that this wasn't a hugely funded one like the others straight away, but the charm is still there.

    However i do feel that Book of Love has now sucked up all the water in the American Pie well leaving no more plot lines and stories, which is a shame but does have to come to an end after squeezing 4 more stories out of the original trilogy.

    The other reviewers seem to have mixed opinions about this one but i would say this is a good buy to complete your collection, it is a good teen comedy with a sort of plot line (which takes time to get into), has references to all the others which shows the saga is coming to an end nicely and is at a good price.

  3.  Pick up and play!!!! then can't put it back down!!!!


    Having played on little big planet on my mates PS3 I was instantly amazed and how easily you could get lost in the game having fun running around and grabbing random things on each level, every time earning awards and more unlockables.
    I was particularly interested that the psp version is a different world all together where you go through different countries and themes to build up to the end of the game.
    Another good feature about this game is that the controls are very easy to learn which comes into its own when you start making your own levels with the unlockables you have found in the game.
    I have only been on the online feature once due to only having a decent wireless connection where I was and the levels that can be accessed streamed smoothly and had no problems with it.

    All in all a very good game, it deserves to be in the PSP essential section and is at a very good price for a game. Although this game can be completed quickly by addicted gamers, but having that extra option of making your own levels extends the life of the game. 5 Stars :)