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  1.  Dont Let This Film Fall On Your Blind Side!


    surprisingly this film was not marketed enough, and its an absolute shame! sandra bullock has put her name to a lot of top titles and by far this is her best! no wonder she got an award she totally deserved it. This film is completely inspirational, it makes you look at life in a totally different way, 10 star all the way!

  2.  Mind Blowing!


    i saw this when it came out at cinema on 3d! it is the best film i have ever seen! am i over exaggerating, god no!! the effects are a 5 star, acting is a 5 star and the plot is a 5 star! i get really annoyed how people say its a difficult plot to understand. it is so easy seriously a child could get it ! fantastic film and i reccomend it to anybody ! great ending great story !!! BUY BUY BUY

  3.  you watched the experience, now BE the experience!!


    as a massive fan of the prison break sequel and im talking MASSIVE!! i was already getting the game no matter what !! however as it arrived earlier in the day i kept thinking will it build up to the hype or will it be another fantastic series ruined by an awful game brought to the playstations!! not the case with this, in fact nowhere near the case!! they thought of every little detail which made the first season great plus more!! missions are fun and keep you on the ege of your seat !! prison break is a fantastic series with now a fantastic game under there belt !! wel done !!

  4.  DO NOT BUY


    right first of all i love tom hardy .. quality actor and you cant down him for that! when i saw this being advertised i knew i had to get it for the sheer class of tom hardy and the awesome story of charles bronson!
    but it was a huge let down . it was boring, weird and just a pointless film. quite surprising after watching this film that tom hardy would credit his name to this abismal film
    totally shocking !!

  5.  BRILLIANT !!


    i was a bit sceptical when i was offered this dvd by a 6 year old. but what a gift ! it has everything. action packed, full of humour even the older generation will have a laugh, for me its a great film and very funny. seth rogen makes this film top notch ! WELL DONE ...