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  1.  Almost Perfect for the Price Point.


    I recieved this keyboard just 1 day after ordering it so well done PLAY. I have been using it for two days now, for gaming and typing and I can say I am very pleased with it. I ordered this because of its low price point, it seems to be one of few quality keyboards sub 50 pounds. And it is great!. When first starting to type I fumbled a bit and pressed the wrong key quite often, but im coming from a 17" laptop keyboard so it is quite different. Im also quite a heavy typer so I wanted something that would give me a good amount of depression while not having to buy an expensive mechanical keyboard. The keys have a good amount of travel, not shallow and not extremely deep. This is good for gaming as the keyboard is rubber domed so you have to press it most of the way for it to register. My typing speed seems to have increased a small amount after moving from my laptop and I am mis typing less and less as I get used to it. Whilst gaming in CSS I have found the keyboard to be very good. The keys are easy to press and are accurate giving me just the amount of activation time I want which has made a difference in my scores. There is also a set of 6 macro buttons which have three modes so effectively 18. I use these for opening two programs at start up and four to buy preset weapon choices in counter strike. Its very easy to setup and works a charm everytime. The keyboard also has a red backlight, which has three adjustable levels which I always leave on full, its barely visable in the day but in the dark it looks great and helps loads with typing. There are also an added calculator button which I find handy above the numbpad and also the usual media controls which I have had no problems with. So all in all a great keyboard, it has some decent features for the casual and maybe slightly hard core gamers out there and it is half the price of some of the big name keyboards from razer and the like. A definite buy if you're on a budget or just want to get a decent keyboard for everyday PC use. My only problem with the keyboard is that when raised on its back feet there isn't much of a difference, It would be nice if there was a higher setting but Im just clutching at straws really.. Love it!

  2.  DO NOT BUY!


    I bought these headphones a month ago, my 3rd pair of skull candy buds. All have befallen to the plight of the left earbud failing. It is due to the wire becoming loose at the jack end, because I can get them to work if I push my finger down on the jack in a certain direction when they are plugged in, but as soon as i let go it cuts out again. I would recommend to you the CREATIVE EP-630 headphones, they are about 8 pounds and they out perform these headphones in sound quality and build.

  3.  Betterr than others priced around £30


    Only had these for a few hours but I love them already some main points first of all.
    1. Not made for running or exercise as they are more for travelling and comfort so they wont stay on properly if you are bouncing up and down.
    2. They are very comfortable the phones swivel so they will sit on any type of ear like mine which angle out a bit which is good.
    3. Copes with high and mid range tones brilliantly, contrary to what audiophiles say they will be more than enough for the average and even discerning music lover.
    4. Bass is spot on for me, is well enhanced using various equalizers on ipods such as DANCE and BASS BOOSTER
    5. I have noticed that lyrics really shine when listening to music such as rap which is really nice.
    6. Beautiful "squodgey" sound when listening to classical music etc. All separate instruments can be heard perfectly but they are somehow melded together and produce a rather beautiful tone.
    7. Style wise they will not make you look silly, they do not produce the "Mickey Mouse" effect some headphones do.
    8. Due to the small phones they will happily hang around your neck without making you feel like you are wearing a brace.
    9. The wire is pretty much a perfect length, I am 6ft 2" and there is still an ample amount of cable for use, but not too much that it becomes a nuisance.
    10. They look amazing, I got the black and they are quite distinguished due to the chrome effect trim and Senn logo.

    All round a brill pair of headphones, good for travelling on buses, trains and planes etc, bad for exercise. Ample sound recreation for non audiophiles but sharp enough to please the average to discerning music lovers. For 35 pounds you would be silly to fall for anything else, well out performs a pair of HESH's in every way. Also note that some of your money may be going towards style and they deliver truly, a good buy :)