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  1.  Great Tablet at a Great price


    For under 70.00 not sure how anyone can fault this product if comparing to a ipad which is 6 timesmore expensive then you need to buy a ipad.
    This tablet does everything it should you can watch movies by downloading from your pc to a tf card then watch on tablet, screen is nice and clear.
    Same for listening to music mp3 and mp4 format.
    sound quality is good and you can improve with external speakers just plug into the earphone socket.
    wifi easy to set up for wireless internet so you can browse .
    now comes with the app market and the android market when i checked there was 90'000 apps to download games for kids and adults.
    The screen is resistive so more responsive with a stylus or the tip of your finger
    So in all a good purchase for not alot of money.

  2.  Excellent Tablet for the price


    I brought my MAIPAD about a month ago, so now I have now had it for some time I feel I can now write a good assessment of how I think it performs

    First of all the user manual that comes with it does not really help very much, so looking on line for how to use Android App and devices will help you loads.

    This is the device I brought - 10" Android 2.2 Tablet PC 1Ghz 512MB RAM, 16GB STORAGE, CAM, HDMI HD SCREEN! GPS

    I brought it to replace my Nokia N800 and Archos AV700 media player
    I need a device to access e-mail edit word documents, and look at photos and videos while working away from home.

    Let's start with the Good points

    The price 159.95 compared to may other Tablet PCs at this spec level it's by far the best

    Scrolling through photos taken on a Nikon D40 highest dpi setting is very smooth using the preinstalled photo viewer software.

    Video files also play very well and I have not encountered any problems with the different file formats I use MP4 - AVI and others all work fine.
    With three 32gb memory cards I have the same storage space as my Archons AV700 and no additional device to carry around and charge.

    The Music Player software that's built in does the job well enough, nothing special but its all you need for music.

    Internet access through Wi-Fi is easy to set up and took no longer that the time it takes to type in your routers passkey, while I'm in my office the Ethernet Connection is also very useful

    Using the Accounts and Sync App in the settings menu I was able to "link-up" all my different email accounts, Yahoo mail G-mail MSN they can all be accessed with ease once set up even my private "paid for" work email account is now fully accessible

    The screen is very clear and bright and the touch sensitivity is good, calibrating the screen once in a while fixes any glitches you might get.
    Having no moving parts like a fan to cool it down makes it totally silent
    From the Android Market you can download 1000s of FREE App
    OliverOffice is a great App for Word processing and other office based work
    I connected my A4TECH wireless keyboard via USB and it works perfectly
    The Battery life is good and outlasts the two devices I mentioned.

    GPS is good and the Receiver that's included works well.

    the battery life is good, longer than most Netbooks and laptops I have used

    With a little `playing around" you will discover how to customize the screen to show the apps you use the most and organize the device just the way you want.
    It will also read a 32gb SD card via the USB with no problems at all, at this point I have not used the internal card slot on the side of the unit, I could not get my 250gb WD Passport external drive to work (FAT32 or NTFA format)
    Overall I have to say I am very impressed with the unit and it has worked beyond my expectations based on its price.

    Ok so some Bad Points

    I found the Wi-Fi range is greatly reduced when trying to connect form another room unlike my N800
    The built in speakers are very poor, but through earphones the sound quality is good.

    The device does not have a protective case included

    The HDMI port is mini HDMI so the chances are you will need to buy one for the device but they are only 1.89 from play
    As you can see I have found many more good points than bad with this device, for the money it costs and what its capable of doing I think its amazing.
    It's NOT an I-Pad its not a Galaxy Tab but its not close to the almost 400 price tag.

    If you want to stay connected in the digital world through email - Facebook - Skype or what ever else you ues this will do it and more, well worth every penny.



    I bought this epad solely for the purpose of net-surfing, ebook reading and watching videos and I can say that it served my purpose well. The screen is also pretty large, like a netbook which is 10.2 inch. This is one of the main reasons why I chose to buy the zt-180. The relatively large screen and smooth video-watching on the tablet is pretty enjoyable especially when you are lying in bed.
    The tablet arrived with loads of apps already installed to it which I really appreciate especially those that are vital. That includes youtube, android market, pdf viewer. Watching youtube with this tab is really enjoyable. The android market allowed me to download various apps from it. I downloaded a note-taking app which allowed me to scribble onto the tablet with my stylus (i do not use it for note-taking just to draw and have fun!). I also bought this tablet so that I can take it to lectures. I am the sort of person who hate wasting papers and printing stuff. With this tablet, I can get away without printing notes, just store them in the memory card and read them on the tablet. I find this really convenient. Besides, reading notes/ebooks from the tablet is a breeze. The exterior is ABS plastic, holding the tablet, it felt pretty light, which I like.
    The resistive screen is very responsive. They have loaded a calibration tool though which allows you to calibrate the screen, how thoughtful.
    I would recommend this tablet, it is really a bargain. Do not expect an ipad though, you get what you pay for and it is worth the money.

  4.  excellent quality


    There are cheaper and you do get what you pay for with this one quality is excellent and so the price.!!!!!

  5.  EXCELLENT QUALITY AND PRICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    At such a low price the quality is the same as ones retailing for 19.95.
    excellent picture quality and unbelievable price !!!!!