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  1.  No longer a ROFL-Stomp..... Now its time to learn your class


    Right, you all know instance and raids in WOTLK.......
    1) tank runs in and pulls agro
    2) DPS spams an AOE barrage
    3) Loot time =)

    This is NO longer possible in Cataclysm, you pull that in an instance and its a wipe, party rage quits and a flaming in trade chat about a douche tank that needs to learn to play.

    This is an expansion you need to think about pulls! Evaluate the party, find all your crowd controls (Sleep, Hex, Bind, Banish. Polymorph) and use them. It takes longer to play, but you soon show if you know your class.

    This is a return to lore and an insane level of area phasing! Blizz learnt a lot through WOTLK and have put it to good use. The 3-5 man group quests we all struggled to find groups for have vanished, not gonna miss those, and immersive area quest lines replaced.

    They have finally made a good challenging game that was needed.
    Awesome game, awesome expansion.

  2.  WOW, these ar something else!!


    OK, now i try not to make a habit of buying headphones, however my previous 2 sets of 'under 10quid' headphones have lasted all of 3 months.... So i find myself again chaged with the task of finding a decent pair of cones without busting my wallet.
    I find these....
    So, they arrive, well presented and boasting a smart carry bag. I thought i'd slip them on at work and plug my 'generic MP3 player' in, crank it to 11 and sit back....
    These are thoroughly comfortable and at times it feels like they are not even on your head! Gone are the days of ear pinching and irritation. All backgound noise is politely muffled out too!
    So, the tinny noise of a hi-hat then a BOOOOM of Bass from System Of A Down shows the sheer range of sound at these headphones disposal! No distortion or sound loss! The super-rich sound is perfect!
    So i have jet to try out the 3.5mm jack detatchable mic, but it will be put through its paces tonight on a Vent server.
    Initial thoughts- an awesome 10/10

    If you want cheap, you can get a half decent set for less than 20quid...
    If you want to replace your head set often you can get a half decent set for less than 20quid...

    If you want comfort, value and rich sounds GET THESE!!

  3.  15 pound?.... sounds too good to be true....


    .....in fact it sounds GREAT!
    These have not dissapointed at all. Sound quality is brilliant, but this is based on a few seconds of getting the buds moved to sit comfortably and the quality of the input.
    If you use a 2nd rate sound source with a poor bit rate or a badly configured equaliser settings then you might get distortion. However, a good source and you're laughing!
    I feel like i've robbed Sony as these were only 15 pounds!
    Comfy and stay in place when in the gym as the head band flexes as needed.

  4.  Its more 'rom' than 'rom-com'


    So, rave reviews and constant mutterings from everyone finally took their toll, eventually I settled in to watch 'Knocked Up' on Sky Movies.

    I'm just glad i saw it on TV and didn't buy it.

    Yeah, its entertaining (the only reason for 2 stars) with very little to dislike. The 'comedy' this was pitched as, was very weak. A few smiles to have but nothing 'ha-ha-ha-i-need-to-pee' funny.

    Its more rom than rom-com,

    Its worth a look but don't go expecting a classic.

  5.  The ULTIMATE slayer is back in town!


    Assuming you've slayed your way round Athens, Mount Olympus and shown Harpies, Siriens and Minotaurs you know what to expect..... wrong...

    Following the first 'God Of War' bloodfest , Kratos, again develops a nice dislike for a variety of Gods and beasts. Armed with his 'Blades Of Chaos' he sets about bringing down Zeus and his cronies.

    The familiar puzzle filled storyline captivates you and demands that once you save the game its all about 'I-wonder-whats-round-the-next-corner....' instead of hitting the power button as it ticks over to 2am.

    The large number of creatures and the many blood soaking ways to dismember and beat to death with its own arms have still not ceased to amaze me! Its not disgusting, its funny and comical at times. I mean, yes its bloody, but you're fighting a 20ft Cyclops, its not exactly going to incite playground violence! The 18 certificate is more than appropriate and understandably so.

    Its repeated playability has made it an instant hit and the special moves, gorgeous graphics and unbeatable gameplay once again secures this as one of the greats in platform hack'n'slashers.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pull the wings off a Harpie then rip a cyclops' eye clean out!

    You need this in your life!!

    Cap'n P