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  1.  Probably the best season to date!


    I class myself as a HUGE bear grylls fan,i have his books,his dvd's,almost ALL of his clothing line(and thats no exaggeration) amongst many other things so it goes without saying that i was going to buy this season no matter what the reviews were about it. The hardcore BG fans may well buy this anyway so this review is more for people who are just stepping into the world of born survivor who dont know which season to go for....well take it from me its this one! I was slightly disappointed by season 5 (but still amazed by it)because it had the amazing season 4 to follow on from but he has done it with season 6,hes made his best box set yet! I watched it all within a couple of days and could watch it straight through again,the "fire piston" and "cell phone fire" left me amazed at how any human being could know such a thing(i was shocked at the cell phone scene) I was left desperate to spend a night in some of the brilliant shelters he makes and also out of pocket because i loved his gerber knife so much i purchased a couple from the range! It seems bear comes across his worst tasting meal to date in new zealand along with his comical comparisans throughout as to what the food tastes like. This season makes you feel good,makes you wish you were there with him and makes you realise what a genius bear grylls is. The only bit of "advice" i can offer is leave the penultimate dvd (behind the scenes) until last as it gives away a couple of spoilers of whats to come on the last dvd (the new zealand episodes) but other than that,faultless box set 5 stars all round an ABSOLUTE MUST for any BG fan and and i take my hat off to jake glyeenhall in the men vs wild episode,what a trooper.....BUY this box set NOW!

  2.  Absolutely hilarious!


    By far the best movie of the franchise,this had me in stitches,the "high five" prank at the start is one of the best ive ever seen and one bam margera will never forget. Its nice to see ryan dunn in action and to see how much he did enjoy his short life. This movie as well as being funny is also stomach turningly disgusting in places too,i wont give too much away about the scene with the train set but if you have any food when that comes on dont eat it ,you wont keep it down! Also wrapping preston in cling film and putting him on a treadmill so steve-o can drink his sweat will have you gagging in your chairs,i shall give no more away,but i will say you will not stop laughing or reaching for the sick bucket all the way through!

  3.  Plenty of action!!


    I only bought this because i saw the trailer for the expendables 2 at the cinema and though that the sequel looked amazing,so it goes without saying i had to buy this before going to see number 2. Its a good film but not brilliant. The cast is actually better than the film itself,people rave about arnold schwarzenegger being in it but dont get too excited its for all of 60 seconds although stallones line as arnie leaves is great and pokes fun at arnies real life. Its a shame the scene with arnie,stallone and bruce willis was so short,willis could have been great in this.(and was for the short time he was in it) If you like action,gun fights and explosions then this is the film for you. Terry crews with his AA-12 shotgun is unstoppable and does some serious damage,statham is lethal with a throwing knife and the rest put on some great fight scenes. Its the same as any other movie really where a few people can take on army after army and win,all their bullets hit and the thousands fired at them miss but then again most movies are far fetched in that respect,stallone and statham have a great relationship in this film,definitely worth a watch!

  4.  Brings the true rivalry of moto gp to life!


    This is a simple review to write,no long winded explanations,no in depth paragraphs just simply BUY IT,what a movie/documentary. Loved it from start to finish,a million times better than TT closer to the edge. If you like the moto go you will "love" this,brings the true rivalry of the riders to life,especially rossi vs lorenzo and of course it includes the late,great marco simoncelli,theres a man surrounded by controversy and i loved him...RIP #58. This is a dvd for the archives as the greatest racers are living today...buy it!



    Although an old release i only purchased this in 2012 and absolutely love it...if youre a true tok fan this one is up there or maybe even better than "my crew my dawgs"...theres only about 2 tracks i dont like,the rest of the album is excellent,good riddims and even better vocals,some great hits on here,any tok fan will love this album!

  6.  A terrible let down


    So disappointing its unbelievable( guy martin wont like that word as youll see from watching). Motorcycles are my life,from stunting to racing to road riding i do and watch it all and love nothing more than to watch the isle of man TT on the tv,i get excited every year during the build up and i did the same anticipating the arrival of this dvd...oh how i wish i didnt. This movie had so much potential and i have to say they blew it,i was expecting so much more than this,the first 30 minutes are as boring as ever,then after that it doesnt get much better,there a very few good scenes and thats it,the good scenes are the reason i gave 2 stars instead of 1. I will be giving this dvd away,total waste of money,you will be entertained much ,much more by watching the TT on tv for free,dont throw your money away unless you want to watch guy martin washing lorry's,drinking tea and cycling everywhere....hold on to your cash and wait for the moto gp movie "fastest"....this TT movie/documentary is dreadful.

  7.  Interesting but focuses on some of the wrong things.


    I really enjoyed the film,i found it interesting as the main focus seems to be on the range rover murders rather than "the rise of the footsoldier" carlton leech himself,i was expecting to see the rise of a gangster,the ins and outs of carltons life and how he bacame the man he is today,it does show that to a certain extent but not like i expected. It is a good film,definately worth buying and make sure you have a laugh at tuckers wig,its a beauty.

  8.  Entertaining,funny but not hilarious!


    Im one of the very few who has never watched the tv series but was interested to see what the movie was like. Set in malia it instantly put me in a holiday mood although if you watch the bloopers you would see its freezing out there even though it looked beautiful) Its basically along the lines of kevin and perry go large but not as good. Its 4 lads looking for girls abroad and thats that,the lead blonde actress is beautiful and a treat for the men and theres also some lads in it for the girls to feast their eyes on(even though its not the main cast). Im not upset i didnt go to the cinema to see it or believe all the hype because for me it doesnt live up to it,how the cinemas sold out is a mystery,dont get me wrong its good but not that good. Its a "funny" film but its not hilarious like i was lead to believe,by hilarious i mean real belly laughs causing stomach ache and tears rolling down the face(scary movie 2 did that to me when i first saw it)but id did make me giggle. Although its not as funny as i was expecting it was still a good film with a nice holiday/summer vibe that i will be watching more than once,the charachter played by simon bird was brilliant and the dance scene to impress the ladies was excellent(probably the best part of the film)...although it just missed out on the 5 stars from me my advice to you is BUY IT!!!!

  9.  Strange but very different.


    Ok,ive just finished watching this and im of mixed opinions. I agree with parts of other reviews of both 1 star and 5 stars so im rating it in the middle with 3 stars. Dr Heiter the main charachter couldnt have been played by a better person to portray a crazy doctor,on the other hand the other actors arent too great,the 2 american girls are terrible(although one i found very attractive) and theres an irate japanese man who just shouts a lot(with english subtitles)..now onto the film. As always the disaster starts with the same old car breaking down in the woods scene and the girls walking to the nearest house(yawn),however this leads us to meet the crazy dr heiter(who made a brief appearence at the start),from here onwards the film picks up pace albeit rather slowly. Without giving too much away about what happens all i will say is it gets a bit tedious during some scenes which almost had me reaching for the fast forward button and at times you find yourself yelling at the tv in frustration to the usual silly horror movie mistakes the charachters make like not escaping when they can etc but in a way that just shows i was feeling the tension (in an annoying way.) Its far from a scary film ,its more of a film to make you wince and squirm at certain parts of the gore. If you have a weak stomach this is certainly not for you....if you were to ask my opinion my answer is "its ok"! It has left me interested to see what the sequel is like even though the ending was rather poor. The picture quality on blu ray was very good but bear in mind a lot of the film is in a dull light setting(the cellar). I wouldnt have paid 12 pounds for this or whatever the release price was but i could justify the 7.99 that it costs now....wether i would watch it more than once though is another question.

  10.  Classic jay-z at a great price.


    All the classic favourites one one cd! All you need to do is look at the track listing and it says it all,its not as though im reviewing someone you've never heard of....this is jay-z and like the cover says these really are his "greatest hits". Buy it!