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  1.  Briliant but for one small thing...


    What do you want? An iPad? Pay 500 quid for one. Me? All I wanted was a 7" tab for browsing the net, reading my books/graphic novels etc and playing my music and films. This does it all.
    It's sturdy, it has a decent enough screen, it has full access to Playstore for apps, is small enought to keep in your jacket pocket for listening to your music etc etc etc.
    There's just one thing... the battery life.
    4-5 hrs? You're having a laugh. From a full charge, reading a book, the tab is dead in 2hrs max. That's why I can't give it 5 stars.
    No good for the commute to work, no good to while away the afternoon on the sofa. It's just not portable if you have to charge it every two hours.
    That said, if you never intend it leaving the bedside so you can net surf, read, play Temple Run etc then this is for you. It'll be great for the young ones who always want to play Angry Birds. Just leave it plugged in to a power supply!
    It charges either through a DC input socket or through USB. Comes with a handy USB to mini USB adapter if you wanna add one of those case/keyboard jobs, takes a 32gb micro SD card and has a 3.5mm socket for your cans. It just doesn't last for more than 2 hrs.
    It'll make a very good wi-fi enabled digital photo frame for me (while I get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2) and as a good photo frame is more than 50 quid anyway I'll not view it as a loss.
    If you're always gonne leave it plugged in then buy it, otherwise...

  2.  Does what you need it to.


    As per the title. Bought this for my Xperia Arc to keep safe in my pocket at work. Used to use a full cover with internal case but it doubled the thickness of my phone and felt too bulky.
    This is more or less the same width and thickness and has a handy pull-out tab to give you easier access to your phone. And for the price, well a bargain.

  3.  Works exactly as it should.


    All I wanted was a bluetooth dongle that would allow me to send pics from my phone to the pc (and vice versa) without having to plug a cable in. This does it perfectly. The "send to bluetooth device" option is added to your right-click sending list on your pc and from phone to computer just right-click the bluetooth icon on your desktop and it'll open up and wait for a file to come through.
    That's all it does and that's all I wanted it for. Great for a couple of quid.

  4.  Good build quality for the price.


    I only needed an Xperia Arc cover to keep my phone scratch free while using it at work and this one is perfect. It uses a magnetic flap to keep both panels shut which works fine.
    Inside, rather than use an elasticated band or simple slot the phone is held in place by a solid plastic hard cover that is glued to the inside of one of the panels. This has all the required spaces for your external buttons/slots etc. It also really holds the phone tight inside the cover, so well in fact, there is a slight danger that you may pull the plastic case away from the backing when taking your phone out but eventually it loosens nicely.
    All in all well worth the asking price.

  5.  Best budget bike computer I've had.


    As someone who uses my bike for commuting and occasionally for the odd ride on a weekend, I didn't want to be spending the earth on a computer. This is the best I've owned for under 20 pounds.
    Had it now for over 18months and still going strong. Waterproof, even with the horrendous rain we've been having this summer, still on it's first battery and I've clocked up over 2,00 miles now with it.
    Worth every penny.