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  1.  Titanically brilliant!


    They really are great! I would deffo tell all you stupid heads (like me!) that if you like quirky little novelty things, these are worth the few pennies they cost! They set really well, are easy to get out of the moulds, and just add a touch of chavvy class to ya vodka and coke! Just a fun little item to add a smile to your face! I bought them as a tree present, and my friend was over the moon! All I need now is a tiny Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to float in the drink! Excellent!

  2.  Don't expect too much and you'll rarely be disappointed.


    If anyone watches this film expecting a deeply involved script, or oscar winning perfomances from the cast, then they are open for a world of disappoinment.

    If on the other hand like me, you occasionally think "I wonder what Dolph Lundgren is doing now..." and have wanted to see a handful of the best 1980's and 90's stars again... AND all in a film together, with a bit of good old, real men, mindless violence where we all KNOW no one is actually being hurt (with the possible exception of Sly, as Steve Austin managed to break Sly's neck in their big fight scene!!!), then you won't be disappointed!

    It has action, a bit of comedy, a cheesy, dodgy plot, a funky plane, a funkier signature 'good guy vehicle', his black truck (built by the American guys "Custom My Ride", fab!), and all the muscle you can ask for from a film!

    Statham steals the show for me, and being a Londoner myself... that sits well! (possibly only upstaged by the man Arnie doing what he does best... cheese and saying the word "Chungle" because he can't pronounce his J's! Ace!)

    If you wanna just watch a cheesy, by-gone era type film... its The Expendables all the way!

    Roll on 2 and 3!!!

    Sly rocks!

  3.  Simply Brilliant!


    Without doubt one of the best scripts ever written, combined with some of the best actors ever to grace the silver screen. Notably, Bette Davis being her usual, wonderfully understated, overstated self... a truly natural actor, and the wonderfully sublime, bordering on evil, George "Shere Khan" Sanders, who manages to steal the film from everyone else as the dry, sarcastic, and powerful Addison DeWitt! If you love film, this is an absolute must see from beginning to end!

  4.  Funny Funny Man!


    This is a must see because its so bad! No matter what anyone says, this film is a low budget, badly written B-Movie... BUT, it has some genuinely funny moments, it doesnt take itself seriously at all, and there are also some heart stopping moments of horror in it too, the clown is Joker evil, he just doesnt think twice before happily clubbing a child to death. You dont get to see all the gore, so it leaves just the right amount to the imagination. It is a good old, low budget English film, great to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon where there is bugger all on telly!

  5.  Elvis come back...


    Ok, Elvis fans of all ages, this is the concert that re-confirmed that there was one man of rock and roll who stood out from the rest, because his voice was so totally unique, and that it came from him. No studio touch ups to make it sound perfect, just the raw emotion and power that came from a genuinely great man. The footage is unbelivable, and Elvis in the leather makes even me (a comfortable with his hetrosexuality guy) want to have this guys kids! You get to see a man who was the best known man on the planet, who is still the biggest selling artist of all time, just sitting with his fans as though he was a total unknown. You see his sense of humour (or humor if you are American!) come across, and you can also see how nervous he was! The music is just astounding, his voice at its very peak! If like me you are too young to remember much about Elvis, this is the closest you will ever come to seeing the man himself in all his glory! I've bought many Elvis dvd's, and this is far and away the only one that delivers what it says... Elvis, Elvis and more Elvis! No silly interviews with people who used to know someone who knew someone who once saw Elvis crossing the road and buying a pie at the 7/11... just the real thing! PLEASE buy it! If you have been disappointed when you have bought dvd's promising rare footage, exclusive interviews and all that twaddle they tell us, then this is the reward for buying all those! I just can't recommend it enough! You get to see the whole concert as it was aired, and then all the back stage stuff the world didnt get to see, as well as all the takes they did trying to get the show just right. The sit down jam session with his original band members is the must see of the whole thing, and "If I Can Dream" is AWESOME!

    I once saw Elvis working in a chip shop in Chingford...