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  1.  Disagree with guy below me.


    I've been a gamer for years, I love loads of games; metal gear, zelda, final fantasy, farcry, etc - this is definitely the best game I've ever played, or if not that, at least the best game I've played in years.

    The driving is far SUPERIOR than previous GTA games, it's much more realistic - but in a good way. This game has a driving skill and certain characters start off worse than others, I can only assume the previous reviewer hasn't figured this out yet.

    Great story, great game, great mechanics.

  2.  Amazing!


    Played and completed this game 3 times and will do so one or two more times before I give it a break for a while!

    It's cut from the same cloth as all other metal gear solids' (cool bosses, good story, great graphics and subtle humour) but it makes a good change from sneaking about as you just go wild and carve everything up!

    To summarise, it's similar, yet still massively different from other MGS' games. I highly recommend it and it's the first story mode I've played over and over straight after completing it since zelda.

  3.  Horrible.


    I agree with 5421neads review. I watched this with 2 other people, none of us liked it and none of us were enthralled. Honestly the plot was so thinly spread I don't know how it got such good reviews - or rather, I do. If you're looking for a film with pretty good visuals and zero plot then this may be the film for you. Buy or don't buy, but don't say I didn't tell you.

  4.  Amazing


    Well I dont think I need to try and "sell" this item to you - you've probably heard of WoW, and if you're reading this review, you probably play it. The new race are fun, I'm having a blast playing my monk and I, personally, love the pet battling system! What more is there to say? My favourite expansion to date.

  5.  CODSIE!!!


    A-mazing. I would write a longer review, but I have some serious playing to do!!

  6.  Good film.


    Loved this film. And to the people below me moaning about the opening 5 minutes (without any dialogue or other characters) is meant to set the scene. To show how alone he is and how desolate the landscape is.



    I'd never heard of this game and bought it simply because it was in the top 10 on play.com and also because square enix name was on the box. SO glad i bought it, i've played games since snes, and this is probably one of the best games ive EVER played. The graphics are unmatched and such smooth rendering. From like 10km away you can see the outline of a zepplin on the horizon, in most games it would just be for effect, but in this i stole many vehicles and ran/drove/swam/parachuted my way toward the zep and you can get on it and it its so detailed andfull of people and cool stuff. Just one example of how large this game is and the attention to detail that is displayed. The voice acting annoyed me to start with but im used to it, and the story itself is great. The missions are very fun. Must have game!!!

  8.  Hmm


    I've only played 3 or 4 hours so far, and i'm a diehard FF fan, so i had to give this a chance, but thus far it's a joke. Please believe me when i say that there is literally a save point every 30 seconds, i can't believe it, you run in a straight line and save, run in a line, fight 2 baddies, then save, etc. It seems like a very watered down version of what final fantasy used to be. I loved 9 where there were towns, different villagers having conversations, mini games, secret ways to get hidden weapons etc, it was brilliant. But like everyone else ive continued playing on the premise that it gets good 13 hours in or so! Seems like theyve watered it down to sell it to mass market of gamers who dont want to put in any effort so far though!

  9.  Cosy feet!!!


    Being serious, i thought i'd write a review to save you from buying these and wasting money. I bought them, and they fitted and everything, which was great. On useage when you microwave them they go very damp which is a bit off putting as its hard to get comfy when your feet feel wet. And furthermore on second use i put it in the microwave for the recommended period of time, whereby the beans inside burned a hole in the bottom of one of the slippers and all the beans fell out, whic means it was a pain in the ass to clean up but also now i only have one slipper! Who knew microwave slippers couldnt go in the microwave?!?!

  10.  Amazing!


    A few less than perfect reviews so far but i guess everybody is entitled to their own opinion!

    I LOVE this game! Literally the best shooter i've ever played. Me and my flatmate played this game on campaign mode from start to finish and you are always doing something different, the story is full of twists, the game is action packed and has a soundtrack that adds to the tension, the computer AI has been vastly improved upon such that we found ourselves being flanked quite a lot! I've not tried online yet, or special ops but we'll see how that goes tonight! The graphics are superb, the story is flawless, Ai is great. I literally don't have a bad thing to say about this game! There's also a pretty controvertial misson, makes for a good change of pace though, i guess!!