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  1.  Best 2d fighter in years


    before you think im judging this off a demo or pre release 15 minute play im not

    luckily i own this game on import and guys its fantastic.

    stunning graphics stunning controls stunning everything!

    recommend you play this with an arcade stick too, owned it 3 months now and still havent put i down, my console rarely see's another beat em up except street fighter.

    pure genius!

  2.  Dark Void - Not Flying So High


    First let me say i only review games i complete so i may not have a review for a week or so after release


    Basically you and an ex gf somehow manage to end up flying the same cargo plane before being swept into the bermuda triangle and reappearing in an alien world.

    Yes i know the story really does sell it and theres proof with brad pitt purchasing the rights to his to make his own film adaption bu please read on before you make your decision.


    Nothing particularly wrong with them nothing great either, your main character looks ok but seems to move awkwardly when your in control for some reason when you initiate your je pack he seems to turn into a rag doll for a few seconds. Environments are bland and almost predominantly brown. though here is some great set pieces these are few and far between.


    drake is back again, doesn' he pop up alot nowadays with uncharted, prince of persia and other countless titles it wont be long till he's a household name. To be fair though his performance is fantastic as always sadly the supporting cas dont seem to mirror his talent with some poor voice work throughout which sadly hold back the story itself.

    Music for this one is pretty poor im afraid nothing exciting nohing really adds to the intensity, more often than not i found myself playing music in the bacground to entertain myself from the poor electronic background sound.


    This is where the game really falls short, though the jetpack is fantastic here is just not enough environments where it seems necessary unless you include flying to the next start point they really could have made a fantastic game out of the concept, the guns dont have any weight o hem like that of gears of war or mass effect and sadly the mechanics are just not upto par with todays standards - my conclusion a poor mans gears of war.


    A grea idea gone wrong theres many a great set piece in there its just geting to each one through tiresome gameplay mechanics story progression and poor implementation of some great gaming ideas.


    i really do hope capcom can urn this one around for a sequel as EA did with army of two, he first one wasnt a bad game just nothing particularly great then 40th day came along with vast improvements. I really hope we havent seen the last of this IP because its got the potential of greatness.