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  1.  Cheap replacement and better too.


    I bought these phones to replace the ones that came with my Nokia. They offer a bright sound, especially on internet radio. In addition to that, you have a fast forward, rewind, pause and volume function attached to the cable which means you don't have to fiddle with the phone itself during a call or whilst listening to music to personalise your listening options. My original phones did not have these functions. I don't usually get on with in ear phones but these are great. They are comfortable and don't fall out. Great product. You get a smaller jack plug aswell, should you wish to connect to devices which don't have 3.5mm jack. Highly recommended, especially if you have a Nokia. At 15 quid at time of purchase, you cannee grumble.

  2.  Good Sound - Limited Remote Usability


    I agree with the previous reviewers.

    Why doesn't Sony support its own MP3/4 with a range of docking stations that Sony makes for the iphone? Maybe Sony could just change the connection fitting on its models to be compatible with the iphone & that would open up a whole new world to Sony MP3 users for a whole range of accessories not currently available.

    So to the product itself. For the money I have no problem with the good sound reproduction. What I have a problem with is the remote usability. I use a Sony NWZ S544 with this docking station and all the remote will do with my model is On/Off ,Volume and FF or RW. So far so good but when you are finished with an album & want to change it you must take the MP3 out of the flimsy docking station to change the album by hand on the MP3 player. This docking station would be immeasurably better if you could change albums by remote. The other thing which is really annoying to me is that you cannot play the radio through it. Why not, Sony? If Sony fixed these two things I would be rating it with the best but as it stands 3 stars is all I can honestly give.

    There has been some discussion as to whether this product is loud enough. It's 10w X 10w RMS and therefore you cannot expect it to be as loud as a quality Hi-Fi but I find it perfect for taking on holiday and is plenty loud enough for the kitchen or a small lounge.

    Edit; Since writing this I have found that I can connect my NOKIA phone to this unit via an audio cable. Sound reproduction is still great from my phone's music player and what's more, I can listen to internet radio or local radio too! That makes this unit well worth the money and makes me a very satisfied customer!

  3. Skying


    The Horrors - CD

    21 New from  £6.47  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Blowback to the 80's.


    The band from Southend-on-Sea done good! This album is worth a listen. What I get from it is a blowback to the 80's music scene and definitely a hint of Simple Minds or Human League, amongst others from that time. Atmospheric and kind of dreamy, The Horrors take you down a meandering path of reverb vocals and guitar with a simple but appropriate accompaniment on percussion. If it lacks anything it is the 'Hook' but then again this is not pop music and is much the better without it. Track 6 'Still Life' is the best of the bunch for me.

  4.  Timeless and As Good As I Remember


    I don't think giving 5 stars too easily is very good. It undermines the rating system and in my subsequent reviews this will be apparent. That said, Dark Side of the Moon deserves its 5 star recommendation.

    All the superlatives have been commented on before. If you're into Rock Music you stand a good chance of liking it. if you haven't heard it before.

    Me? I remember buying it in the 70s while everyone was raving about it. It was good then and and it remains as good as I remember it. Breathtaking stuff and groundbreaking in its day!


  5.  An Acquired Taste.


    I bought this when it was released on vinyl. Not many of my friends had ever heard of them at the time. They still remain one of the lesser known bands today.

    The music on this album is difficult to place under any specific nomenclature. The main force is Bill Nelson's outstanding guitar which features as a dominant sound in most tracks - not that this detracts from the overall result. There's more here than the usual A B A structure of song writing with different, almost calypso, rhythms and old style rock 'n' roll blended with melodic rock. The lyrics are original too, although the style takes a bit to fathom at first.

    If you're looking for something different then this is worth the money. The songs do not date at all so if you are late trying them out they stand up well to the test of time.

    There are 3 bonus tracks on this CD which were not on the original LP & I would prefer that they were not included, but hey ho,that's just me! I would recommend this to anyone but it it is an acquired taste!