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  1.  Great investment!


    The only thing needed for portable memory storage. Many factors contribute to it's perfect score.


    The floppy disks are designed with comfort in mind. The ergonomics are outstanding, easy and comfortable to handle. It's shape also comes in very handy for a variety of sitiuations you may encounter as a human being. For example, due to the company's generosity, you always have extra to use a a coaster or even out a table with one leg shorter than the others.

    Each floppy disc has a whopping 1.44 MB of storage. The ten given at least able to store heavy programs such as Wordpad or maybe even two GIFs. My wife and I have stored a family photo on each disc.

    This product is very much a plug and play affair. Our windows 95 enabled computer recognized it almost immediately and only took 10 minutes to display the contents! Just make sure that your computer can handle the strain required.

    An investment I won't regret! The floppy disc's versatility and large storage space makes it almost future prove.

  2.  A flawed masterpiece


    Techland have tried so very very hard to make this game brilliant, and, for the most part, they succeeded. The graphics are...okay, could have done without the annoying blur effect ( It doesn't make the game look any more stylish guys! ) but other than that they are of the standard you'd come to expect from Xbox 360 and PS3 games, the gameplay for the most part is very intuitive, swinging melee objects around feels very natural and responsive albeit rather buggy at times. Where this game really shines is its atmosphere and sound design, the sounds of the zombie's are outstanding, as are the character models, I forgot to mention the simply amazing multi-layer damage system which is the best that I've ever seen in any game. The general atmosphere of the game is just fantastic, the world feels overrun and the constant sounds of destruction and death are heard throughout and to great effect. However there are some slight problems, for one this game is MADE for 4 player co-op, no doubt about it, which is fine if like me you have 3 friends to play with, however on your own this game is insanely difficult and you will die ALOT, luckily there is almost no penalty for dying in this game so its not too bad. Another problem would be the RPG aspect of the game, its decent, but never fully realized and almost feels tacked on which is a shame. And finally the game is just riddled with glitches and bugs, but I'm sure with patches, Techland will fix this in time. Overall this game is worth a purchase, you have to praise Techland for its ideas, even if they're not quite realized fully.

  3.  Simply Spectacular


    Hands down one of the best Xbox exclusive's anyway, the entire series has been brilliant and this is no exception. Graphics look a lot sharper and colourful than Gears 2 and the Co-op is simply the best in any game I've ever played! Definitely my favourite game of the year so far and you should be running to the shops to buy this masterpiece!

  4.  Brilliant, but not without flaws


    The best and most refined Rock Band experience yet, however among the brilliant gameplay mechanics there are some problems. First of all the keyboard controller (sold separately)has only maybe 60 songs (including dlc songs) which doesn't support its hefty price tag, the same can be said of the 3 mic harmonies, which can only be used in the Green Day Rock Band songs, a select few Rock Band 3 songs and a very small amount of dlc songs. Also the soundtrack is the weakest yet and unless you have the dlc songs, such as Green Day Rock Band or the Queen pack, you wont find many songs that are as appealing as the previous soundtrack, save for Bohemian Rhapsody (which is an absolute blast to play with friends!) and a few others. Also the so called Pro Guitar is not quite as 'Pro' as it sounds. However even with all these minor negatives, this is definitely the best Rock Band yet...just make sure you get some dlc!

  5.  Easy to use, if a little too basic


    This is a great phone although it is a little basic (hence the price) and the keypad can be very unresponsive a times but overall a very good and easy to use phone